On The Road That I Have Taken…..#244a (The 90’s)

.  It was July when Gary received a divorce decree,  to be signed so Jan’s Alva Attorney,  Larry Bays could file it with the Woods County District Court.  The couple having come to an agreement, Gary not contesting the proceedings, retaining his car and personal possessions,  their 21 year journey down the road of matrimony officially coming to an end.  Gary somewhat melancholic,  questioning the reality of the past events, but concluding it was neither he nor Jan that were the real casualties, but Jan’s mother Helen, who had to bear the pain.

.  Helen having to witness  the breakup of her daughter Gayle’s perfect union, now Jan’s public display and divorce. What was heartbreaking for Gary,  was to watch Helen’s reluctance to attend Wednesday night services from her beloved Apostolic Christian Church. Being party to the problem, found him void of a way to console his true feelings for this loving family,  but through prayer,  and with time,  he knew Helen would once again resumed her normal attendance.   Jan’s Federal Lawsuit filed against Share Medical Center finally came to fruition,  she was somewhat disappointed,  because of her continued employment,  the court awarding only $50,000 because of her demotion,  nothing for pain and suffering as expected, and with her departure, the stigma of her actions remained.

.  Gary concluding the road of life sometimes twist and turns, no two directions are ever the same, yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination, the 56-year-old recalling a Dean Koontz passage from the novel Dark Rivers of the Heart.

On the road that I have taken
One day walking I awaken
Amazed to see where I have come
Where I’m going, where I’m from

This is not the path I thought
This is not the place I sought
This is not the dream I bought
Just a fever of fate I caught

I’ll change highways in a while
At the crossroad one more mile
My path is lit by my own fire
And I’m going only where I desire

On the road that I have taken
One day walking I awaken
One day walking I awaken
On the road that I have taken.


.  Gary was saddened when hearing the news, the Lord having called a caring and admired lady from an earthly sentential of life.   A true patriot of education,  a giving person without retribution had passed.   Gary having recognized Norma Feaster as an exemplar of the teaching profession,  and for the beautiful person she was.   Witnessing this mentor to a second grade class of seven-year olds,  expanding their horizons, administered with her countenance of character,  and her reflective striving strength of love.  Gary arriving at the cemetery in Hardtner,  having informed hospital administrator  Buck McKinney,  that he would be attending the Graveside Services for Norma that July 19th  afternoon.

.Gary was taken aback at the number of people,  expecting a much larger attendance,  especially from the teaching profession.  With no school in session during the summer months,  he may have been presumptive,  Norma having retired from her teaching profession before the sudden illness.   Gary immediately perceiving those about him, Norma’s friend Juanita Smith, and a few others from the Kiowa School system, Max McGee,  Vee Hill,  Carol McKinley,  but it was the absence of many that was very apparent that very hot afternoon in July,  the privilege of having known this lady would forever be treasured.

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