A Discharge Of Resolution…………..#133 (the 70’s)

Bob Wood's Del City Music

Bob Wood’s Del City Music

It’s achievements having been commodious,  the years of  execution  evident from unintentional  assault and it’s treatment was  borne of discharge,  reconciled by continuous application.   A reception of agnostic dissertation having prevailed,  the aptitude of it’s production demonstrating a one of  eminence.   Its purpose was remarkably  attained with a resounding presence of achievement in the affirmative, but a resolution of discharge from a participation in commerce was in order,  the time having surfaced, it’s replacement was adherent,  the decision having been made, Gary was trading-in his faithful Wurlitzer #120 electric piano.

Fender Rodes the Cadilac of Electric Piano

Fender Rodes the Cadillac of Electric Piano

Gary journeying to Del City,  his accredited musical instruments firmly secured in the bed of the 1966 Ford pickup,  the Wurlitzer #120, the Kustom 150 both espoused for dispensation.   Arriving at Bob Woods Del City Music provided the musician an opportunity to gaze upon the appliances of musical fatuity.  The Del City structure abounding  with the wares of musical apparition,  his store,  a portrait of  instrument availability,  bestowing a beckoning  to all that dared entry.  Gary ready to conduct business with a friend and owner Bob Woods, his stature as a musician, country music provocateur organizing the Oklahoma Country Music Association was well-known throughout the state.

Kustom 300 bass amp

Kustom 300 amp manufactured in Chanute Ks.

Kustom speaker cabinet with two 15 inch JBL's

Kustom speaker cabinet with two 15 inch JBL’s


Kustom column PA speakers and amp

Kustom column PA speakers and amp

Gary discovering an array of desirable musical appliances, the only circumstance restraining his purchasing willpower was financial, but it too was in transition,  Bob’s  wife Carolyn on the phone resolving his fiscal qualification and credence.   With the  validation  of the musicians credit  credentials,  Gary finding a new edict to propagate his musical instrument portfolio,  his procurement realm aspiring for the ultimate in band equipment.   This time the Musician would not be financially embryonic in the acquisition of band accouterments finding a new experience dawning,  applying  a Cadillac interpretation in his decisions.    The Wurlitzer #120 finding a new home,  the incomparable Fender Rhodes electric piano accepting its station in his world of music.  His first Kustom 150 with its two 12 inch speakers relinquishing for  a 300 watt Kustom  amplifier with a mounting stand and  two Kustom speaker enclaves each containing two 15 inch Altec JBL,  (James Bullock Lansing),  speakers a noble replacement.  An additional announcement of a 200 watt Kustom PA amp with two column speakers, each  with four eight inch speakers, the total fiscal amount of his purchases approaching the cost of Gary’s 63 Mercury Comet car when purchased new.  As a musician, the new equipment instilled a surge of fulfilling a desire and an optimism that new equipment would add a new fatality to the bandstand.

drifting snow on Reno St.

A late winter night,  an eight inch blustering  60 MPH wind-driven snow blanketed Oklahoma City,  Gary finding it difficult to travel to guitarist Jerry Willis’s house,  but succeeding after several detours  only to find their normal route to the Pirates Cove at the  Holiday Inn on Meridian Avenue closed,  the road arrested with a catechism of white blanketed confinement.   May Avenue,  a corresponding tact,  also snowed over,  closed  to traffic,  but for some unexplainable reason a northward single lane   remained open on crosstown Portland Avenue.  The two determined musicians finding a hazardous opportunity to reach Interstate 40,  the Cross-Town Expressway.  To their dismay the on ramp to the Cross Town was barricaded,  but  Reno Street,  a parallel venture below the  Cross-Town was receptive,  a snowplow having  traversed the roadway clearing a passage and upon entering, the two finding that it  resembled a toboggan run,  the snow four or five feet high on either side.  The two musicians continuing their journey,  arrested within the walls of snow,  the headlights of the car beaming a snow lit beacon,  a perception that they were interned in a tunnel.   The two able to apprehend the Holiday Inn on Meridian Ave.,  the rest of the City seemingly void of activity,  its residence  snowbound.  An arrival finding the day shift compliment of  employment still dictating the Pirate’s Cove operation, apparently the night personnel unable to compose an appearance  because of the deleterious snow conditions.   Gary and Jerry,  the only band members having success in arriving,  and questioning each other whether to attempt to entertain a very diminished club audience, but an unexpected occurrence,  a Greyhound Bus discovering  refuge, unable to travel south,   the H.E. Bailey Turnpike south closed, another  casualty of the storm, the captive bus containing fifty-eight army recruits  destined for Fort Sill,  their deliberate journey interrupted.    Gary watched as the snowbound  prospective patrons seated themselves,  Wanda  Moreno, the  daytime bartender also one of the stranded  snowed in assembly having to do double duty, conversing on the phone with Herb Carpenter  the weather-bound proprietor,  a question concerning whether to serve the military compliment as  some were under age to consume alcohol.  Wanda asking if she should adhere to the letter of the law or what, Herb replying that ” the ABC board wouldn’t  be out on a night like this,  go ahead and serve them”.   Gary visiting with some of the soldiers answering the question about the band playing, mentioning that they really needed a drummer to play the music they wanted to hear.  From the soldier at a table they heard a name mentioned discovering that there was  a soldier that played drums among the stranded escalade and he was more than happy to sit in.  With the advent of a drummer,  a commendable trio was enhanced,  entertainment prevailing for the confined,  the Oklahoma City road crew up to the task, the main thoroughfares partially opened for their return, the toboggan run experienced musician fulfilling another musical page.


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