Another New Dawning………#123 (the 60’s)


The words of President John F Kennedy on September 12th 1962 were forever embedded.   We choose to go to the Moon in this decade, and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win, and the others, too.


No single space project was more important than the enlightenment of Apollo 11 leaving the bounds of earth, achieving orbit before its sling-shot 238,900 mile venture. The   excursion would endure three occupants, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin a four-day journey before reaching their adventurous destination.  Sunday, July 20th 1969 discovering two of the three enriching their lives and the lives of all humanity,  descending to a never before explored  unoccupied realm to research  discoveries never before encountered.   Their objective fulfilled, ascending to join their compatriot,  a return  passage to earth to address a jubilant rewarding  public, the world welcoming a new dawning of mans exploration of the moon.


Gary’s wife Kay’s benediction was rapidly reaching fruition, the physical attributes displaying progress of the coming event.   The prodigious presence displayed among the populace was noteworthy by her appearance as the advanced condition was subject to a impromptu exodus.  Kay, her ninth month of pregnancy about to conclude accorded a decision to join her husband in accomplishing a Saturday night entrance to the Pirates Cove.  At the piano bar presentation, Gary and guitarist Jerry Willis paired with Jan Lawhon were in the midst of performance when Darlene,  Jerry’s wife approached remitting a communication to Gary at the piano,  “Kay’s water just broke, and her labor pains have started”.

The musical group immediately proceeding to intermission, Gary conversing with the expectant mother questioning a program of conjectures.   Kaye concluding, because the labor malady had just begun and the band having only one set remaining she could wait for the conclusion of the music interlude.  Gary insisting that they leave for the hospital but Kaye suggesting that Jerry’s wife Darlene could transport her to South Community Hospital on SW 44th  giving her time to be admitted and Gary could follow immediately upon the conclusion of the remaining session.


Gary arriving at South Community Hospital meeting Darlene thanking her, soon discovering the maternity floor void of populous except for the white-clad nursing personnel at the nurses station and to his surprise discovering Kaye was in delivery. The vigilance  beginning,  time having no motion when seated in a waiting area of a hospital in the early hours of morning,  especially with an expectation of a new arrival.   The quiescence was finally breached with the gifted presentation of a daughter,  Gary and Kaye proclaiming the bestowal of Marlo Cherise on July 27th, the world to acknowledge another new dawning.


It was daja vu or similar with the arrival of Marlo,  it seemed like turning the clock back, for the second time in his life experiencing the accountability as a newborn’s  father, and once again finding his daily activities altered with new family responsibility.  With Kay’s return to work he recalled his morning routine of the past with his son Scott,  the early morning wake-up call, rising to fashioning bottles of formula from condensed milk and corn syrup in a sterilizer, but times had changed. The sterilization procedure no longer a necessity with the advent of Similac, the days of home produced formula having gone the way of the horse & buggy.  Also with the introduction Pampers disposable diapers, the need for the pickup and delivery diaper service was no longer needed.


Gary appreciative and every thankful that his mother-in-law and Kaye’s Grandmother resided  but four doors down the street, and that Great Grandma Sarah never hesitated to babysit when called upon. With the new family addition, Kaye’s FAA position and Gary’s steadfast employment at the Pirates Cove, a meaningful ere’ of life’s purpose was experienced, contentment prevailed with another new dawning.


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