Entertaining Transgression……………#90 (the 60’s)

Unexpected Visitor

Unexpected Visitor

     Cal was a big man, 6′ 2” 298 lbs,  Cal Rector was a fat man,  Cal was from Frederick,  The Rhythm Tamers Bandleader Troy and  lead guitarist Jerry having known the local man forever.  Cal would sometimes  accompany the band assisting as a roadie, helping load and unload  musical equipment.  This nights engagement coming to a conclusion,  Gary and Jerry consummating their  performance at the Pink Elephant Club in Altus,  Troy and other members having departed with an exception,  Cal, who would journey the forty miles back to Frederick with the musicians. 
     It was a warm summer night,  Jerry chauffeuring the 1952 Oldsmobile with windows down,  traversing  the zig-zag coarse thru Tipton, turning  south then east towards  Frederick.   The pungent smell of fresh-cut hay filling  the moonlit night sky,  the mellow silence broken by the hushed  muffled sound emitting from the cruising transport.   The steady drone of the muffler was broken  as Jerry slowed the car,  volunteering a question, “Do you smell that?”   the aromatic bouquet engulfed the effulgence shrouded  night,  bequeathing recognition to its source,  the perception was answered,  watermelon.

Fruits of their labor

Fruits of their labor

     The plan was simplistic in satisfying their new-found appetite,  the only obstacle was the presence of a farmhouse 100 yards up the road.  It was decided the two musicians would disembark to  retrieve the flavored melons,  Cal was to drive past the farmhouse,  turning around out of sight and returning to recover the performers with their agricultural gifts.  The two exited the car,  Cal occupying the driver seat, the conception was initiated,  but immediately went afoul.  The fence surrounding the watermelon endowed field was barbwire and difficult to traverse.  The two finally entering securing the assets,  but then it was noticed,  although Cal had bridged the rise to turn about, the cars headlight beams struck the farmhouse reflecting a presence.   The sound of a dog barking pierced the muted night and the farmhouse lights suddenly appeared given notice of an awakening.   Muscling their water melon burden thru the barbs,  the musician noticed a figure emerging from  the farmhouse,  haste was of consequence.   With Cals and the cars arrival,  their bounty secure, the Oldsmobile making a hastily exit speeding towards Frederick,  mission accomplished.
    After a brief discussion the decision was affirmed,  the three would journey to Troy’s residence in Frederick and share the fruits of their labor.   Troy and his family were quartered as caretakers on a large farming estate a mile north of town.   They resided in a two bedroom abode above a six-car garage adjourning the vacated manor-house.     The Oldsmobile entering  the long sweeping drive into the estate grounds, the lights from Troy’s residence,  a sign that activity abided.   With their arrival the group assembled,  Troy and his wife Shirley joining the outside festivities to partake of the ill-gotten gains,  the nectar from carving of the melons spotting the pavement.   The atmosphere was convivial,  exuberance in relating the episode of retrieving the melons, when they noticed a pair of headlights approaching, turning off the highway entering the long sweeping drive  entrance.   It was a Black and White,  the Highway Patrol.
     Immediately, pandemonium, watermelon chunks,  rinds,  pieces,  all hastily gathered and deposited in the bushed out of sight from the approaching eyes of the law.  The hard evidence was dispersed, but the tell-tale liquid from slicing the rinds was visible.   The hesitant group stood disconsolate as the police cruiser halted,  the officer approached to relate his presence.   The two musicians suspecting,  that somehow the melon farmer had noticed the license plate on the Oldsmobile and reported their actions.   Expecting the worse,  the patrolman politely disclosing,  a neighbor,  noticing the lights and activity,  was concerned about Troy’s wife Shirley,  knowing Troy was absent weekend nights.
    The highway patrolman concluding his concern and Gary concluding:  entertaining transgressions bring consequences.


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