Gary has changed occupations,  no longer participating in the world of commerce,  but has retired to the realm of antecedent anamnesis.   His prescription for life is renewed by sharing the aspects that frequented a diminutive journey.   The episodes on Inquisitive Quest are recollections and reflect a time in his life.   He writes in the third person,  or attempts ,  to observe the surrounding environment because it can be more authoritative than the actuality of  celebration  His pursuit is to enlighten his experiences in absolute and abstract principles, with no predication.  Sharing his true-life experiences presents avaricious pleasure and he accentuate them as a chronicle of his presence,  not as pedantic writings,  but a perspicacious journal.  (For those without Poetic License,  annotations in parenthesis)    A forty-year separation from California,  twenty years in Oklahoma,  twenty years in Kansas.  A missile electronics & nuclear warhead school enlistment parlayed Gary to Oklahoma.  A chance encounter,  an introduction,  an inner voice  (music)  beckoned to be set free.  The epitome of life was at hand.   The living entity (entertainment world ) appears,  and seduces those who venture to experience its realm.  A world of light,  (stage)  adulation,  caresses the soul.   Blinded by empiricism,  a struggle to find a path erupts.   The inner self is overcome and joins ranks with those  (personalities)  who dwell in the euphonious land of accommodations,  sharing platforms,  celebrities and others absorbing the essence.   When the lights dim  (interest),  so does destiny and soon reality,  the losses are great,  (family),  the inner desire wanes.  A new beginning,  disguised blessings (new family),  Kansas,  an unclear path,  then a guidance from above  (Jesus).  Direction is found, goals obtained  (new Career),  conclusions reached,  twenty-two years,  then the harness is broken (divorce) and separate ways.   California beckons,  life’s circle evolve,  another endowment (marries) and the story can be told.  Gary is residing in Modesto California,  by happenstance,  seizing a pause before adjudication.  The countenance of his life being addressed,  his journal will continue with many years of foremost events remaining.    

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