A Scouting Experience………………..#179 (80’s)

Robert in Uniform

Robert in Uniform

Robert having made a decision, the young man aspiring  to become a Cub Scout.   Gary recalling his venture into Scouting,  according a benediction,  but also remembering the encumbrance  of attendance and participation,  sometimes not always a convenience when other contingencies presented themselves to a nine-year old.   The attire of a uniform always presenting a presentation of self-esteem regardless of the person’s perspective.   The Kiowa Den meetings being embraced in the Scout Hut.  The hut  located across the street from the Grade School  on 10th St., the upstairs utilized by the older Boy Scouts,  the basement pavilion relegated for the younger Cubs.   Keith Hoffman, a diesel mechanic at Kiowa Service abiding in leau of a Den Mother as the tinctured Den Father,  Gary having volunteered as assistant Den luminary, Keith having a son, Danny the same age as Gary’s son Robert.  The young cadre ready to accomplishing the Cub regiment of scouting beginning with the rank of Bobcat, followed by attaining the requirements in the Wolf and Bear Manuals and the final  accolade, a Webelos accomplishment,  the prerequisite before advancing into the plaudits of mature scouting.

Gary finding the Cub Scout guidance was a gratification,  the communion with the younger understudy providing a forbearance of a previous era,  the adventurous ambitions of an insouciant time of life,  his son Robert prevailing with an attitude for accomplishment.  A program to encourage elective projects understandably finding the association of boys not very innovative when left to a decision,  parental guidance was found to be the operative.   Gary recognizing Robert’s  indecision on choosing a project,  likewise  he and Keith realized that most of these first undertakings would probably be parental ideas.  With Roberts indecision Gary presented a proposal, having introduced Robert and his sister to the realm of the night sky utilizing a five-inch reflector telescope he had purchased through a Spiegel catalog.  Submitting his novel idea,  a constellation sphere of the night sky projected by inserting strings of miniature Christmas tree light thru a blackened cork framed board,  the figurative  outline of the sky’s well-known constellations illuminated in a darken room. The two proceeding with this novel idea using illustrations from a star map,  the miniature lights substituting for the stars. The Den displaying their projects, Robert’s project was by far the most unique.

A pinewood model race car

A pinewood model race car

A second opportunity for the young impresario’s of the Cub Scout accumulation, a project more attuned to the Den members approval, a 12 x 4 x 4 inch block of pinewood to be carved in the shape of a racing car and fitted with the packaged provided axles and wheels.  The finished product enabling the boys to enter a competition,  entertaining a raised platform drag-strip,  the Cubs releasing the sculptured models in paired contention, the models racing  down the elongated runway,  concluding the fastest car in an elimination race.  Each participant allowed two attempts, Robert first competitive appearance a loss, taking his disappointment in hand ready for  the second performance. This time  finding his car finishing first, Gary having applied a coating of graphite to the axles,  enhancing the model racing expenditures mobility.  Robert’s car continued to excel, the over-all winner, Gary recognizing that at that age acknowledgement is important but fleeting.

Keith Hoffman and the Kiowa Cub Scouts

Keith Hoffman and the Kiowa Cub Scouts

Gary was apprehensive about the overnight field outing the Den was about to experience.  He and Robert to  journey a mile west of town,  then 3 miles north to a camp ground on the Medicine River,  an area employed by the Scouts.   Arriving they found Jerry McNamara,  the Kiowa District Scout Leader in uniform and expediting the campgrounds provisions, three large tents and a number of smaller canvas shelters providing the overnight accommodations.   Roger Robinson,  his son Paul  a Scout, setting up a spit mounted already partially cooked pig on a hand operated rotisserie, the pork endeavor  final dispatch to be completed over a grill by the ordained scouts.  Gary having just returned from an expeditionary journey exploring the Medicine River, when his attention was drawn by a commotion originating from a group of Cubs in one of the tents,  the attention-getting sounds  deserving an investigation.   Entering the tent, looking about,  suspiciously according its contents, Gary apprehending a magazine fold emitting from the sleeping bag of John Thomas.  The Cubs having exited the tent, Gary not surprised at his find, especially among the ascension of inquisitive boys  when billeted together in the remote countryside, the encompassing  magazine in question,  Playboy, the adult retreating outside, ceding his find as undiscovered.

Gary concluding the world would be a far better place if all mankind would adhere to this oath : On my honor I will do my best, to do my duty to God and my Country and obey the Scout Law to be: Trustworthy, Loyal , Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.

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