Encompassing Tranquil Surroundings..#192 (the 80’s)


.  It was early evening, the summer sun still hours away before the consumption of its effervescent rays giving way to the seraphic starlit Cimmerian,  the celestial sphere of the rural Kansas night sky.  Seated beside Gary in the Isuzu Pickup were his two confederate youngsters,  Robert and Sandi,  their expedition fishing paraphernalia stationed in the bed of the picayune transport.  This journey in all probability, a last foray to the paramount aquatic basin belonging to family friend and church brother, Marvin Ott.   The elder Ott after the closing the Bank of Kiowa,  finding it would be in his best interest to transfer the ownership of the illustrious fishing location property to his son Jon.

.   Gary politely phoning the new proprietor to acquire permission for he,  and his two siblings to acquaint the Ott’s fishing arena as in the past.   Jon in an antagonistic voice agreeing,  but his affirmation having a reluctant tone which wasn’t surprising to the prospective angler.  Jon’s reputation was one of antipathy, unlike his older brothers Doug and Brad, who’s presence was always one of congeniality.

.  A journey thru Hazelton, turning west on Gerlane Road, then turning north at the Dan Lew thee Farm,  passing the powell spread,  the abstracted Chevrolet pickup fulfilling the last 2 miles on the dirt entrenched roadway.  Coming into view a familiar sight,  a 100 yards down the sloping terrain, a small unpretentious lodging adjoining the first of two ponds.  The lower pond, a bass enriched dominion with its diminutive water landing dock sporting a  yellow paddle boat.

.  Disembarking, the family novice fisherman anxiously anticipating the challenge of the bass filled aquarium,  the paddle boat,  their perfect platform of dispatch,  providing an oracle for their venery.   Robert, pole in-hand,  casting off the right side of the paddled endowed vessel,  Sandi,  non-au courant when regarding casting, her line with hooked worm and bobber attached trolling from the aft quarters of the aqua platform.   The pond waters providing a respectable collection of bass, each of the three having success producing a sufficient product of quantity for their efforts, enjoying the quiet serenity of the gentle waters and the encompassing tranquil surroundings.

.  The aura of solitude was broken,  Gary distinguishing a pickup truck on the crest of a nearby hill,  a person at its forefront peering at them.  The person with the prying eyes was recognizable,  it was Jon Ott,  participating in a surveillance from a distance,  his conspicuous actions, traveling off-road across open fields to scrutinize the Willson family pleasure,  his veiled appearance projecting  an impression of distrust.   Gary’s benefit of the doubt towards Jon’s credibility,  a sense of disdain beginning to subsist, Jon verisimilitude of character would  forever be questioned.

.  The fishing venture coming to a conclusion,  Gary keeping his observance to himself,  the sun beginning to wane in the west, highlighting the exiguous cirrus clouds with shades of pink and ribbons of purple, giving a credulous to Kansas, the land of opulent sunrise’s and sunsets.  Robert and Sandi returning with an auspicious display,  their fishing expedition another joyous experience.

.  Scientifically speaking,  cannula embodiment was a deception,  in reality it’s was a conduit,  aggregating the wondrous effulgence dispatched from a boundless infinite realm of the night time sky.   Its presence,  a stature of prominence in the chronicles of revelation, introducing an acuity of knowledge,  a prescription for discovery and a gifted glimpse of the community tenants populating the vastness of the universe.   In other words, in plain english,  the 5.12 inch Celestron reflector telescope  having found a place of honor and lodging with Gary.   His youthful excursions to the Chabot Observatory,  the telescope viewing of the planet Saturn with its majestic yellow rings and a dwelling into the realm of Scinece Fiction authors Robert Heinlein,  Isaac Asimov culminating with a monthly in person acquaintance with Poul Anderson and Rog Phillips,  at the Elves, Gnomes’ and Little Men’s Science Fiction, Chowder and Marching Society monthly meetings in a Telegraph Ave private library in Berkeley,  all contributed to Gary’s propensity for the nocturnal sky and its celestial  inhabitants.

.  The brilliance of the moon casting earthen shadows, silhouetting the landscape with a metamorphosis of symmetry, Gary acquainting the telescope to a  family gathering at the Bud Murrow residence.  The astronomer organizing a viewing order, first Jan and her sister Lynne, and Brother-in-Law Shawn,  the children, Robert, Sandi, the Johnson girls,  Sarah and Jamie the youngest.   Finally with some encouragement,  Jan’s mother Helen,  and her Aunt Esther and Uncle Charles Terry,  Bud remaining contentious, an inherent demeanor,  above placing his eye to a magnifying lens.  The elder Murrow missing an opportunity to inhale the breathtaking view of the Moon,  Jupiter and its ever-increasing number of discovered satellites, but Gary understood,  that was just Bud expressing his congenital aestheticism.

.   Gary’s asseveration was a lifelong desire,  a camera mount for a telescope to envision his own photographs of the celestial essence found in the nocturnal sky, but discovering that his Minolta 35 mm. camera’s aperture wasn’t conducive for the undertaking. When mentioning a camera he noticed an immediate accession in his Buds interest suddenly was exhibited.   Bud a camera enthusiast offering to loan his expensive but authoritative Cannon 35 mm. camera to accommodate Gary’s purpose.   The event exposing the eldest Murrow’s hidden but true interest in photography, not the end results, but the challenge in obtaining them,  exhibiting the nature  of  a  true construction engineer.   Gary not amazed at the response from the group, remembering the lasting feeling from a first time viewing of the celestial world we live in.


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