A Quandary Decisions….#120 (the 60’s)


The resonance of the apartment key club, which represented its euphoric atmosphere was no longer present, Bob and Jerry’s Apartment Key Club on North Hudson,  having progressed from a quiescent ambiance opportunity,  to a financial gifted asset.   Gary was hospitable to the adjustment because of financial acceptance,  and displayed a deficiency of meaningful involvement in the divisiveness that developed between the two owners.   The ascendancy of sit-in guest vocal entertainers,   Donnie Dickson, a  Bobby Goldsboro stylist,  and  Frankie Val,  a renowned Oklahoma City Elvis clone  were taken with notice as was the vocals of the clubs waitress Olga, a Brazilian of German descent.

The adjoining business to the Apartment Key Club was a long-established laundry and dry cleaners,  according indulgence to the Sieber Hotel complex,  and was in process of abdication.   A constabulary finding,  Jerry Gross was again interested in an expansion of the clubs domain,  a financial ascendancy reason becoming subjective,  a subsequent controvert, becoming apparent.   Bob Francisco,  his quiet demeanor and  prospective,  a differential from the more vocal personality of Jerry Gross,  Bob aspiring for the quiescent era of the past, but caught up with the execution and expansion for the second time..

During Gary’s subjection to the clubs expansion,  an acquaintance reemerged,  his good friend and drummer,  Glenn Froman having returned from Indiana.  With a disposition initiative,  Gary promoting Glenn,  to accept an opportunity to display his percussion expertise,  joining Jerry Willis on weekends, the once piano bar Key Club now sporting a weekend trio.   The capacity amplitude was exceeding well over the hundred mark on weekends, but a major discourse,  the parking accessibility becoming a major problem, discerning  the nearest parking expanse location was at Mercy Hospital,  which was problematic.

With the second expansion,  the nightlife populace beginning a declination, Gary discerning it was the expanding numbers and  lack of parking, deciphering the two expansions having decimating the once abeyance soft glow of the Apartment Key Club.   Jerry Gross, his personality no longer a club fixture,  extending his appetite for an additional opportunity, promulgating another acquisition,  the Tempo Club at Northwest 23rd and Portland.   The fissure between Bob and Jerry was inevitable,  the two entrepreneurs discovering  singular directions,  one captive with ambiance,  the other with ambition.

The musician finding himself in the proverbial ‘victim of circumstance’,  the expanded Key Club in demise and ameliorating with a concern.   Gary refusing to be a victim, not expecting a notice,  but not giving one,  invoking a wait and see period.    All options were open when Oklahoma City Blazer, Bill Goldsworthy,  suggested  the musician explore another piano-bar lounge,  the Dugout club, situated on Northwest 10th,  across from the fairgrounds complex and All Sports Stadium.

It was as the name implies,  a sports bar facility,  catering to and frequented by the professional athletes of the seasonal activity.  A commitment was installed,  Gary giving notice at the Key Club, accepting the Dug Out Clubs offer, but soon discovering  his presentation was not compatible with the climate and clientele of the club.   Gary acknowledging the quandary, deciding it was best to move on.

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