For Everything There Is A Season…..#243 (the 90’s)


. Gary’s apartment reflected a delineation of his character,  an avant garde approach to the circumstances,  blossoming into  an acceptance of the reality,  the road of life traversing in a new direction.   The confines of his surroundings,  the Yamaha piano,  his  premier Marantz 2010 receiver able to reproduce a concert sound,  the ever-present  television and VHS,   all vehicles of entertainment,  but still lingering within,  was what wasn’t.   For the first time in four years,  there was no 30 miles of road to traverse to and from work, in one respect he was thankful,  but in another,  he missed the thirty minutes of driving solitude,  which enabled uninterrupted rationale to wander in his mind.

. Gary’s  weekend résumés of activity in Wichita was once again activated,  not concerned with the additional mileage from that of his years of traversing from Anthony.   The attributes of Century II and it’s continuous sponsoring of events,  the Town West mall and its Regal Nine screens adjacent to the food court and his favorite fast food,  the Orange Julius concessions which  also providing a perfect Chicago Dog, their availability now within the realm of his world.  The only item not yet present was a new home desktop computer, Microsoft having introduced a new system the prior year, Windows 95, Gary giving serious consideration to acquiring the new addition, but because of finances it would have to wait awhile longer.

. The Christmas Holidays about to arrive,  Robert on  Leave from his naval commitment his presence in Kiowa a welcome sight.   The young sailor desiring to purchase automotive transportation from Bill Bogner‘s Chevrolet, Buick.  Robert determining a 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier with 59,000 miles would suit his purpose,  Gary co-signing the note with Wichita’s Southwest National Bank  on December 23rd,  the elder Willson having finance a majority of his automotive endeavors with SW National,  his son’s means of conveyance accomplished.   Gary having mixed emotions about the holiday season having celebrated Christmas with the Murrow Family for the past 20 years, volunteering to take ambulance call both Christmas Day and New Years so those with family could be together.

. A concern about Jan and Gary’s separation and her subsequent notoriety was brought to Gary’s attention by the Ministering Brothers of the Apostolic Church.   With the publicized recent drug theft at Share Medical Center,  Jan’s complicity commiserating in being relieved of her management position, and subsequently filing a lawsuit against Share Medical Center,  Gary wasn’t surprised when an additional element emerged.   Keeping abreast of  Jan’s exploits was Lynn Martin’s reporting in the Alva Review-Courier  whom Jan having meant from his hospital board meeting attendance and having posed for Martin in the past for a Glamour Photograph and to the dismay of her family, Martin publishing the enamored photo in the Kiowa widely distributed Newsgram.  


. Jan’s propriety was beginning to resonate within the Kiowa community, the Apostolic Church and its membership , the published articles only adding luminosity to the moiré.   Church Ministers Ronald Allenbach and Jeff Bahr acknowledging to Gary that Bro. John Lehman from Sabetha,  having become the Kiowa Churches Elder with the passing of Ronald Nelson, had requested a meeting with him.   With some hesitation Gary agreeing,  knowing he couldn’t refuse and that Bro. John would be in Kiowa the following weekend to administer services on Sunday.  Questioning Ron Allenbach as to a meeting schedule and the location,  Ron conveying that  to the best of his knowledge Bro. John would stop at Gary’s apartment located a block and ½ from the church prior to Sunday Morning services.

Awaiting the Sunday morning meeting , Gary being somewhat apprehensive,  but at ease with Brother John as a Church Elder, Minister, and  CEO of the Apostolic Christian Churches Nursing Home,  and Retirement Village in Sabetha.  Gary finding John  more emblematic as a person than as a Church Elder,  being  acquainted with the him,  his wife Connie and their two children, the family having spent the night with the Willson’s in Anthony,  during a joint Sunday School Class Fellowship between the two churches.  John arriving at Gary’s small apartment domain,  both seated at the table,  the conversation being brief,  John aware of the couples quandary,  questioning about resolution.  Gary disclosing,  the couples prior counseling with a psychologist from the Anthony Hospital, and their meetings with Ronald Nelson concerning the difficulty in the marriage,   but the effort was to no avail.   He acknowledge his faults, taking responsibility for them,  but was true to professing of his faith,  praying for guidance and  thankful for the Brethren in the church,  especially Brother Frank Kisling from Burlington. 


J.  ohn posed a question about Jan’s action,  with uncertainty Gary professed that she was bound by her strong convictions, the pressure,  the public depuration of her character and a newfound association with her sister Gayle  who had left the church and  may have contributed to a change  in her behavior.   Gary adding,  he found her new neoteric interest disturbing and realized it wasn’t in keeping as a Sister of the Apostolic Church Congregation.  Concerning the validity of what was being said of  Jan‘s actions,  Gary approbated John an affirmation of her culpability.  The interview completed, Brother John affirming he would speak with Jan,  once again expressing his hope of resolution.   Gary In attendance for the morning and afternoon church services, but the subject of Brother Johns actualization wasn’t, Gary noticing the absence of his wife.


.  Gary reasoned as it is assimilated in Ecclesiastes,  to everything there is a season and time to every purpose under the Heaven.








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