True Aspect Of Unity………#232 (the 90’s)

Chaparral trumpeter

.  Gary always pondered the rhetorical posture, does the uniform make the man,  or the man makes the uniform,  questioning his sons appetency for a new trumpet.  Robert displaying pride in the acquisition, and his participation with the Chaparral High School Band.   the family expending an exuberant amount for the unique trumpet to fulfill their son’s quest.  The elder  Willson recalling the past,  coming home from elementary school, finding a piano residing in his living room,  and soon discovering it wasn’t a piano, but an entity.   If only it could talk,  it could relate an unimaginable number of stories  it had experienced thru the years.  The young man having found a friend, soon discovering that it could discourse,  and he wouldn’t be the only one sensing what it had to say.  His friend could emit every emotion from light-hearted happiness,  to  largo despondency, it could paint a pictured aria on its musical canvas,  the  oceans bellowing the song of the high seas, or a forlorn  Wagon Train crossing the plains and emit the tapestry sound of a babbling brook on a hillside.  This magical instrument knew no bounds,   providing a means to transport one to unlimited horizons.

.  The elder Willson having spent his earlier years in the music profession,  discerning that his son was not a enliven musician,  differentiating between those who could accomplish the playing of music,  and those who instilled a euphoric desire  within.  Gary apprehending,  most younger music instrumentalist were rapt in the arts basic structure,  having never witnessing his son projecting a vision of musical affection in the confines of the home,  or verbally according a musical endeavor.   Like most reaches in life,  there were two types of music visionaries,  those who impassioned an inner venerate for music,  and those who replicated it, extricating the notes of presentation.   It was apparent, Rob’s ambition was an absolute perfection of reflecting the written score,  not inherent from within,  but a pensiveness of his desire to replicate its calling and ameliorate both the music and his stature.

.  The fall evening temperature having peaked at 60 degrees,  the stands beginning to fill for Chaparral Roadrunners football,  the elder Willson’s seated,   Gary an avid high school football fan, never missing a Roadrunner home game,  Robert also present as a member of the  high school band.  The contest between the Conway Springs Cardinals and the Roadrunners getting underway,  it was subtle but noticeable, the  wind having shifted,  no longer traversing from the southern direction of Oklahoma, but increasing in velocity out of the north,  and with it a marked descending change in the temperature.   Halftime at the football arena also found  an aura of change,  the once mild humid evening now in transition,  the temperature having dropped over 20 degrees with the brisk north wind.  The engulfed assemblage of fans discovering they were not suitably attired for the abrupt change in the weather and  began a departure.   the stands once filled with supporters were rapidly being vacated.   Gary noting the remnants of fans after the mass exit was sparse,  it was apparent that most of  those remaining were loyal  family members of the football team and the insuperable band,  determining  sadly,   the winner of the game was the weather.

.  It was Band Day at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson, the Chaparral Band traversing by bus to march in the annual  parade,  one of many high school bands invited to compete in this astounding presentation.  Gary and Jan having digressed from their labors to be  present, lining North Main Street with a host of other parents and spectators.   Standing curbside, the ambiance of the marching bands passing in review, all in attendance experiencing a proud moment, watching the schools and the uniformed youth on parade.  The approach of the Chaparral band Gary sensing a communion with each of the marching musicians, a chill of recognition, acknowledging and sharing their accomplishment.   The marching exposition coming to a conclusion, the statewide assembly of bands venturing to an admission free State Fair, the realm of the midway and carnival rides calling.


 Gary visiting with his son about his return to Anthony,  asking if he would rather ride back with them, or remain with the band and return on the bus.  The question was a mute, questioning a teenager whether he would rather sit in the back seat of a car, or share a ride in a bus filled with excited teenagers.  The  State Fair was a annual event for Gary’s in-laws  Bud and Helen Murrow,  transporting their 35 ft. 5th wheel RV, taking advantage of the fairgrounds designated hook-up area and spend the most part of a week taking in the vast array of the fair.  The Murrow’s shelter convenience reverence was virtuous, the September weather always providing a variety from cool rain to summer heat, visiting family members according a place of refuge from the weather,  a way-stop from the continuous activity of the fair.  The highlight was always attending the grandstand concert appearance of  a nationally celebrated performers, to his astonishment in 1988 Gary succeeding in fulfilling a life-long longing the fair hosting an epitome of Americana, the one and only Red Skelton.

Kansas State Fair

Red Skelton – an American Icon

The state fair also provided another but  continuous star attraction,  the fairgrounds culinary exponents, upon arrival its presences experienced by  an overwhelming aroma adjacent to the Midway.   The bouquet of offerings included not only  blooming onions,  funnel cakes but  a paradise of international and culinary splendor resonating throughout and encompassing the ornamental sphere of the fairgrounds.   A given,  mounting the circular miniature train that traversed the total fairground arena,  enabling one to view the location of most of the commercial exhibits in the pavilion acreage.  This commerce display from the Kansas opportunist, hawking their boats, trailers, tractors and other merchandise and an organized presentation of entrepreneurship from the local merchants.  The agricultural building giving presentation to the competitive livestock,  awards being accorded to individuals and their entry’s,  row upon row of corporeal stock,  from poultry,  bovine,  lamb to swine,  a splendid exhibition with the youth of the rural farming community showcasing their beloved husbandry.   Another presentation,  the commodity building housing all the fruits of labor from the Arcadian individuals, the moms,  pops and grandmothers,  their jams and jellies,  the homemade condiments from the rural households of the planar plains of Kansas giving a presence to their ubiquity.   The pavilion of home-grown fruit and vegetables demonstrating an element of rural life, Gary recognizing the Kansas State Fair was an open opportunity for all to coalesce with the meaning of America,  the true aspect of unity,  a reservation of equanimity where like-minded people can assemble in concert.

Two beauty’s

home grown

Can’t resist a funnel Cake

Hutchinson Kansas State Fair train

Hutchinson Kansas State Fair train

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