Vulnerability and Dereliction….#141 (the 70’s)

Kiowa – 1 mile

.  Gary’s  home life dissidence becoming a factor, an encroaching  desire of withdrawal surfacing,  the musician still able to continue fulfilling his musical comment,  finding the out of town weekly excursion to Alva providing a temporary relief from the dysphoria of Oklahoma City.  A lack of communication with his spouse propelling no chance of abatement,  with a resolute atmosphere prevailing,  the toll of adversity of the past year events having vividly been etched with in.  At a loss for direction,  a decision to let circumstances dictate the path  and the future.

.  The throes of summer finding the Night Lite Club and the Persuaders remaining an overwhelming success,  being approached with several booking opportunities.  An evening finding Gary,  being introduced by Kenny’s concert Jan Murrow,  to her boss Judy Stairs,  the owner of a ladies apparel establishment, and the president of the Kiowa Chamber of Commerce in the stateline Kansas community of Kiowa.  Judy asking about the availability of the band to play a Labor Day weekend dance.

.  Gary having been informed that Kiowa was well known for its gala Labor Day presentation, the visitors to this event doubling the town’s population.  The City events, renown for its free afternoon bean feed, craft exhibits, a tractor pull, an amusement ride concession and the Labor Day dance.  The offer spurring Gary’s interest, and without hesitation accepting Judy’s offer to play the labor day weekend event.

.  Kenny Kannada making a decision,  giving the band notice because of a sultana obligation in Oklahoma City.  Jan continuing  to attend, conversing with Gary and the band during their breaks.  The pianist was conscious of his station,  but when in  the company of Jan,  an acquisition of compatibility began to evolve,  registering an inauguration of more than just friendship.  In a moment effeteness and dereliction,  accepting Jan’s suggestion that they venture to her place in Kiowa for breakfast.  During the weekends before labor day, Jan a mainstay frequenting the club, Gary,  when in her company,  discovering a blinding solace never experienced before,  a patented subjectiveness over shadowing his resistance and vulnerability

.  The Persuaders didn’t please everyone labor day, when Gary had signed the contract,  Kenny Cannada was with the band, and Judy Stairs,  the chamber of commerce president expecting the country music talent to be performing.   Old Blue,  Gary’s 66 Ford pickup, as penned by Bob Wallace, was readied with the band equipment for the return to Oklahoma City,  Gary spending the night in Kiowa, was not looking forward to the calescent drive back to the City in the non-air conditioned Ford.  Viewing a Wichita newspaper,  discovering the central plains and southwest all attesting to the exceedingly high temperatures, with the exception of  Colorado Springs,  the temperature augmenting a high in the sixties .

.  An agrarian accord enveloping Gary, a wild but definitive purpose surfacing,  an excursion to find cooler weather,  Colorado Springs meeting the criteria.  It being less than a day’s journey,  Jan’s air-conditioned 71 Ford  Torino availing the transportation.  The Musician having no qualms about leaving the tarp covered equipment in the bed of the pickup parked in the residential area of  the quiescent domain of Kiowa.  The only concern was voiced by Jan saying, that her Aunt and Uncle, Esther and Charles Terry would be able to view the parked pickup in front of her rental from their residence on Coates Street. With the sound of John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High on the radio,  the ensuing journey began, the couple looking forward to the of cooling atmosphere of Colorado Springs. An early evening arrival, the morning, a planned venture to Pikes Peak, but discovering it was an hours distance, opting for a drive to Cheyenne Canyon and the road to Seven Falls,   called  “The Grandest Mile of Scenery” in Colorado. Their brief excursion coming to a conclusion, their time together resolving several unanswered questions

.  The perdition of the Night Lite presenting a quandary for the band, Vel apparently never anticipated the Persuaders would continually draw such a crowd,  coming to the conclusion of relinquishing  the door cover charge to the band was a mistake.  He could do the math,  witnessing the potential loss of income,  deciding to renege on the agreement.  The band  having no alternative but to agree to his terms,  at least for the time being.   No longer established as a fixture, the band  wasn’t without recourse,  enhancing other opportunities, partaking of the acquaintances made in Alva, availing  the Moose,  the Elks Lodge, an open air dance in Anthony Kansas,  and even a very high paying private barn dance sponsored by a wealthy farmer.

.  Gary’s home life continued on a downhill slope,  coming to a defining moment, congruent with his spouse, a decision was made that it would be in the best interest of both parties  for him to dislodge himself from the residence.  Packing nothing but his clothes,  he enrolled in a one-bedroom downstairs apartment in the Penn Apartments at Southwest 36th and Pennsylvania Avenue not far  from his home for the past 13 years.  The budding relationship between Jan and Gary  was on hold because of miles of separation,  the music commerce in Oklahoma City was in transition,  the number of accomplishments providing live entertainment was in declination.   An application of the past years of experience finding Gary utilizing his talent for retention,  traversing the highway when the expediency of local expenditures failed,  a combination of travel and local acuity filling the band.

.  Gary having a serious discussion with Jan about her moving to Oklahoma City, understanding the difficulty she would have confronting the contentions of her parents,  about residing with a married man almost eleven years her senior.  Gary also having a concern but accepting the inevitable, he would have to meet her parents.


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