A More Suitable Countenance…#215 (the 90’s)


.  Anthony Lakes assimilation of tranquility, the quiescence was meaningful,  a temporal escape from the exigency of the work environment,  Gary desiring to escape the inveterate monotony of accepted activities,  not an aversion,  but a diversion.   The sun beginning its departure in the west,  the introduction of shadows silhouetting the embodiment of the tree line horizon,  the compass of the surroundings void of populace to ail natures ambiance.   The silence and aura of the nocturnal presentation,  a reprieve from the circadian family and work related responsibilities,  to aught a reflection of brevet,  but rather to assimilate the tranquility of the moment.

.  Gary perceived the lack of concurrence and interest the residences of Anthony found in the city owned 153 acre lake.    Ascertaining in the late evening hours thru the week,  its rural setting,  a scant 1 ½ miles north of the city limits,  for some reason its providence normally abandoned except for an occasional solitary figure and  in all probability exhibiting the same reputable proclivity as Gary.   Much of the lakes activity was in the summertime,  weekend visitors from Wichita and outlying communities participating in boating,  skiing and a utilization of the recreational hookups.   The fishing benefaction,  disconcerting,  the stocking of species very minimal,  but adjoining the lake the added convenience of a nine-hole Municipal Golf Course and Gun Club,  giving credence for additional activity and a provisional catalyst for out-of-town visitors.

.  The scent of paint thinner in the southwest corner of Gary’s North Springfield residences basement.    its source,  the three gallon brush cleaning container made from a holiday popcorn c can with a screen implant,  ala Bob Ross,  the renown PBS Happy Painter.   Gary finding Bob Ross’s wet tarpaulin technique, the guess so covered canvas providing a foundation for painting landscapes,  conveying an immediate depiction of the intended likeness.   The canvas,  like the piano keyboard,  an expression of conveyance,  giving  external interface to the inner person.   The novice artist finding the greatest difficulty, the arresting of creativity,  when to conclude and pin a work as finished.

.  Besides  his accumulation of visionary oil paints,  easel residing  in the corner was his airgometer exercise bike,  weight lifting bench, and dormant band equipment able to boost the sound from a cassette player and reel to reel tape recorder to a concert hall sound..  The opposite side, the  southeast corner of the expansive 15 hundred square foot  basement was lent to labor,  a work bench constructed with 2 by ten’s,  addressed with a mammoth vise and grinder,  a station for various electrical and manual carpentry appliances,  with a host of mechanical wrenches and drivers.  Gary preparing for the future task of commuting the long neglected  home  to a more suitable countenance,  plus a future mammoth undertaking,  a painting of the three-storied goliath

Jan,  an apostle of repertory trappings,  having accumulated over 32 boxes of miscellaneous items,  some never un-laden from prior changes of residency.   Gary determined to find an organized habitat for the disarray that was stacked in the basement,  aspiring that someday she would inventory her questionable, but treasured collection.   A solution commenced with a journey to Anthony’s Home Lumber & Supply on  W. Washington,  the mill ripping  8 ft. 2×4’s  into  2×2’s to be used in the construction of open shelving to contain the abundant storage boxes.  The project concluded,  Gary  having constructed a 32 ft. long,  4 ft high shelving structure,  able to station the boxes,  three tiers high off the floor,  the storage console fashioned against the east wall,  the organized storage area providing the basement with a presence of symmetry.

The laundry chute from the second floor bathroom to the basement was a perfect conduit for Gary’s next project,  Robert and Sandi desiring a telephone and television acquaintance in their  bedrooms.   Gary discovering the basement playing host to the entrance of the phone and television circuits for the residence,  employing an extension from the basement wall phone and a connection to the television cable,  finding little effort to link them both, to the bathroom laundry chute as a conveyance to the second floor.   The proximity of the bedrooms to the chute,  requiring little aspiration for the completion of the project,  both bedrooms accessing the new convenience.   Gary concluding, it was not a professional employment,  but the concept absolved the application.

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