Dynamite Power………………#53 (the 50’s)

Findings by the case

Findings by the case

  The aromatic evergreen shrubs endemic to California was botanically known as Chamacbatia Foliolosa and was prevalent in the lower Sierra beneath the Ponderosa Pine and Douglas Fir but was commonly referred to all as Mountain Misery.   Gary could tolerate the creosote like smell  and  gummy resin texture foliage,  but the adverse consequence of a dry dusty surroundings made for an uncomfortable carnal environment.   The only available water for cleansing at the family Sierra retreats prospective building site two miles from the  highway #88  way stop of Pioneer was from the free flowing spring exiting an abandon mine about 200 yards down what was an old bulldozed logging road.  These first trips to the Sierra retreat erecting the prefab storage and makeshift sleeping platform were spent clearing the area of brush,  mountain misery and never ending raking of years of accumulated pine needles.

Mountain Misery

Mountain Misery

Gary and his inherent sister Nancy were on a discovery  mission, the two gaining access, proceeding down the once navigable dirt road toward the abandoned mine passing what appeared to be small storage structure resting against the hillside bank among some shrubs, Gary having given it no notice past but this time pausing.  Approaching the small storage structure finding it empty, but behind it was a four-foot opening accessing the hillside. Having to stoop, the two entering the hillside cauldron,  discovering what appeared to be the beginnings of a mine, but the recess abruptly ended, but what caught their attention were wooden boxes.  Upon examination finding the boxes accommodating several 1 X 8 inch paraffin covered tubes, Gary immediately suspecting in all probability it was dynamite.  Having heard his parents talk about history of this parcel of land and a man named Dozier who was the owner, his family  having inaugurated settlement in this area generations ago and was responsible for many of the mining endeavors and  he still resided  in the vicinity.

Remains from a previous era

The discovery filed away to highlight this venture when returning the two continued down the access pass the mine.  Branching off on a deer trail hidden in the wooded landscape they discovered the remains of a cabin,  long since removed from service and blending with the generations of wildness surrounding  it.   Most of it long departed, but the walls of this domain still at attention, baring witness to its seasoned past. The cabin would be worth researching for evidence of its genealogical history,  acknowledging that in the past,  one person’s discard,  could be another’s treasure.  Gary determine that the cabin area retained refuse of yesterdays contents, and might be productive.  Before commercial logging was instigated,  gold was perceived to be the only presence of value in this domain, the teen able to recognized the billboard signs of  past mining activities.  The tale-telling sign of tailings,  which can be  easily deduced on the sloping hillside from their deposit embodiment.   He searched the foreground of the tailing at the cabin site looking for signs of penetrating or collocation activity in the hillside,  meaning  a  possible mine entrance and without a doubt now hidden.  The effort was to no avail.

On the return up the sloping ascent,  approaching their only water source,  they stopped at their aqueous sourcing  mine, indulging in the cool water.   Gary again taking notice what appeared to be rails sunken below the water that trailed  out of the mine,  the rail  ties having rotted away in by-gone-years.   He removed his footwear and enter the horizontal quarry,  without light he could only travel a short distance.   The blatant odor and darken dampness accounting from the mine presented a contemporaneous aura of deja vu as if expecting an encounter.   He paused straining  to visualize what lay behind the dark void,  but to no conclusion.    He would traverse another time with another  light source,  save the flow of  his compassion.

Gary concluded this first trip revealed the unlimited prospect for seeking the undiscovered.  Aware of previous expeditions searching expecting redemption thru mineral acquisition in this world but like many failing to administer spiritual acceptance  for the next.   Gary reasoned,  dynamite is not the only power that can move mountains.

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