The Impossible Dream…….#144 (the 70’s)



Gary having been blindsided by Jan’s abrupt decision to leave and even more awestruck with her return from Albuquerque.  Her arrival was short-lived, her Father to undergoing surgery in Wichita, feeling it was essential to be with the family.  Their renewed convergence found a lot of water under the bridge to attend to, but brought forth a promise and a pledge of certainty, including the enraptured vowels of matrimony.


The evolving circumstances having come unexpectedly, Gary acknowledging it was time to finalize his year-long emprise of marriage separation from Kaye with a final decree.  Having maintain a cordial repose with her, but uncertain on how to approach the subject of initiating the legal aspects to recede their 14 year marriage.  The two coming to an agreement, meeting in concert with her attorney on Classen Blvd,  Gary releasing the house and all possession, save his 10-year-old pickup, band equipment and clothes, the question of custody and child support a non-issue.   The meeting was  congenial with no animosity.


 At its conclusion,  they were within walking distance of a Beverly’s at 23rd and Classen Blvd.,  Gary asking, and Kaye accepting an invitation to dine, no longer as husband and wife but as friends.  Gary walking back to his pickup questioning a hollowness that came over him, a loss, experiencing an unexplained solemn emptiness or was it explainable?




Bud Murrow having come thru his surgery but remained in the hospital for an extended stay, Jan returning to Oklahoma City.   The couple discussing the  legal albatross that hovered over their heads,  not being able to marry in Oklahoma until the six month waiting period was absolved, Gary coming up with an alternative solution, the state of Texas.


Together the couple were on a mission, together shopping for the necessities to endow a marriage ceremony.  Jan discovering a pair of matching 16 kt. gold wedding bands embossed with a striking one of a kind rose design at Kay Jewelers and relegating their wardrobe to JC Penny’s, the bride finding a wedding suitable dress adding appropriate headdress, Gary sporting a new three-piece european style suit.  A decision being made, the couple deciding to journey to Wichita Falls, setting Thursday December 8th as the day of matrimony.  Gary researching Texas matrimonial law somewhat concern about any special out-of-state resident requirements.  The only Texas out-of-state requirement applicable to him was providing a copy of the divorce court filing which he had yet to receive therefore deciding it might best not to mention a previous marriage, let alone a divorce.


Gary calling upon Jerry Willis, his best friend and the best man at his marriage to Kermece (Kaye) 14 years ago to once again acquire the role of best man at a wedding.   Gary, Jan and Jerry engaging the Torino for the morning  2 1/2 hours matrimonial journey to Wichita Falls.  The threesome advocating a stop on the H. E. Bailey Turnpike for breakfast, glancing at the menu, the group was made aware they were traveling south, grits were available.


 Arriving at the  Wichita Falls County Courthouse, directed to the county clerks off in room 250 on the second floor,  the couple initiating the paper work being directed to a waiting area, their name to be called when a judge was available.  The small wedding party entering the judges chambers, a very congeal judge introducing himself , giving a brief explanation of what was to transpire and remarking that couples dress appearance was very presentable. Gary gathered from the intonation of the judges voice that not many Texans dressed for the ceremony.  With the Judge’s pronouncement, “I now pronounce you husband and wife”,  it seemed like the clouds of uncertainty had parted and a basking sun now lit the road of life.


 The drive back to Oklahoma City was somewhat anticlimactic compared to the anxiety on the way down,  upon arrival at their apartment Jan placing a call to her parents home in Kiowa discovering that her father who remained in the hospital had taken a turn for the worst, making a decision not to add to the families turmoil by disclosing the events of the day.  Gary wasn’t surprise,  during a visit to her parents overhearing a conversation between Jan and her mother that she could marry anyone she wanted to, but not that musician.  Jan’s decision not to mention the marriage wasn’t the worst news that day, informing Gary that she hoped he would understand but because of her dad’s condition she was leaving for Kiowa to be with family.


 Gary’s wedding day just got rained on, there were no words for his disconsolateness, spending his wedding night alone,  but even with this turn of events every cloud has a silver lining, including this day. The groom having achieved the impossible dream,  reaching the unreachable star, Janet Lea Murrow.



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