An Encore Presentation……#116 (the 60’s)

  • Willie Nelson and Friends

    Willie Nelson and Friends

Larry Burns was a loner,  Gary,  Jerry and Glenn  could be addressed as a group when on the road,  but the Untouchables reed player was solitary.   Wichita Falls Texas playing host to the four nocturnal covenant musicians,  at J. M.  Carson’s Golden Corral Club  on the Seymour Highway west of town.

J. M.  the Club’s owner was noted as the older brother of the late country singer,  Little Joe Carson,  who came on the recording scene in 1950  at the age of 16.  Little Joe, tragically killed in an automobile accident in 1964.   When arriving in Wichita Falls,  the first order of business was to secure lodging  accommodations,  the band inquiring at a motel convenience not too far from the club,  but the expense was unacceptable to all but Larry,  the three continuing the search for an inexpensive room for their three nights of refuge.   Venturing back across town, reconnoitering a previous unexplored part of the bounded city, stumbling upon a fourstory hotel  on 7th Street.

The hotel being located in a detrimental area, a block from the bustling railroad switching activity, the three having no problem accepting the lodging location,  discovering a room with a kitchenette for $18 a night.  The unkempt furnishings were somewhat precarious, but considering the insignificant monetary detriment,  the trade-off was acceptable.   A reminder of their location was prevalent,  especially when attempting to sleep, the constant sound of the train whistles giving notice of the locations shuffling labor.   The daytime hours would find them at Weeks Park Public Golf Course,  with the exception of Larry.  Golf clubs always a stellar traveling  companion for the three on extended out of town engagements,  and when not researching their location for  new booking resources,  an ongoing competitive game of  three-handed pinochle fulfilled their idle time.

Glenn by far was the largest in stature of the three, having the appearance of never missing a meal,  and was well over two hundred pounds of drumming exponent.   The group would budget their dietary expenditures to one festive charcuterie feast per day.   Wichita Falls entrusted a renown favorite luncheon buffet,  Steers Cafeteria,  the establishment providing all you can eat for a dollar,  a single meat entrée inclusive,  with drinks and desserts extra.   Glenn,  never-failing to amaze those in attendance of his comestible capacity,  and ability to digest a capacious amount of the cafeteria’s  dividend asset,  for his single  dollar investment.  Gary concluding,  he and Jerry,  the one hundred forty pounders,  were  less partakers of the cafeteria’s culinary volume,  offsetting Glenn’s intake,  thus establishing Steer’s a margin of profit.

As the name implied,  the Golden Corral Club was primarily dressed in western decor,  but the Untouchables enlivened a diversified spectrum to the satisfaction of the clientele,  evoking other musical penchant.   The Saturday night after twelve intermission,   the musicians departing the bandstand lingering with customers,  the crowd beginning to dwindle and with the final bandstand appearance about to commence,  Gary and Jerry noticing a sudden influx of patrons arriving.  A copious number beginning accumulating, Gary curious about the sudden arrival of so many people, discovering that the traveling Country Music Review featuring Nashville recording artists performing  at the Municipal Auditorium having concluded their show,  and the influx was those desiring a night-cap.  J M  recognizing and greeting a particular group, the band being informed,  that among those being seated were celebrities of the auditorium program, including  Charlie Walker,  Wade Ray, Hank Cochran and Willie Nelson.  Gary discovering that Marty Robbins,  Stonewall Jackson and Jeannie Sealy were also featured in the Country Music Review, but retired for the night after their performance.

A return to the bandstand,  the band ready to conclude the night’s performance,  when J  M  approached and asked to tender an announcement.  Gary was astounded to notice the club had suddenly accrued a cardinal amount of customers, J. M.  with mike in hand garnishing an introduction of the celebrities.  Gary wasn’t as apt as Jerry in name recognition of the country musicians,  save the celebrated ones who songs frequented the top forty charts.   The Au Courant of Charlie Walker and Wade Ray were unknown to him,  but he recognized the Willie Nelson credit,  because of his current country hits,  One In A Row and The Party’s Over.  With the introductions,  those in audience could be heard wanting the visitors to sit in.

The country artists having been acquainted with J M’s late brother, obliging Little Joe’s memory for the applauding fans,  ascending to the bandstand,  Gary noticing,  but not surprised that their instruments materialized.  The four inclusive members of the Untouchable somewhat taken back at the opportunity to perform with true stars of country music,  especially Willie.  The country icons brief performance concluding, the band finishing a memorable night.  Gary mentioning to Jerry the unique adroitness of Willie’s playing ability,  Jerry’s remark was one of resolve,    He has the worst timing of any singer or guitar player I have ever experience.   Gary agreeing that it was unusual,  but also unprecedented,  something that sets him aside from all the other up and coming country artist.

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