The Phoenix Adventure…………..#189 (80’s)

Desert Botanical Gardens

Breakfast at 34,000 feet,  the early morning flight of American Airlines having soared into the celestial sphere above Kansas’s,  departing Wichita’s Mid Continent aerodrome,  it’s designated appointment,  Sky Harbor International,  Phoenix Arizona.   The in-flight excursionists being provided a Skyway Catering a meal of scrambled eggs,  sausage and  pancakes to sustain their morning appetite during the 843 mile southwesterly flight.   An Arrival in Phoenix finding Pam Ott,  her children Jay C and Summer K awaiting at Sky Harbor,  Gary and his family to visit with  the Ott’s,  Pam being Jan’s best friend and her husband Doug a fellow classmate at Kiowa High School.  Pam being very efficient having entertained an agenda,  the first stop before acquainting the her home was the Desert Botanical Gardens,  a scenic walk presentation of the anthologized flowering cacti species from around the globe.  The fifty acres of natures exhibition included several trail tours,  the Discovery trail,  Sonoran Desert and Wildflower trail,  providing over 21,000 plants.  The Willson clan enjoying the trifecta tour but Gary discovering it was better adhered for those persons with an astute desert botanical background.  With the walk-thru tour completed,  the Phoenix calefaction approaching 100 degrees in the late morning hour,  a welcome relief from the elements was found at the Ott’s residence on W. Milagro Ave in the suburb of Mesa.   Gary taking notice and discovering  most of the  homes in the housing addition engendering sand in place of the green lawns for their yards,  the exception being the Ott’s back yards which was seeded in grass and lost golf balls,  the rear of their residence addressed a fairway on the Dobson Ranch Golf Course.


The Sonoran Trail

The Sonoran Trail

Doug, Pam, Jay C, Summer K – the Ott residence.

An afternoon journey yielding to downtown Phoenix,  Pam introducing all to the Engle Homes Towers,  a new 20 story high-rise building to meet with Doug who recently obtained his law degree, the Ott twin securing employment as a new attorney with a prestige’s law firm. Doug proudly providing a tour of the twelfth  floor law offices,  Gary mostly impressed with the presence of the firm’s law-book library  but also with the view from the high-rise structure.   A quiet evening with the Otts, the morning awakening  finding Pam, Jan and the children leaving for a shopping foray,  Gary and Doug remaining.  A discussion of living in the summertime environment of Arizona enfolded,  Doug pointing out the normal thermostat setting in the residence was at 80 degrees,  but Gary noticed upon Pam’s debarkation Gary Doug walked over setting  the thermostat to 74 and later upon hearing Pam’s  car in the driveway reset the thermostat at 80 before his wife entered.   Gary surmising Doug’s serendipity clandestine action,  a result of his employment in an air-conditioned office having lowering his tolerance.   The afternoon all adorning swimming attire, the two families traversing to something Gary had never perceived,  a wave manufacturing indoor swimming facility, Robert and Sandi standing in the wave producing natatorium,  the swells of water rushing towards them,  a new experience.

Jan – Captured for The Show

Conestoga Kids

The late afternoon,  the two families journeying South towards Chandler to the Rawhide Wild West Town, a replica of earlier era located  on 160 acres of the Gila River Indian Community, featuring  covered wagons,  buckboards,  a museum, and showmanship characters giving a presentation of gunfights,  with humorous interaction with the audience.   A gun fight ensuing,  Jan being singled out as a hostage, called upon to precipitate in their production,  the crowd and her family enjoying her concert.   The evening concluding with dinner at the Rawhide Steakhouse, the two families in an outdoor patio setting,  the crowning point of the evening,  a mesquite flame broiled steak.   The entertainment continuing at the steakhouse with an unusual circumstance,  if a patron ordered a well done steak,  upon the servers arrival,  beneath a cover they would discover a well done smoking cowboy boot on a platter,  a novice Rawhide Ranch idea for remembrance.

Roy, Vonne and the Yergler family

Jan - a farewell to Pam and Phoenix

Jan – a farewell to Pam and Phoenix

Sunday morning unfolding, the two families participating in church services at the Phoenix Apostolic Christian Church, Doug and Pam non members, but Doug’s Mother Irma and Father Marvin having raised their family in the Church.   Gary and Jan having the opportunity to  acquaint many of their church Brothers and Sister with relations in Kiowa,  finding a solace in bringing greetings from the Kiowa congregation.  The  afternoon finding Pam providing transportation,  the Willson family accepting an invitation from   Jan’s cousin LaVonne and Husband Roy Yergler to visit their home also in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa.   LaVonne the eldest daughter of her Lavern and Raymond Roth.  A quiet evening remaining Gary grateful for a very enjoyable time and the  hospitality provided by Doug  and Pam and their family, the visit would be an everlasting memory.  A morning wakeup call, Sky Harbor beckoning, the Phoenix adventure fulfilled, a flight to California, the journey continues.

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