Well Kept Secret……..#62 (the 50’s)

The fragrance’s location – Hills Brother Coffee

Crossing on the upper deck of  the Bay Bridge to San Francisco always provided a better scenic view, the automobile traffic delegated to the top deck and commercial traffic charged to the lower deck of the span.   Off to the right one could distinguish the reaches of Alcatraz,  the foreboding enclave for the malefactors of conviction, the harden criminals.  Soon approaching was Yerba Buena with its endowed man-made landfill known as Treasure Island,  once designated as the future home of the romanticized China  Clipper but the navy thru necessity during WWII  established a beachhead and a military invasion establishing an electronics radio communications  school, the military occupational force securing the island for national purposes.   Continuing on,  the denizens within the trafficking would have no difficulties identifying their present location once they traversed the landfall approach of  the populated citadel, San Francisco.   All who arrived by this commanding bridge were greeted by recognizable  fragrance, but most not knowing the aromatic bouquet was the product produced by Hills Brothers Coffee, a redolent San Francisco welcome,  its domain domiciled at Harrison St. and the Embarcadero below the bridge.

On this day Hills Brothers again proclaiming a welcoming as Gary  accompanied Ruth and Jeff Salo on a journey amongst other representatives of the Science Fiction enclave knowing “Elves’, Gnomes’ and Little Men’s’  Science Fiction,  Chowder and Marching Society”.   This time the three science fiction prevaricators were traveling to the preeminent Twentieth Century Fox’s  Theater on Market Street to participate in an invitation only presentation.   The celebrated group of authors,  publisher,  educators and editors who formed the concert of the Little Men’s’ science fiction alliance and other relative organizations having received an invitation from the producers and studio executives at twentieth century fox.  The invitation was to attend ‘A Preview’ , a before release screening of the science fiction cinematography   “The Fly “.

The Iconic Fox Theatre in San Francisco

The Fly - staring David Hedison and Vincent Price

The Fly – starring David Hedison and Vincent Price

Once seated, Gary taking notice that there was a rather diminutive number in attendance, a twentieth fox representative walking on stage welcoming the group and announcing that upon the film’s conclusion, pencils and forms would be distributed for their participation in a critique of the viewing.  The large screen presentation beginning,  a good-natured Gary noting to Ruth Silo that something was missing, she turned with a quizzical expression, the youth  adding “popcorn”,  wondering if she appreciated his humor.  With the movies conclusion,  Gary questioning if his opinion would really be of any consequence, the movies premise somewhat of a reach.  The Hero disassembled, transported,  then reassembled only to find there was a fly joining him during the process, discovering they had interchanged body parts.   Apparently someone thought there was a message in the script and the casting was questionable, who is David Hedison?   He found that he could associate  Vincent Price in his role as it somewhat  resembled his character in The House of Wax.   There were many  Science Fiction movies  deserving merit,  War of the World’s,  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, or Philip Wylie & Edwin Balmer’s,  When Worlds Collide,   these story penned and then skillfully adapted to the screen.  This was his thinking when he and those in attendance were asked to submit a critique of the movie.   Setting aside a critique of the plot and acting but acknowledging the special effects,  writing something promising, he abridged his concordance of criticism.  Gary acknowledging the San Francisco journey was time well invested, his association with this group of like-minded interest, and his acquaintance with inspiring authors amplified a sense of self-esteem.   His perception  would never be something he could relate to peers,  most would lack the understanding of the uniqueness of association with these individuals,  their ability to condense emotion and promote the derivative of the living equation by the means of the written word.

A remaining traffic signal sign from the past

The shadow of  evening darkness beginning to descend,  the coolness of the fog that is San Francisco  enveloping the three travelers as they maneuvered to the bay bridge on-ramp.   The traffic signal on Bryant Street wasn’t the modern-day elevated signal light with the familiar red, amber and green lens, designating the stop and go for the  traffic.   This traffic authority was a relic of the past, a vertical street mounted stance, small in stature,  sounding  a loud bell,  an arresting arm would appear with either the word Stop or Go posted in large letters, and red and green lights for after dark,  a remaining  wonderment waiting to be replaced.  Continuing onto the approach, the amber glow of the bridge lights enveloped by the thickening fog giving off a mystique that emulated  a scene from a motion picture and the forlorn echo of the fog horns on the bay moaning in the night added to the chasm.    Gary having always delineated San Francisco with an aura of contingency,  it was a city that heighten one’s senses,  it’s alive,  you feel its pulse,  you can smell its exhalation,  an entity able to nestle you in its fog enshrouded bosom at night and release you for motivation to a sunlit sky in the day.   Gary often wonder if he was alone in his perception of San Francisco,  or just maybe it was another well-kept secret.

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