Augmented Impressions…………#211 (the 90’s)

Wichita’s Century II

A beauteous spring Saturday,  Gary traversing the highway northeast, the outdoor scenic province enhancing the 52 mile journey to the city of Wichita,  his ambition, Century II,  the magnificent performing arts and convention center,  a conception  since 1969,  an adulation for the city.   Arriving at Century II finding street parking on the Exhibition Hall side of the exhibiting sphere shaped complex,  the entrance area where the virtuoso’s of proficiency conveyed the commodities of their trade.   Making a circinate walk to the multiple door entrance,  entering the foyer,  the visitor from Anthony adorned in a suit and tie,  the appropriate attire to coalesce with the patrician assemblage,  a brief abeyance to secure an accommodation ticket,  the usher directing him to his place of attainment to await the performance of the Wichita Symphony Orchestra.

Wichita Symphony Orchestra

Gary being no stranger to the Concert Hall at Century II,  having attended several of the Wichita Symphony presentations,  being selective of the orchestra‘s concert series.   The 2200 seating accommodation hall was filled to capacity,  Gary reasoning that it must be because of the featured guest artist,  an opera tenor,  his selections from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s,  Don Giovanni.   The performance that was about to be enacted included a long admired composition by Richard Strauss, his Suite from Der Rosenkavalier,  the paramount reason for Gary’s attendance,  the other concert works were secondary,  but still very much appreciated.  The lights dimmed,  the doors to remaining closed as was traditional for symphonic presentations,  no one would be admitted during the performance,  the wondrous sound of a symphony orchestra began.

The intermission finding many of the classical music patronage partaking of the champagne and wine selections available in the foyer annex,  Gary reasoning it was a little early to indulge.   A familiar figure approached,  greeting Gary,  Jay Jolly,  the hospital administrator and his wife,  Gary being conscious that Jay’s wife Carol possessed a baccalaureate in music and performed with the prestigious  Wichita Grand Opera.   The couple immediately mentioning the guest tenors outstanding performance and noting the fact that Gary had traveled from Anthony for the special event.   Gary asserting,  he often attends the symphony programs,  but finding it more discretionary not to give a more correct explanation of today’s appearance,  a predilection for Richard Strauss’s Der Rosenkavalier,  sustaining his employer’s augmented impression of his classical musical edification.   The sounds of the chimes announcing the culmination of the interlude,  the concert once again to commence.  The concluding return to Anthony,  the hospital employee convivial,  accepting Jay’s respective acknowledgment in his concert attendance  and the perception presented.

Dressed for Graduation

Another milestone and a celebrated occasion for a Willson family representative,  the family and a host of parents assembling to witnessed a  commemorative event, a graduation,  the eighth grade class of the Anthony School elevated to the auspices of Chaparral High School, its presence annexing another autumn coterie.   The event sponsoring a formal dress not always presented by rural residence of a farming community with the exception of Sunday church,  Sandra,  a reflection of a teenage young lady,  glowing at the opportunity to be present at her brothers commencement.

A surprise visitor

Amidst the Murrow family kindred’s proponents was Janice Bahr,  an inimitable exponent of the children.   Janice, an exemplar for the Apostolic Christian Church,  her countenance was in accordance with her quintessence,  a reflection of her faith,  her husband Jeff a recent addition to the Church Ministry Pulpit.   Jeff, eight years Janice’s junior,  an energetic young agriculturist,   farming with Joe Frieden his father-in-law.  Janice a stalwart  employee of the First State Bank,  her church activity, administering the tutelage of the middle-school age Apostolic Churches Sunday School class..   Her Anthony  presence was a gratifying surprise for Robert,  Gary having experienced her pivotal role and personality working with her as a fellow Sunday School teacher,  conjectured her appearance as a shining quality of her persona,  this was Janice.

The convocation concluded,  the family returning home to acknowledge Roberts attainment.   Gary recalling his experience upon graduation from Junior High,  finding an easy transition to high school,  his two best friends older than he,  their high school evolution having been achieved,  their presence making his inauguration to a new school affable and fluent.  A brief concern about Robert’s forthcoming endeavor,  but reasoning prevailed,  the engulfing advent of summer and it’s projected diversion should alleviate all disquietude, his son would have no difficulties coalescing..


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