A Testament To Intrepidity………#223A (the 90’s)

Scaffolding for a time consuming project

The decision having been constituted, blanket the exterior with a new coat,  the specifics presented a cauldron of details,  the longevity of the project requiring a constancy of enduring fortitude and a gathering of perseverance.    The first determination was advocated by Jan,  Gary’s true sentiment being sequestered,  giving his wife’s predilection precedence of the chromaticity of design.  Not surprisingly it was her adjudicate  that the residence at 602 N. Springfield Ave  be painted blue and a realization by Gary, that for the most part,  the ensuing labor endeavor would be a solitary commitment.

A remembrance from the past

Gary’s work ethic having been established at an early age, unlike Roberts and Sandi who were not saddled with a lack of monetary foundations to pursue their pleasurable pastimes, the youth establishing a vigil for enterprising  opportunities.   Gary was given a token allowance by his parents,  but it was minimal,  requiring a regimen of weekly chores.  Gary expanding his responsibility,  creating a yard mowing enterprise in the sixth grade,  establishing neighborhood customers.  The seventh grade finding a full-time commissioned charge delivering the Oakland Tribune, an obligation that would continue for three years, until his entrance to High School.   Gary attempted on several occasions to instill a work ethic on the children,  assigning them duties,  even to encompass Robert engagement in the perpetual upkeep of the yard, but to no avail,  the youth’s were more absorbed in their diversion with their friends.   A conclusion prevailed,  not a lack of discipline,  but of endurance,  it was less demanding to do it yourself.

Gary initiated his house painting project,  visiting his father-in-law Bud Murrow a Porter Paint distributor about securing paint,  Bud offering the emulsion at his cost.   An estimate in the number of gallons was difficult to envision, Gary disclosing a decision to inhibit a five step program, scraping to remove the old loose paint,  a sealer,  a primer, followed by two coats of a semi-gloss enamel on all wooden concordances.   The structures ship-lap walls having been  overlaid in the 1950’s with the installation of asbestos shingles which would require two coats of the semi-gloss product,  all to be enhanced by brush.   A visit to Home Lumber and Supply in Anthony to inquire about scaffolding, discovering the nearest procurer was in Wichita.   A telephone conversation with a Wichita construction equipment dealer concerning scaffolding rental came as a shock,  the cost was based on a per-day use.   Gary contemplating it would take months to complete his project, especially considering the added effort of repairing and replacing dry-rot wood and the scouring of the upper floor outside window panes,  their transparency hampered from generations of weathering.  Once again,  approaching his father-in-law,  questioning him about scaffolding,  noting some scaffolding remnants beside Buds shop,  but finding their number unusable for an application on a three-storied structure.   Bud mentioning he had access to a construction equipment provider he and his crew had used in the past, the provisional Wichita company leasing scaffolding by the job, with no time restraints.   Gary’s scaffolding dilemma was solved.

Robert & friend talked into helping.

The inauguration began in May,  the assemblage of four tiers of scaffolding arising on the north side of the residence,  a point in the structure width where the roof peaked at its apical height.   Working alone presented a difficulty joining the scaffolding sections,  Gary’s inherent discomfort with heights giving him pause, especially when standing atop the final level of the 2×12’s that provided the narrow horizontal platform,  conjecturing a way to achieve a more agreeable method of assemblage.   Once the four tiers were in place,  the application strategy was elementary,  starting at the top, administer all of his five painting steps then move the placement of the four tiers horizontally completing another section,  all maximal surface’s attainable before descending its apex.   The west side with its three gables protruding from the steep incline of the roof,  presenting a new challenge.   This time the assemblage and rising of the scaffold was without difficulty,  Gary importing a second pair of hands,  a willing accomplice scurrying upwards without hesitation,  showing no concern for the height,  seemingly  enjoying  the upward journey.   With an able assistant to put in place the ascending sections,  assisting in its mounting and the anchoring of the crossbars, the intrepid confederate was his son,  Robert.

The view from the scaffolding was the view.

The top windows on the gables above the third floor were accessible by placing a twelve-foot ladder  on the 2×12’s of the fourth tier, Gary finding himself on a ladder approaching 50 feet above the ground.   The most vexatious moiety was mounting the inclined roof to scrape,  seal,  prime and paint the sides of the gables,  the inclines uncertainty causing Gary some concern about sliding off, not wanting to involve the roof in anyway deciding he could be reconciled by fastening a securing rope .   The labor was time consuming,  the carpentry,  the continuous removal of paint from a by-gone era and having to wait 24 hours between the various applications seemed to procrastinate a conclusion.   The summer months progressed,  Gary addressing his unobligated time,  accessing the long-lasting project almost every day after work and on weekends.   A relief from the scaffolding,  a welcome change,  the painting application of the two porches,  their pillars and structure a lower region,  accessible by stepladder,  finding some appreciative help from Jan,  Sandi and Robert,  whom invariably invited a friend to witness and experience the activity.

The final reaches of the project coming to a conclusion in October,  a final culmination to what at times seemed to Gary as never-ending.   The achievement leaving vestiges,  Gary recalling a memorable aspect,  his appearance on a 12 ft. ladder atop four tiers of scaffolding,  addressing the gables on the N. Springfield Ave.  side of the structure.   It was a weekend endeavor and he took notice of the continuous traffic flow on the street,  slowing and sometimes stopping to observe his precarious elevated perch on the frail looking ladder,  presenting a visual allocution for the Anthony community and the probable blather at the donut shop Monday morning.   A final assessment of the 4 ½ month long enterprise,  the sealer,  primer and paint totaling 37 gallons,  an integer far less than a spraying application.  Gary concluding,  his time and effort was a testament to the intrepidity of his character.

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