Applicable Contingencies…………….#120 (the 60’s)

A Holiday Inn incursion on the H.E. Baileu Turnpike

A Holiday Inn incursion on the H.E. Bailey Turnpike

The resonance which represented its euphonic atmosphere was no longer present,  Bob and Jerry’s Apartment Key Club on N. Hudson St.  having progressed from a quiescent ambiance opportunity to a financial gifted asset.   Gary was hospitable to the adjustment because of financial acceptance and displayed a deficiency of meaningful involvement in the divisiveness between the two owners.   The ascendancy of sit-in guest entertainers with the pianist,  Donnie Dickson a  Bobby Goldsboro duplicate,  Frankie Val a City renown Elvis clone  was taken with notice.

The adjoining business to Bob and Jerry’s was a long-established laundry and dry cleaners,  according indulgence to the local community and the Sieber Hotel complex and was in process of abdication.   A constabulary finding the two proprietors again interest in an expansion of the clubs domain,  a financial ascendancy reason becoming subjective, a subsequent controvert becoming apparent.   Bob Francisco,  his quiet demeanor and  prospective,  a differential from the guitar disporting vocal personality of Jerry Gross,  Bob aspiring for the quiescent era of the past but caught up with the execution and expansion for the second time..

Among Gary’s subjection to attribution of the clubs expansion,  another acquaintance reemerged, his good friend and drummer Glenn Froman having returned from Indiana.  With a disposition initiative,  Gary promoting Glenn, to accept an opportunity to display his percussion expertise,  joining Jerry Willis, the once piano bar club now sporting a trio on weekends.   The capacity amplitude was exceeding well over the hundred mark on weekends and a major discourse,  the parking accessibility becoming a major problem, discerning  the nearest expanse location was at Mercy Hospital which was problematic.   Then a change, like migrant birds the nightlife populace beginning a declination, Gary deciphering it was the numbers, the  expansion decimating the anonymity of the once ambitious but abeyance melodious community.   Jerry Gross, his personality no longer a club fixture extending his appetite for an additional opportunity, promulgating a new acquisition,  the Tempo Club at N. W. 23rd and Portland.   The fissure between Bob and Jerry was inevitable,  the two entrepreneurs discovering  singular directions,  one captive with ambiance,  the other with ambition.

The musician finding himself in the proverbial ‘victim of circumstance’,  the expanded Key Club in demise and ameliorating with a concern.   Gary refusing to be a victim, not expecting a notice,  but not giving a notice, a wait and see period all options remaining open.  It was a suggestion from the Oklahoma City Blazer hockey team directing the musician to explore another piano-bar lounge.  The Dugout club was situated on N.W. 10th  St. across from the fairgrounds complex and All Sports Stadium.   It was as the name implies,  a sports bar facility,  catering to and frequent by the professional athletes of the seasonal activity.  The club was deficient of quality, a harsh enveloping resolve could be detected and the local clientele was of an obstreperous description interested in the sports association.   A commitment was installed,  Gary accepting an offer but soon discovering his presentation was not compatible with the climate and  clientele of the club giving notice after 30 days.

Helen's 1958 Oldsmobile Fiesta wagon.

Helen’s 1958 Oldsmobile Fiesta wagon.

Helen, Gary’s mother in-law mentioning if she could ask a favor,  then asking if he would drive her to Houston to retrieve her 58 Oldsmobile Fiesta Wagon.  Helen having purchased and loaned it to her ex-husband Frank Grider whom she had been seeing, to use in constituting a Oklahoma City painting business. Frank having dropped out of sight the past couple of weeks and Helen’s concern being answered with a call from the Houston police department that the Olds had been impounded.       Kaye and young Scott would encompass Gary and Helen to the reaches of Houston.  The four leaving Oklahoma City traveling in  Gary’s 1963 comet,  discovering the five hundred mile drive to be very arduous, but  with the completion of the all day venture, the four welcoming the advent of Houston and its surroundings.  The evening stop, the four enrolling a motel room giving the travelers some needed rest.   The rising sun, the beginning of a new day, the family entertaining a luncheon tour of  Galveston,  the overcast wind-driven waters of the gulf preventing a very much desired stroll to feel the delicate sand and consume  the semblance of the breaking gulf waters.        The afternoon finding Helen completing her transaction with law enforcement, her Olds being released,  Gary electing to pilot the paroled 1958 Oldsmobile Station Wagon back to Oklahoma City, Kaye to drive the Comet.  Both cars to caravan the return  by way of Waco,  Helen desiring to have a fleeting look at a town bearing many memories.   Continuing on, with a stop in  Arlington to  reside the night with  Kaye provincial cousin, seeing as Helen was also an only child, the relative being Helen’s cousin’s daughter, Mary Ogier, Gary still somewhat confused at the actual relationship.  Mary was married to a Delta Airline pilot and as a youth had visited Kaye in Oklahoma city.  The convoy of two making a morning application from Arlington to Interstate 35 and a welcomed return to Oklahoma City, the world of family and relationships never-ceasing to amaze one.

Gary making calls,  the Sallee booking agency communicated an overture,  soliciting the Piano Bar entertainer to an enrollment in a Holiday Inn incursion.  The road bookings would provide for engagements at subsequent Holiday Inn’s,  providing wages,  room and discount meal privileges, Gary finding the offer interesting but was hesitant about travel.  A further inquiry discovering it would commerce with the Holiday Inn in Chickasha, a 45 minute drive on the H.E. Bailey Turnpike, lasting for a duration of four weeks,  the next subsequent place of assurance would be Harlingen Texas,  a venture of over eight hundred miles.  With Gary’s immediate lack employment he tentatively accepted the agents offer,  but in reality the thirty days of  traveling  50 miles to  Chickasha would provide time and opportunity for the musician to  search for a more applicable contingency in Oklahoma City.


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