Bounteous Contours………….#54 (the 50’s)

Lake Chabot Golf Course

Club House at Lake Chabot Golf Course

       Gary was at a lost to explain the encounter, life having suddenly become somewhat boring,  it was a new experience.   His continuance was lacking drive and apparently having stalled,  doldrums having become habit having arrived occupying his very existence.  Something was needed to awaken and energize his inner spirit and renew the engagement of inquisition giving closure to this preoccupation stalemate.   School and its aftermath was  time consuming,  but it didn’t galvanize any exciting avocations.   Family concourse and participation was autogenic, never-changing.    His continuance with visits to San Francisco, the planetarium,  as with his attendance at the Little Men Science  Fiction conclave still left a vacuum to his quintessence.   He found some enthusiasm in attending his friend Hank Balls’ participation in Junior Varsity basketball,  but it was short-lived,  Hank suffering the detriment of a broken arm,  occurring during practice and it put an end to his presence on the team.  Gary sufficed with nothing kinetic foreseen on the horizon, he patronized the lack of substance, reminding himself that patience is a virtue,  but what he desired wasn’t patience, but an ingredient to rid this sense of apathy.

Best Friend - Hank Ball

Best Friend – Hank Ball

      Benediction comes in many forms,  but an unforeseen endowment is paramount,  his best friend Hank having acquired a car.   This acquisition was actuated by Hanks Dad,  but the initiator was of no consequence,  only the result,  transportation was at hand and that changed the  modus operandi for the two Teens.   Gary never having the responsiblity of automotive indulgence soon realized the number one requirement for administering it was a financial one,  gas money, the two boys realizing that the internal combustion engine requires fuel and that necessitates monetary substance,  which the two having limited resources.   Gasoline was purchased by the gallon and patrons normally would purchase amounts of 5 or 10 gallons,  or fill their tank.   On occasion it wasn’t unusual to find  the two teenagers pooling their resources and buying as little as 22 cents worth of gas,  especially after one of their extended trips,  commonly known as cruising.

The view of Oakland/San Francisco from Lake Chabot Gold Course

The view of Oakland/San Francisco from Lake Chabot Golf Course

Ned Bellinger - A golf pro in training

Ned Bellinger – A golf pro in training

Chabots 676 yard Par 6 18th hole

Chabots 676 yard par 6 – 18th hole

     Ned Bellinger was on the Castlemont Golf Team,  Gary being acquainted with the red-haired golf enthusiast  and was just made aware that Hank had been introduced to the game by Ned.   Gary deciding to join the two at Lake Chabot Golf Course,  the eighteen hole public golf course bordering lake Chabot.     When first starting this sporting endeavor,  the teens were without clubs,  but finding inexpensive club rentals were available and this collection of miscellaneous used heritage clubs could be purchased.   The Club House Management consisted of Mr Fry and Mr. Ross, Gary discovering that Fry was a by the book person, where as Ross took an interest in the teens ambition to golf.   proclaiming that the collection of miscellaneous used heritage clubs could be purchased.   Gary taking advantage of the bargain price acquiring ownership of  two woods, four irons and a putter and a well used bag.  The teens finding an untapped experience, never having attempted to pendulate the different enumerated irons and woods and discovering it was more than a novice participants game, but one requiring exacting skill and personal attributes of discipline, confidence, ability.   The two novice were  immediately diligent and appreciative to the instructional discourse given by Ned.   

First set of used clubs, old but a bargain

First set of used clubs, old but a bargain

     Hank and Gary endeavored to hone their sparse skills and with Hanks new-found transportation, extending an invitation to Don Bryant to joined them.   The two teens becoming golf enthusiast, but soon discovering that depending on who was behind the counter at the club house it could be cost prohibiting.   Mr. Fry was a stickler for charging the teens if they were to tee off from the first tee, where as Mr. Ross, who was most congeal , mentioned that because of the lateness of the day they could skip coming by and  start at the No. 10  tee out of sight of the club house and play the back nine.   Gary suspected that Fry wasn’t privey to  Ross’s conversation.  Mr. Ross also mentioned that if the teenagers were interested there sometimes was a shortage of caddys and ball retrievers on weekends.  The Teens taking heed of two primary opportunities , the first was retrieving balls from the marked driving range area.  Unlike a commercial driving range, Chabot utilized a hillside marked section of the course and upon contracting  buckets of ball for use, the golfer would be responsible for retrieving and returning them to the club house,  not always but often the golfer would hirer a retriever, but what interested the two was to caddy.  The procedure involved arriving  before weekend tee-off time,  signing up on the caddy list unlike Private or Country Club  courses that had a caddy master,  Chabot being a  left it up to the person announcing the names for the tee off times.    Gary and Hank soon discovering that because they were  the newest and  also the youngest they were usually the last to be called as most golfer wanted the same caddy every weekend,  but this didn’t defer their enthusiasm.  The reimbursement  for a three or four-hour round of golf, the time depending on the number of participants,  ranged between five and eight dollars, the amount at the discretion of the golfer.  Hank at over six-foot of stature  was able to carry doubles, something that Gary never envied because of the weight of the larger bags, many of the weekend duffer having over sixteen clubs but using only seven and realized the gratuity sometimes was  based on the results of the golfers round.   The teen concluding that this new-found endeavor was business with pleasure,  finding the two raising early Saturday and Sunday mornings to meet the golfing world, Gary reasoning benediction can come in bounteous contours.


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