An Imperative Prospective………#245 (the 90’s)

A welcomed Windows 95

The contingents of recent events having eclipsed, Gary deciding to venture into the in-nominate, the arrival of personal computers having an imperative perspective for his future.  Introduced to the world of computers in 1982 compliments of the John Deere Co. and at home with a TR 80 and later utilized a TI/99 at work, but yet to experience the expanded realm of the internet.  The local entrepreneur of the new age faction in Kiowa was the editor of the Kiowa News Rex Zimmerman,  whom was  propagating the application and installation of home computers.   Gary curious to the financial aspect,  discovering that to indulge into this new medium would cost an expediency in the neighborhood of $500,  not quite fitting into his budget, deciding to visit with Walter Fry,  the loan officer and vice president of the Kiowa’s First State Bank, confident of a resolution.   Gary having visited with Walter on several occasions during his employment at the Grade School,  supervising  Walters son Terrell during a high school summer work program, and during one of these visits discovering Walter was a graduate of Southwestern Oklahoma State College in Weatherford Oklahoma, Gary sharing his  band experiences playing at the college.  The day to finalize the loan arriving, the applicant discovering Walter Fry was not present but Jon Ott,  a reprehensible nemesis from Gary’s past.  Gary politely refusing to contract with Jon, mentioning he would wait on Walters return.  Gary placing his order with Rex and not being well versed on the new computer technology and the Microsoft Windows 95 operating platform, leaving the specifics including the internet connection up to Rex.  The purchase having be made, Gary leaving his upstairs apartment unlocked  for Rex to set up his recent expenditure,  Gary arriving home after work to find a new experience waiting.

First State Bank Vice President Walter Fry

Charity Smith

Eva - Athens Greece

Eva – Athens Greece

 It was a new experience, not that it wasn’t expected, Windows 95 was a quantum leap forward from a DOS OS,  Rex having installed Opera as a browser being of the opinion that it was the better than Internet Explorer.  Gary found it was soon apparent that any past computer knowledge should be left in the closet, the cut, copy and past of Windows 95 was a system unto itself,  but not rocket science.  Sometimes he would find himself somewhat captive in his one bedroom upstairs apartment, residing in town 90 miles from the world of activity, discovering the recent trappings of the past still very much present and still lingered within.  He had come to a decision to approached the internet not as something to experience but as a vehicle to provide  and possibly give his life a sense of direction.  Sharing the advent of his new purchase was Glenda Holdaway at work, the one who first mention ICQ, the first world-wide network with real-time instant messaging, users could register and were assigned an eight digit number so others could contact them.  The messaging system developed in Israel in 1996 , the initials ICQ a homophone meaning  “I seek you”  derived from the Morse Code CQ.  It wasn’t long before  Gary was introducing himself to a host of new acquaintances, his evenings in his apartment no longer a perforate of solitariness.   A new advent of communication discovering others like himself eager to indulge in conversation,  finding that on the global spectrum he wasn’t alone.  A ICQ chatroom friendship developed with many throughout Europe,  Australia,  even in Asia.  One evening discovering  a South Barber High School graduate living in Japan, her name Charity Smith.  Gary remembering her from her school track meet endeavors,  the only girl on the high school track team to wear black tennis shoes, the  young lady now working with a  church organization.  Gary’s ICQ internet interest having expanded to over 30, mostly of the opposite gender.  A most interesting was Eva,  a German resident residing in Greece,  who worked for the German Consulate but also affiliated with the United Nations as a translator, besides German and english she was spoke fluent Greek.   The two finding they had something very much in common,  the world renown new age composer and musician Yanni.   Eva having attended the world acclaimed presentation of his formidable score  “ Yanni Live At The Acropolis “  with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra  in the Herodos Athcus Theatre in Athens years earlier,  Gary adjudicating her musical knowledge.

Gary and his 97 Buick Skylark

The 1997 Christmas Holiday about to come to fruition, the  92 Buick Skylark having reached an age of interchange,  127,000 miles registering on the odometer,  Gary approaching Bill Bogner Buick, Chevrolet Dealership for automotive negotiations.   Bill having nothing on the lot that was of interest but Gary was aware of his  weekly Thursday flight, piloting  his Cessna aircraft to Dallas to attend a wholesale auction of used General Motors cars.   Bill questioning the prospective buyer about his automotive aspiration, Gary having owned two Skylarks,  coveted the Buick model,  preferably white, either a six or four-cylinder would suffice as long as it was still under warranty.  Gary filling out a credit application for his long-standing automotive financier Southwest National Bank in Wichita.  Bill returning from Dallas calling Gary at home, relating the news that he purchased a white 97 Buick skylark, but for some reason the Southwest National  loan application he submitted for Gary was denied.  Gary failing to understand why the loan was refused, but accepted the commiseration, not sure of his next move when the phone rang again, it was Bill  calling back, saying he had submitted the loan contract to GMAC and it was accepted,  Gary’s car was being loaded on the transport would arrive from Dallas late tomorrow afternoon.  The Skylark having arrived Gary signing the GMAC  agreement, but after arriving home he noticed a discrepancy on the contract that may have been the reason that Southwest National had turned down his loan application.  The original loan application read he had submitted a $500 cash down payment, but on this application it read that he had submitted a $1500 down payment.   Bill apparently changing the amount on the contract to read $1500, not mentioning the change to Gary,  keeping his actions to himself and in all probability ensuring  the loans acceptance.  Gary noting that Bill was indeed a friend or a shrewd businessman, it didn’t matter,  it was people and friends like him that made doing business in small towns meaningful.

Charles Terry – Better known as Unc.

Esther Terry – Family called her Atto

The five-hour journey to Sabetha Kansas in the 97 Skylark was a solemn occasion for Gary and his son Robert who was on leave from the navy.  The December winter day’s somber overcast was representative of the occasion, the passing of Charles Terry.  Gary having 22 years of endowed feelings for Jan’s Aunt Esther and Uncle Charles and wishful to express his  feeling to Atto about her loss and say goodbye to Charles,  a loving friend and brother in the Apostolic Christian Church.  His passing wasn’t one of a long-term illness but one of an unsuspecting  short-term suddenness.  Unc.  as he was known by family was an exemplar of christian character,  he and Esther having celebrated 58 years together, deciding in 1987 to move to the Apostolic Christian Retirement Village in Sabetha.   Charles attributions in life included his two daughters, Eleanor and husband Chris whom Gary had meant when the Willsons accompanied a Murrow family outing to Peoria Illinois and a younger daughter Rita Ann and husband Delwin who resided in Sabetha.  Charles having been a long-standing employee of a CITGO oil company,  through the years a singularity employee in maintaining the Corwin Kansas pumping plant and without reservation also farming his acquired acreage from the Roth Family legacy.

Bro. John Lehman

 Gary and Rob arriving at the home of John Lehman  the Ministering Elder for both the Sabetha and Kiowa  Churches and also the CEO of the Sabetha Nursing Home & Retirement Village,  the two accepting an invitation  to prevail the night at the Lehman residency. The evening viewing at the mortuary found  the remaining Kiowa family entourage having arrived, Bud and Helen and the Johnson family joining many friends gathering to celebrate the reminisce of his life,  to bequeath their respects and say goodbye.  The morning breakfast with the Lehman family was a new experience for Gary who was aware of the tradition practiced at the homes of more ardent Apostolics.  Before every meal it was customary for a blessing, but in addition Gary was handed a bible asked to random open to a chapter and read a verse and in layman terms give an applicable meaning of the message.   Gary having taught sunday school for the past nine years was no stranger to be called upon for biblical verse explanations and offering prayer among the congregation, but had never been called upon to participated in a breakfast bible reading.   Upon his reading, looking about at the table with the Elder of both churches seated listening to his interpolation of the meaning of God’s word brought an awakening.  A sudden acknowledgement and understanding of the endowed vestige instilled to those called upon and anointed to proclaim the word of salvation.

Arriving at the cemetery,  Gary and Rob having been called upon to be a pallbearer on the Kansas overcast cold winter morning,  the weather still befitting for Charles Terry having lived all his life in Kansas.  The morning commemorative graveside service found many in attendance,  it was noticeable to family before the service had begun that Jan was not in attendance, but her absence was soon dispelled, arriving just in time for the burial ceremony.   Gary was relieved and thankful she was there, that the circumstances of the Church sanctioning her affiliation because she initiated the divorce proceedings might for some reason inhibit her attendance.  The ceremony coming to a conclusion, upon leaving Gary paused, turning about, a final look at the burial site,  no this is not an enduring remembrance.  He was having thoughts of Charles Terry the man,  a figurative person whose presence he took for granted,  a fixture during holiday meals or family gatherings,  never outspoken or a complainant just relating the pleasantries of his personality mixed with everyday events, this was Charles,  an identity but in reality,  a man for all seasons in the service of the Lord.

Father and Son having declined an invitation to attend a Church afternoon memorial dinner,  the 97 Buick back on the road journeying southwest, returning to Kiowa, Gary still having thoughts about the funeral, coming to the conclusion that  monuments are not what you engrave in stone but what is woven in the lives of others.

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