ICQ – An Imperative Prospective….#245 (the 90’s)

A welcomed Windows 95

.  The contingents of recent events having eclipsed, Gary deciding to venture into the in-nominate, the arrival of personal computers having an imperative perspective for his future.  Introduced to the world of computers in 1982 compliments of the John Deere Co. and at home with a TR 80 and later utilized a TI/99 at work, but yet to experience the expanded realm of the internet.  The local entrepreneur of the new age faction in Kiowa was the editor of the Kiowa News Rex Zimmerman,  whom was  propagating the application and installation of home computers.   Gary curious to the financial aspect,  discovering that to indulge into this new medium would cost an expediency in the neighborhood of $500,  not quite fitting into his budget, deciding to visit with Walter Fry,  the loan officer and vice president of the Kiowa’s First State Bank, confident of a resolution.

.  Gary having visited with Walter on several occasions during his employment at the Grade School,  supervising  Walters son Terrell during a high school summer work program, and during one of these visits discovering Walter was a graduate of Southwestern Oklahoma State College in Weatherford Oklahoma, Gary sharing his  band experiences playing at the college.  The day to finalize the loan arriving, the applicant discovering Walter Fry was not present but Jon Ott,  a reprehensible nemesis from Gary’s past.  Gary politely refusing to contract with Jon, mentioning he would wait on Walters return.  Gary placing his order with Rex and not being well versed on the new computer technology and the Microsoft Windows 95 operating platform, leaving the specifics including the internet connection up to Rex.  The purchase having been made, Gary leaving his upstairs apartment unlocked  for Rex to set up his recent expenditure,  Gary arriving home after work to find a new experience waiting.

.  It was a new experience, not that it wasn’t expected, Windows 95 was a quantum leap forward from a DOS OS,  Rex having installed Opera as a browser being of the opinion that it was the better than Internet Explorer.  Gary found it was soon apparent that any past computer knowledge should be left in the closet, the cut, copy and past of Windows 95 was a system unto itself,  but not rocket science.  Sometimes he would find himself somewhat captive in his one bedroom upstairs apartment, residing in town 90 miles from the world of activity, discovering the recent trappings of the past still very much present and still lingered within.  He had come to a decision to approached the internet not as something to experience, but as a vehicle to provide  and possibly give his life a sense of direction.

.  Sharing the advent of his new purchase was Glenda Holdaway at work, the one who first mention ICQ, the first world-wide network with real-time instant messaging, users could register and were assigned an eight digit number so others could contact them.  The messaging system developed in Israel in 1996 , the initials ICQ a homophone meaning  “I seek you”  derived from the Morse Code CQ.  It wasn’t long before  Gary was introducing himself to a host of new acquaintances, his evenings in his apartment no longer a perforate of solitariness.    A ICQ chatroom friendship developed with many throughout Europe,  Australia,  even in Asia.  One evening discovering  a South Barber High School graduate living in Japan, her name Charity Smith.  Gary remembering her from her school track meet endeavors,  the only girl on the high school track team to wear black tennis shoes, the  young lady now working with a  church organization.

.  Gary’s ICQ internet interest having expanded to over 30, mostly of the opposite gender.  A most interesting was Eva,  a German resident residing in Greece,  who worked for the German Consulate,  but also affiliated with the United Nations as a translator, besides German and english she was spoke fluent Greek.   The two finding they had something very much in common,  the world renown new age composer and musician Yanni.   Eva having attended the world acclaimed presentation of his formidable score  “ Yanni Live At The Acropolis “  with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra  in the Herodos Athcus Theatre in Athens years earlier,  Gary adjudicating her musical knowledge.  The new advent of communication discovering others like himself eager to indulge in conversation,  finding that on the global spectrum he wasn’t alone.

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