A Realm of Justice……..#138A (70’s)


. The eighteen wheeler was accomplished behind the Derrick club,  Paul Ambrose the responsible pilot,  a cousin to Gary’s longtime friend the anomalous Glenn Froman.  Paul was inhibiting the accolades of the Saturday night entertainment  awaiting a departure hour to direct his transport east,  his trip a journey of frequent stops,  the final destination Indianapolis.  In the past, Gary having made his Master Charge credit card available for Paul to use, especially after spending too much of the company traveling expense money at the club.  Paul making an offer for Gary to accompanying him on his delivery escapades,  to experience  the vivacity of an  ‘over the road driver’ and visit his good friend Glenn whom had returned to Indianapolis.   Gary concluding he need a break from his routine and being Saturday night the club could do without him until Tuesday, yes he would accept Paul’s invitation.

  .  At 3 a m,  the Kerr McGee Corporation big rig loaded with a cargo of antifreeze pulled out,  the two were on their way to Indiana with stops in Arkansas and Tennessee.  Gary impressed with the highway perspective from  the Freight Liner, its panoramic view, with the CB  on channel 19,  there was a continuous vocal narration from the highway transport navigators.  Paul ascending his first stop in Conway Arkansas, Gary recalling   the music icon Harold Jenkins,  Harold having borrowed the city name,  better known as Conway Twitty, the name Twitty also borrowed from a town in Texas from viewing a map.  Memphis was the second stop, Paul unloading  a portion of his load at a Kerr McGee station, a local convenient distribution storage point, before continuing northward crossing the Ohio River at Paducah Kentucky.

 . Paul having entered the bridge approach  when discovering he was not on the 4 lane interstate  crossing, but on the narrow 2 lane  State High Oops!,  he was already consigned to the bridge when he noticed the sign, ” trucks wider that 96 inches prohibited”,  it was too late, there was no area for a turnaround,  continuing across the bridge,  the good-natured Paul making light of the problem, wondering why they hadn’t seen any truck traffic on the approach to the bridge.  The consigned delivery completed, the two travelers soon accosting the Indiana state line and Indianapolis, Paul dropping Gary off at Glenn’s.  Gary somewhat disheveled and tired from the lack of sleep,  making every attempt to enjoy a night-life excursion provided by Glenn.  The following afternoon a weary traveler achieving flight reservation, not sure how to evaluate his expedition, leaving it as an experience. 

. Upon his evening arrival at Oklahoma Cities Will Rogers World Airport, Gary placing a phone call to the Derrick, canvassing  for an available person to retrieve him from the airport,  his pickup still deposited at the club,  a club waitress arriving.    Resuming his presence at the club,  later Gary found himself alone in the process of closing,  a known patron,  Donny Sledge entered with a look of disdain.  Approaching Gary,  demanding an explanation for his girlfriend picking him up at the airport,  followed by an accusation of an illicit relationship.  Gary was perplexed,  explaining he had just returned from Indiana and  had no idea who was going to pick him up at the airport.  His explanation having  no avail,  Sledge evolving a handgun,  wavering it in a threatening manner, then discharging it, the projectile rifling overhead  striking the wall just above the musician.

. The explosive sound reverberating in the empty premises,  the pungent smell of gunpowder adding to the complexity,  Gary momentarily shocked at the action of his assailant,  was at a loss for disposition.   Sledge  retreated to the door,  his final words before exiting,  ‘if you mentioned this,  you’ll be a goner’.   Gary hesitating,  unsure of what to do,  then administering a call to a club acquaintance,  a retired lieutenant from the Edmond City Police department. 

. Awakening him,  relating the accusations and actions of Donny Sledge.  Indecisive,  Gary asking whether or not to report the incident to the authorities, a negative response from the ex-lieutenant,  telling him to remain silent,  then giving Gary assurance that he would resolve the incident.  The musician  discovering two days later,   Donny Sledge was  stopped for an alluded traffic violation, and was arrested for  weapons possession,  a direct violation of his parole.  Gary concluding,    there still exist a realm of justice.


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