Life’s Exclamations………..#235 (90’s)


.  It was the start of Roberts senior year at Chaparral High School,  Gary trying to convince his son to drive the 82 Terrel wagon to school,  but Robert proclaiming he would rather ride the school bus to than to be seen in the Toyota.  Gary having employed the 1984 Chevrolet Blazer for his daily 30 mile commute to the Kiowa Hospital,  weighing a decision,  but finally giving in to his son’s desire.   Robert was meticulous in maintaining a prestige’s image,  always appropriately dressed,  a stature fitted for all occasion,  the Blazer providing a transportation means in keeping with his character.   Gary accepting the downside of the Tercell Wagon,  especially the lack of air conditioning, the unit having failed the past year,  but having spent most of his life without an AC appliance in his Vehicle’s,  driving the 51 Dodge pickup,  the Ford and Chevy Vans, remembering transporting the band equipment in “Old Blue”,   his 1966 Ford Pickup across hundreds of miles of West Texas in the August heat.  The 60 mile round trip to Kiowa during the heated Kansas weather was  child play.

.  Robert taking pride in his acquired transport,  the blazer kept pristine in appearance,  installing a high-powered 300 watt subwoofer system in the rear, able to shatter the atmosphere with its reverberating projection as he traveled down the road.   Gary and Jan borrowing the vehicle on a Saturday morning to attend a Amway meeting in Wichita.  Descending upon the parking area of the meeting accommodation,  members of his group,  including his up-line sponsors, Earl Carra and Don Ransom, who were gathered awaiting their arrival.  Gary Switching on Roberts subwoofer system,  the resounding sound resonating off the buildings,  the Blazer Sport with its tape player presentation giving the Willson’s a booming and noticeable entrance.

.  Sandra having reached the age of auto mobility,  Gary again acquainting the five speed SR 5 Toyota Wagon as the transport of learnable experience.   His youngest daughter not quite having the dexterity of her brother Robert,  but up front with the perseverance to master the shifting of the 5 speed manual transmission.   Dad starting her familiarity with a driving exercise on the dirt mile section road east of Anthony,  explaining how one could downshift from 5th gear to 4th slowing the vehicle.   Sandra soon mastered the usage of the clutch and the shifting,  but on occasion,  because of the narrow proximity of the gear shift pattern,  she would shift from 5th gear, missing 4th  dropping the Toyota into 2nd  gear,  Gary finding himself almost prompted thru the windshield with the sudden deceleration.   This event was more humorous than serious,  Sandra accomplishing her goal and obtained her driver’s license without any difficulty.  Unlike Robert, she was convivial in accepting the Tercell Wagon as transportation.

.  Gary discovering a requirement for another vehicle,  Robert and the elder Willson journeying to Wichita in the Blazer, once again acquainting East Kellogg and automobile row.   Gary in search of a reliable used vehicle that would transact his weekday 60 mile round trip from Anthony to Kiowa. .   Once again returning to a Davis Moore dealership,  whom they  had purchased Jan’s Dodge Shadow Convertible,   Gary not a person to dicker about specifics found what he was looking for on the trade in sales lot,  the salesperson perplex that his sales pitch was not needed,  and within an hour Gary was returning to Kiowa in a 1989 blue Oldsmobile Cutlass,  pleased at his selection,  the automobile heredity of the Willson family fulfilled.   Jan with her Shadow Convertible,  Rob with the Chevrolet Blazer,  Sandra with the Toyota Tercel and Gary more than satisfied with the newly acquired Oldsmobile Cutlass.

I.  t was a Saturday, Gary and Jan journeying to  Oklahoma City to visit Gary’s daughter Marlo, his daughter in an expectant manner. The couple arriving at the residence,  finding a note on the door,  the written message  acknowledging they were expected,  but were called away to their recent acquired business opportunity, the note posted with the address.   Their recent acquired enterprise, a result of Marlo’s mother’s friend,  Jim,  marketing his business  A graphic LWD,  logging while drilling, operation.   The endeavor evolving from oil companies, and speculators engendering their menstruation’s from the drilling sites,  measuring the porosity,  resistivity, and acoustic wave fronts of the drilling process.   Transferring the analysis to a paper graph,   presentable for the oil rig roustabouts,  engineers, and various enfolding invested constabulary for contemplation of the drilling progress.  Gary well aware of  Oklahoma’s oil rich endowment ,and its contribution to the state’s overall economy, and was ardent about his daughter and son-in-law’s new found opportunity.

.  The phone call was expected, the new year welcoming a new arrival, on January 3 1995,  Allison, Elaine Denton, tipping the scales at 5 lbs., 13 ounces, blessing the world and heritage of the Denton and Willson families. .   The grandfather making the drive to Oklahoma City,  the visit was brief, but enduring, experiencing, the euphoria that fills the air with the presence of a newly born..  Gary extending and looking forward to Marlo and Chris, a possible early spring visit to Anthony.  The drive home was one of  contemplation,  Gary pondering how to be what he wasn’t, a close knit family grandfather, the answer remained, but was within a circle of circumstances.


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