Resounding Conclusion………#67 (the 50’s)


January 29, 1959 was Graduation Day, Gary not a person to dwell on lyrics enkindled the Four Freshman song,  but a reminisce of the opening line “there’s a time for joy and a time for tears”,  and it’s implication of appropriateness regarding tonight’s commencement exercise.  The Graduate having witnessed a display of emotions from classmate’s during a rehearsal for the graduation ceremony.   His immediate attention focused on the syllabus  for tonight’s event, Gary having just discovered he was the solitary entertainment listed on the program, providing you discounted all the scheduled speeches.

Graduation Program


No one perceived, neither family or friend about his inquiring to Mr. Martin, the newly appointed senior Class Counselor about being a on stage participant in the formal scheduled program. Reaching inside, searching for an intrinsic reason of why he desired to apply, questioning himself, could it be he wanted to discern a statement of his integrity making a final memorable revelation, or maybe another reason coming from deep within, a tribute to the person responsible for acknowledging this gifted attribute, his mom.

Mr. Martin seem to query Gary’s request, especially when inquiring to what piano piece he would perform,  the answer to the question didn’t resonate very well with the educator, an  “untitled composition” was the reply.  Not many persons outside of  Gary’s family were aware he could applaud the enduring cornucopia of pastoral intonation that  emitted from a standing musical entity known as the piano, and with this program appearance, his expertise would be unveiled.  Mr. Martin asking with a deserved petition for a demonstration of the students musical capability, the Teen accepting, gracing the keyboard in a second floor music room, the accession was accorded,  Mr. Martin acknowledging that Gary would perform.

Castlemont Pepsters

The final graduation rehearsal was in progress, Gary couldn’t help but notice a display of remorse by many of the girls.  He understood the emotional aspects of what was about to transpire,  attempting to discredit the actuality of the moment,  immersing his train of thought in the expectations of his piano debut.  Still the reality of this secure and auspicious environment, an educational bastion would soon be reduced to  a memory,  the  substance of what was about to take place filtering thru the facade of resolution.   He could appreciate those whose entire world revolved around the discourse found within ivy shrouded walls of Castlemont and would be at a loss when it was removed.

Gary was also cognizant of the guidance and concern exhibited by teachers during these bountiful years of school,  and the memoir would forever remain displayed in nostalgia.  With the completion of High School,  a continuance of a higher level of education would find no nurturing teacher, but knowledgeable benefactors interested in fulfilling their contract to explain the information of study.  The unforgiving world of commerce silently awaited the commonplace, accepting those without assaying  ambition.

Annette Mullen Class President

He was listed third on the program schedule to follow Class President Annette Mullins welcoming address. Gary having decided to enact a classical composition structured from variations of  Chopin and impressions from Rimsky Korsakov.   The perfection was in F sharp, with a step up to G and a fortissimo back to the sharp,  the coda depended on the savoir of the performers inner quintessence.   The auditorium was consumed,  the graduating senior having taken notice of his parents and sisters adorning the balcony.

The performer was not taken back by an audience,  his concern was the nine foot Steinway sitting in position,  awaiting to voice its proclamation to all,  the concernment wasn’t the physical attributes but the audio.  The senior having demonstrated his dexterity of keyboard finesse earlier during ceremonial rehearsal and was totally enthralled with the overwhelming volume that reverberated throughout the auditorium from the piano.  He rendered it would vibrate the foundation of the forum, adding an unsurpassed climax to his presentations.


The memories will remain forever

Seated with this waiting captive audience with a largo of emotion,  The youth advanced the diminuendo keyboard progression, his fingered touch insulating the enraptured audio sculpture.   Continuing, the crescendo escalating to a mezzo forte, his finger adroitness fleeting up the keyboard,  the composition heighten, the audience awed with the final resounding voluminous conclusion.  The auditorium coming to life with tonitruous applause.  Gary hesitating,  then rising,  pausing not to acknowledge recognition, but to experience the wondrous grander of Jordan Hall,  the resonance of his grand finale echoing an emotional farewell to Castlemont, sadly abolished, but will remain in the memories of its students forever.

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  1. Tara Says:

    I wish that the conclusion to my high school years had been so awesome!

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