Propinquity To The Lord…………..#158 (80’s)

Kiowa Apostolic Christian Church

Kiowa Apostolic Christian Church

The building presented no outward displayed emblems of divinity,  only a declaration in large  black letters fastened to a painted 36 ft. cement block wall  position between the two frontal accessions  proclaiming its presence,  Apostolic Christian Church.   The east entre finding a wide extended  covered portico able to accommodate two vehicles for those disembarking from a means of transportation.   Upon entering the large foyer and bench lined windowed petition, its three door providing a north entrance to a large Sanctuary and directly  across is a corridor with an outside egress and adjoining restrooms.

East portal entrance

East portal entrance

The sanctuary seating providing ample allowance for all in attendance,  the back side of the  pews according the resources utilized in the celebration of service’s.   The King James Bible,  The Hymns of Zion and Zion’s Harp hymnals used in vocal affirmation of Jesus Christ.   A single podium adorned the raised unannounced pulpit, to the rear on either side,  chairs provided for the alternate and visiting Ministers.   A backdrop of curtain providing a shroud for the baptismal immersion vessel,  but high above the beamed ceiling  adorning the wall is a stain glass window portraying a cross,  the only symbol of religious reflection.

Traversing the foyer to the west,  a fully adorned kitchen and dining area with two large U-shaped counters with fixed restaurant simile stools.  A complete kitchen,  enabling a fellowship meal to be served between Sunday morning services and a provision for joyous recognitions and austere occasions.   Additional restrooms and a fellowship hall in the west accession,  with ample arbored folding chairs and a piano,  the only musical application in the House of Worship,  it’s primary prevalence,  for Bible Study and singing amity.   Opposite the kitchen & dining room three additional  Sunday School classrooms,  providing for the three-tiered grade levels found in  public school.


The seating for services remained steeped in tradition with the membership women separated from the men by the center aisle, the nomination of all hymns coming from the congregation.  From the Pulpit a Canonical  Ministering Brother offering an opening prayer, then without a preconceived script,  randomly opening the Old Testament reading a scripture,  providing a deliverance on the passage, its message and significance, followed another hymn, the King James Bible is again randomly opened this time to the New Testament another reading enhanced,  once again the epistle is dispatched with principle to those in attendance. A closing hymn,  followed by a consummating prayer articulated from a congregated Brother  to conclude the first service.

Jan’s Grandmother Martha Roth’s progeny

Gary being a new arrival was at first perplexed,  never before experiencing such an atmosphere of expressed unity adorned with total humility and solace of purpose.  An admiration for the congregation, the displacement of facades addressing worldly vanity,  the shedding of self-adornment luxuries and  fashionable  attire in appearance, a reluctance to participate in self-proclaiming public endeavors.   The Church Elder and Ministering Brethren, not school by man to proclaim The Word,  but called upon by the Lord thru their convictions, to stand before the crown of redemption and administer to the assemblage.

The church membership constituency discovering many affluent community members,  Marvin Ott,  the president of the Bank of Kiowa,  his farming acreage encompassing the church property,  a donation for its construction.   Farming establishments,  the Farneys,  Kissling, Frieden,  Guthrie, Allenbach,  Schrock,  Roth,  Tanner,  Nelson and many other proprietors of sections or partial section of Kansas and adjoining Oklahoma land expanse.   A volunteer contribution when a financial need was discerned,  the biblical tithing an available provision but never a collection tray during a service,  the only employed person receiving gratuity,  the person maintaining the cleanliness of the facility.

Gary appraised the Apostolic Christian Church a welcomed anomaly,  the communication of the brethren,  the fellowship of accordance,  the directive of submission,  a total acceptance of communion with Jesus Christ.   An aura of solace enveloped the assembled,  a radiance of warmth was fluid,  its presence perceived by all,  a supposition of their propinquity to the Lord.

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