Concluding A Twelve Year Journey…#239 (the 90’s)

Sandra Willson receiving her High School Diploma

Gary never realized how appreciable and steadfast Sandra was in her employment obligation during her Junior and Senior year of high school,  aware that arrangements had been made so she was able to depart school early for her Kitchen duties at the Nursing Home’s in Anthony and Harper  operated by Hunter Care Center Inc,  of Chesterfield Missouri.   Gary while gathering the families tax information noticed the Care Center’s failure to provide his daughters W-2 on time,  Sandra having approaching the Administrator about the corporations delinquency,  receiving assurance  the form would arrive within a week,  notwithstanding a week later still no results,  the W-2 absence still astray.  Gary deciding it was time he got evolved,  placing a call to the Missouri Corporate Office,  explaining the failure of the facility administrator to  remedy the situation,  the W-2 arriving post-haste on the second day of corporate notification.   Surprisingly,  Sandra’s Nursing Home and other part-time employment accomplishing $4,965.38 for the year,  exceeding Roberts senior year employment wage at Chisholm Enterprises Inc,  the franchise operators of the Anthony Pizza Hut,  by more than $2200.  Gary gratified that both Robert and Sandra’s imbuement of their work ethic at such an early age.

Sandra, Marlo, Chris & Garrett

Sandra, Marlo, Chris, Allison & Garrett

The expectant assemblage arriving for the Saturday,  May 19th commemorative graduation ceremony of the Chaparral High School Class of 1996 in the high school auditorium.  Sandra Lynne Willson achieving recognition for her a 12 year journey down the road of education,  a High School Diploma documenting her accomplishment.   Members of the family having arrived for the event,  her sister Marlo,  husband Chris,  nephew and niece Garrett and Allison having journeying from Oklahoma City.  Her grandparents,  Bud and Helen Murrow,, Aunt Lynne Johnson,  husband Shawn and their daughters Sarah, Jamie  from Kiowa and visiting Aunt Gayle Robb.   For some reason Gary found graduation ceremonies very moving, he questioned that it might be the recognition and  acknowledgement of the individuals as they cross the stage and then again the  Chaparral graduation tradition,  the words of “An Irish Blessing” resounded a largo of emotion for  the conclusion of the ceremonious presentation.

Sandra with her Grandmother and Grandfather

Sandra posing at home

The summer months prevailing,  Robert working in Salina,  Sandra’s preparation completed for her enrollment at Southwestern College ,  Winfield Kansas.   A Saturday morning found Gary hitching his “two Lawn Boy’s and a Snapper” trailer to the Buick,  proceeding to consign furnishing from Sandra’s Bedroom and other possessions to avail the semi-furnished rental house that her and two other prospective student had procured in Winfield.   The journey  was not without incident,  having to stop and tighten the rope tie-downs, the warm wind out of south and always leery of the scatter light rain propelled from the sparse individual clouds that inhibited what otherwise was a blue Kansas sky.   Arriving at his destination,  Gary finding the rental property,  a remnant of days past,  a ship-lap frame house in an indiscreet neighborhood without sidewalks,  a typical descry found in most rural Kansas farming communities,  but suitable for the demeanor of the occupants.  An unloading of the trailer was completed, Sandra’s new Winfield residence established.

Southwestern College, Winfield Kansas

Returning to Anthony,  Gary finding an reverberate emptiness beginning to immerse,  only to multiply once arriving home.   The three-storied structure at 602 N. Springfield now abandon of the children that once provided it essence, their presence,  a life-giving force that brought an atmosphere of vivacity.   An unwelcome despondency began descending, the six bedroom edifice,  void of an accession of meaning, its purpose having been fulfilled.  No longer the bounding cartage of youth,  their reasons,  actions,  aspirations,  expectations, and questions prevailing throughout the years,  a hallowed part of a parent’s life.   Gary finding it difficult to accept that this chapter in life’s journal that was coming to a culmination.  The acceptance of reality was difficult,  a questioning of the past and all that transpired filtered in thought, Gary reasoned,  time is like a river,  its flow having elapsed,  never to pass this way again,  but still one can hold and savor the memories.

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