Optimistic Volitions…………..#69 (the 50’s)

Dale Spady & 5 hp. Cushman

Dale Spady & 5 hp. Cushman

      You would think  elation would prevail, but it didn’t, the teenager having graduated from high school this past  Thursday.  The first weekend found congratulatory accolades accorded an impression  of accomplishment commanding his presence but an over shadowing consciousness began to emerge.  A sense of loss beginning to envelop him as he watched his sisters depart in the morning for their appointed educational task. Depletedness was causing a feeling of emptiness in the pit of his stomach.   His morning no longer possessing a purpose,  the inception of a daily agenda, the engagement of projects,  all having vanished with his secession from school.
      Gary yet to make definitive volition about the future, his parental communications having never included a consequential conversation as to expectations after high school.   There was a mention of college,  seeking employment in the private sector and a possibility of the military,  but no serious conversation evolved.   He was alone in his thoughts of which direction to channel his efforts.   Higher education was the key, but to what door?   A dilemma was present,  financial ascendancy was essential,  an another obstacle to address.   Gary having received an answered to an inquiry to Oregon State College concerning forestry curricula,  his thoughts of abiding in the wilderness were those of younger adventurer experiencing new and abounding wonders.  Maturity adds a new epoch to a resume.

KROW radio studios 464 19th St.

KROW radio studios 464 19th St.

      Gary’s interest in radio having since waned as had the broadcast programing of the past.   He recalled his visit to KRON Radio during a school Business Education Day, traveling to their up stairs studio on 19th St,  A opportunity to once again observe a live broadcast, the station not exactly what he expected, a series of small broadcasting rooms, not a large studio Pavillion like the KCBS studio in San Francisco he  experiences visiting the Red Blanchard Show.  His journalism interest was beginning to  peaked  after discerning its many aspects depended on the competency of editor,  a question of  pervasiveness.    Another protracted avocation was the military,  it provided educational options,  but the youth was unsure of the scope of opportunities.  The youth took notice of his Cousin Bud O’Toole,  assigned to a firing  battery with  a Nike-Hercules Missile unit near Los Angeles.   Gary’s affinity for science fiction and his association with Elves’,  Gnomes’  and Little Men’s Chowder and Marching Society,  induce him with an  extreme interest in space, rockets and adjoining germane subjects all enveloped by the military.  The final contingency would be to postpone a decision and seek employment,  entering the world of commerce, time being no longer an imminent factor, mid-term college enrollment was already finalized.

1959 CA road map

Journey marked on 1959 CA road map

    Gary pondered, no longer would there be a discipline of authority to instruct the path of decisions, to council and deliver confidence, the world becoming a stage, it was time to walk on and perform.   He heard the revives of an approaching motor scooter echoing from the street,  his friend Dale Spady dismounted from the two-wheeled transport and it was then Gary took notice, Dale had purchased a new 5Hp Road King Cushman motor scooter.   Climbing aboard the two rode down Shone Ave. and cruised along Mountain Blvd,  it was during the ride that an adventuress notion  began to formulate encompassing the two of them and the 5 horsepower Cushman and a round trip ride that could  approach 1000 miles.   The idea for this journey all stemmed from Gary’s desire to visit his career military cousin Bud in Conoga Park, not far from Los Angles and  question him about his missile related army assignment.  Gary laying out his plans to Dale, it would start traveling south on the Nimitz Freeway to the junction highway #101 & #17.  then on #17 over the Santa Cruz mountains to scenic highway #1 along the ocean until it converges back with #101 at San Luis Obispo and from there on to Conoga Park, about a three-day sight-seeing journey.  Gary adding from his cousin’s house they could  tour of the fashionable star-studded homes area , the Hollywood Hills and other attractions in Los Angles before returning home.   The two concluded,  it could be accomplished,  a three day, two night venture,  spending their nights camped adjacent to the blue pacific on the beach and once arriving from their escapade south they could  lodge with Gary’s cousin Bud and  family at Canoga Park, leaving the path of the return open. 

A coming expectation

A coming expectation

      Gary informing his parents of their intended excursion as did Dale,  the parents of the two prospective traveler first displaying non belief that the two would even attempt this endeavor.  Once accepting the premise that they might really go forward with this fool-hardy venture, they asked the inevitable question why.  The recent highschool graduate having anticipated the parental question remembering a quote from author Andre’ Gide  “man cannot explore the oceans unless he loses sight of the shore”,  the journey south would demonstration a new-found sense of independence.  With this being unsaid the teen deciding to give the more plausible reason of wanting to see the scenic California coast and visit his Cousin Bud.   The journey was to begin soon, the second week of February, the two having much to do in preparation, some detailed planning but more important the acquisition of their needs for the trip.   Gary concluding, optimism before volition makes for reason.


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