Accepting Responsibility – 259A (2000)

The X shaped Colony Park

The X shaped Colony Park

Gary reviewing his staff of 13,  the housekeeping department always responsive,  his housekeepers never a problem,  Mary Speiss,  Kamla Prasad and Suarjeni Prasad always fulfilling responsibilities with an outstanding work ethic.   The custodial crew responding applicable,  not always the case in the laundry, discovering without a doubt the  laundry was by far the most demanding and the worst assignment not only in his department but in the facility.  The starting wage paying the least and the performance level very demanding,  with two shift,  the first starting at 5:00 a.m. and ending at 1:30 p.m., the second beginning at 3:30, ending at midnight, the turnover of personnel was inevitable.   The two-hour pause between the two shifts causing an interruption with the flow and output of the service.   Gary remedying this by fulfilling the two-hour laundry needs himself,  sorting the barrels of residents clothes,  sheets,  towel and incontinent pads,  keeping the washers and dryers fulfilling their purpose.   On occasion members of the housekeeping staff would help during their break time,  including the Administrator Brad stopping by to fold sheets, towels and pads from the four dryers that continued  their never-ending cycles.   The only bright note in laundry Services was Louise Bruns,  who gathered residences personal apparel, placing items on hangers and delivering them to the correct dresser drawer and closets in each room.  Louise a wondrous person,  the only person able to fulfill this position without difficulty,  her memory of the residence personal clothing was beyond expectation.    Gary recognizing her as a major asset, especially when he wasn’t available, she somehow kept the laundry running  and still maintain designated assignment.

Unimac 60lb extractor washer

Unimax 60lb.  extractor washer


Commercial Dryer capability

Gary having never experienced,a cogeneration building electrical and heating system.  Mounted in the plant systems area in rear of the facility in covered area was a  Chevrolet 350 hp. V8  natural gas powered  engine that operated 24 hours a day.  It was coupled to a generator that provided 110 volt AC electricity to the building grid, the heat generated  from the engine, supplied heated water for the ceiling fan coil units that heated the facility rooms in the winter and alternately in the summer  supplied the heated water to four heat absorption air conditioning units that cooled the building.  The hot water absorption air conditioning system was another first as was a 16 ft. high four motor cooling tower, the HVAC system new to him but understandable.   With California State regulations requiring a standby generator,  Colony Park was equipped with a 50 KW Onan diesel on a timer to test run 30 minute once a week to be recorded along with a monthly  documentation of maintenance inspections. Some things remain the same,  Gary discovering  the fire-alarm,  smoke detectors and sprinkler system a mirror of his past experience

Facilities HVAC cooling tower

Facilities HVAC cooling tower

Nick Barton, the corporation’s computer consultant approached Gary, the Dietary Supervisors Sashi Singh’s stand-alone computer was in need of a cabled online presence with the main server in the conference room.   Gary after conferring with Nick Barton surveyed the situation realizing the difficulty, he would have to enter an extremely narrow crawl space above the kitchen, break room, business office plus drill thru two fire walls before entering the conference room.  After some thought deciding to be innovative, the alternative solution was plain and simple, run the cable thru the outside kitchen wall,  down the outside of the building and back thru the conference room wall,  sealing the cable in the brick mortar joint indentation with silicon.  Gary realizing that this was unorthodox,  but the finished results of his ambition being proclaimed, it wor

Dietary Supervisor Sashi Singh

Dietary Supervisor Sashi Singh


Healthcare Management and Colony Parks goal was now focused on receiving a (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization)  JCAHO certification.   Gary being introduced to Susan,  a consultant hired by the Healthcare Management Corporation,  Susan a previous employee of the Joint Commission.   The consultant ceding Gary a six-inch binder containing the JCAHO seven directories for safety management,  each directory requiring written policies and procedural protocol.   The thick binder contained stipulated programs for safety management of  Safety, Medical Equipment,  Emergency Preparedness,  Utilities,  Security,  Fire Safety and Hazardous Material,  Gary’s responsibility being to address each individual program with written management policies and procedures.   The bulk of a six-inch tabbed binder alone made for apprehension, one could foresee it unmanageable with the addition of policy and procedural documentation.  Gary having a simple but innovating  remedy,  separating the directories into seven individual smaller binders,  addressing each management plan separately.  Spending hours everyday on the computer and many evening hours at home addressing  JCAHO requirements.

The time of reckoning finally arriving,  the elderly JCAHO surveyor meeting with all the department supervisors at the morning department head meeting, giving notice that if all went well he should conclude his survey in three days.  Environmental Services was last to meet with the JCAHO representative, entering the conference room discovering that Brad was in attendance.   Gary no longer having a single six-inch bulk binder of the JCAHO seven management plans, spreading his seven individual binders on the table, each binder addressing one of the seven management plans .  The representative taken aback asking for an explanation,  Gary explaining the seven management plans would be better be addressed individually than as group,  each one individually would provide a more focused complaisant presentation.   The JCAHO representative seemed impressed  giving Gary an assurance that he had done well.

  The final meeting,  the JCAHO representative announcing to all the department supervisors that Colony Park had qualified for JCAHO certification.  Then something unexpected, the surveyor giving a special recognition to Gary,  asking the department heads to applaud him, that in his twenty years of certifying facilities,  Gary was the first to pass the seven  management plans without a deficiency.   Gary acknowledging his recognition from his professional co-workers and that Colony Parks cultural diversity was an existence  he had never experienced before.


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