Kiowa Manor………..#252 (the 90’s)

The recently acquired Kiowa Manor

The summer 1998 bringing a diversification in Gary’s disposition at the Kiowa District Hospital,  Administrator Buck McKinney proposing  the hospital take under their ascendancy the proprietorship of the Kiowa Manor,  a Hunter Care 37 bed skilled nursing facility, the corporate entity going thru a change and closing several Kansas properties.  The Hospital Board of Directors cognizance of a similar situation in Anthony whereas the Anthony Hospital incorporated the Hunter Care nursing facility.  After an open public meeting,  the acquisition process being approved and put in ambulation, McKinney attempting to solicit volunteers from the hospital staff willing to traverse their employment to the Manor,  discovering that not a single employee was willing to leave their employment status at the hospital.

Hanna Watson

Gary after some serious thought volunteered to move to the nursing home, accepting  the safety and maintenance task at the Manor in addition to maintaining  his responsibilities at the hospital.  His first concern was to establishing an office enabling a home for his computer and files,  the only area designated for maintenance was a very small work bench area off the rear entrance door.   A brief search for an unoccupied room was nil but the  discovering  a delightful Hannah Watson offering to share her office.   Hannah was responsible for coding and billing the medicare paperwork for reimbursement  utilizing the 1996 HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).    The Manor, unlike the hospital, hosted a in-house laundry, small but adequate for the facility,  employing a young man with Down’s Syndrome from Medicine Lodge,  the youth chauffeured  by car five days a week,  driven by a staff member of the charitable organization home he was living in.  Gary discovering that  he was sponsored by Susan Luthi with Arrowhead West, a Community Integrated Employment Services (CIE).  The program that  benefits both employees and employers by assisting individuals with disabilities to obtain and keep jobs in the community, while at the same time offering reliable and qualified employees to area businesses.   Buck McKinney in an effort to cut cost for the Nursing Home eliminated the kitchen at the Manor,  requiring Avetta Starzyk and the hospital kitchen to provide the three daily meals.  Gary having to regulate his hours acquiring an additional duty, transporting the meals to the Manor utilizing  the manors electric lift endowed van,  making delivery three times daily during his five-day work week, McKinney’s  daughter Robyn either fulfilling the Manor needs or finding someone for weekends.

Buck McKinney

Robyn McKinney Odell

McKinney and the hospital board coming to a decision to hire a subjective administrator for the Nursing Home.   The ongoing search for an administrator concluded, the Manor staff introduced to the new administrator, Gary having some questioning doubts the board’s selection.    The new administrator in Gary’s realm of thinking was lacking any initiative, mimicking Bucks status quo, McKinney keeping a low public profile and a closed office door.   Gary entering the new manors administrator’s office without knocking,  walking in unexpected, the administrator seated at his desk,  Gary noticing his computer monitor situated behind his desk displaying a Porn web site.  The Administrator immediately began moving his body back and forth of Gary’s line of vision trying to hide the screen with his embodiment.  Gary coming to a stop, with the presentation being displayed on the monitor,  the administrators body movements evidence of his attempted concealment,  Gary  immediately realizing that his surprise entering had intruded upon something he would later regret.   Retreating immediately withdrawing from the room,  knowing that this discovery of the administrators aspersions would someday wreak vengeance and come back to haunt him.

Susan Luthi

An afternoon found Gary coming across Susan Luthi leaving the administrator’s office, Susan approaching saying that he was just the person she wanted to talk to.  She continued with an explanation, that Arrowhead West held an annual recognition dinner in Medicine Lodge to recognize the many handicapped and mentally challenged employees in Barber County for their labors and honor the employers who gave them the opportunity.  Susan relating she had approached the manor administrator had declined to attend and stand be introduced with the youth as his sponsor.  Susan  asking if he could would attend,  with a smile giving Susan assurance of course he would be more than happy to participate.  The night of the event Gary in attendance greeting two other employers he was acquainted with,  Jim Reed from the Kiowa CO OP and Kevin White, the Medicine Lodge Hospital administrator, both having sponsored challenged employees.   Gary seated for dinner with the manor’s  employee and later standing with the down syndrome employee as he received a plaque of recognition for his work accomplishment.  Gary also receiving a plaque of recognition for his attendance in the form of a hug from a thankful Susan Luthi.

 A new maintenance employee was hired, Rory Reed, Gary being told it was hired to make the once abandon large garage outbuilding on the Manor property suitable for use.  Rory’s previous employment was with the Kiowa CO-OP that his father Jim managed, Gary finding that it was good to have a second pair hands at the facility.   With the new administrator and the addition of a new Director of Nursing, he wasn’t the only one who noticed that a different atmosphere prevailed at the manor and of course he realized that the incident of witnessing the porn site could have repercussions.    He sensed a feeling of being watched, also having confrontations with the Manors Director of Nursing, discovering the DON opening  and adjusting the secured thermostats for the facility.   Approaching her,  politely stating that he was responsible for the environmental aspects of the facility and that he would appreciate it if  she would  confine her directives to nursing.

Gay Farney

Lab results are negative

Lab results are negative

A monthly responsibility was conducting and logging a fire drill at both medical facilities, including the clinic,  documenting the sounding of the alarms and the staffs response.   During a morning  drill at the hospital,  Gay Farney,  the Lab Director approached Gary with a concerned look on her face, stating that she had received a call from the Manors administrator  directing her to perform a blood alcohol test on him.  The request raised some suspicion, curious if his recent confrontation  with the Manors DON,  their past disagreements  and  his unexpected walk-in on the Administrator porno-viewing may have given this request meaning.  Gary was comfortable submitting to the lab test,  his concern wasn’t the test results  but the  implication leading to a questionable future.   That evening receiving a phone call from the nursing home administrator apologizing for the administrative misjudgment in asking for the test,  the negative results confirming his aberration.   The administrator stating that  his reasoning for the test was based on statement from the Director of Nursing,  Gary realizing that his tenure at the Nursing Home would not endure, concluding he was now a target for dismissal.


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