An Awakening……..#242A


.  Gary desiring  to once again embrace a residency in Kiowa,  it seemed like Karma, finding this housing  accommodation two blocks from the church,  a vacancy in the well-manicured Price Apartments.  The units very affordable with an in-house honor system washer and dryer laundry,  central air and heat,  total electric,  with water and trash service inclusive.   His rental unit,  a single bedroom efficiency on the second floor  with a patio door balcony overlooking a park like scene.   Gary agreeing to Jan’s acquisitions of household furnishing she desired,  embracing the microwave,  cookware, dishes, kitchen utensils and without hesitation included the many years of acquired valued Roseville and other collectibles.   Besides the piano,   Gary retained a twin bed, a dresser remnant from his first marriage, an aged television and the unwanted bulky roll top desk. 

 .  The Price Apartment provided an electric stove,  small refrigerator and a inconsequential Formica kitchen table with two chairs.  In need of a living room chair  and a possible divan,  Gary encountered Jeff from the Tucker Store with an array of used furniture in the back of his pickup,   journeying to the Store to unload the used saleable possessions.   Gary noting a used recliner and a hide-a-bed divan,  making an offer to Jeff,  if he would deliver them, to the apartment and would leave them on the walkway entrance.   Gary contemplated a decision to call upon his father-in-law Bud Murrow,  asking him if he would  help carry the furnishing upstairs to his recently acquired apartment.  Gary could see a subtle look of displeasure on Bud’s face for asking,  but knowing Bud and the man he is,  the two were soon moving Gary’s new found furnishing.


.  The moving experience wasn’t without incident,  the most difficult would be elevating the Yamaha console piano up the stairway to the second floor.  Gary having petitioned Mike Pavlu,  the son-in-law of Sharon Ragan. Kiowa Hospital director of nursing  to transport the Piano from Alva to Kiowa.   It was oblivious to the two they would need more muscle to lug the piano up the flight of stairs.   Gary having a remedy for assistance, paging Bill Duval at work on the ambulance radio,  asking if he would come by the Apartments on 9th street.  Bill arriving, the three attempting to carry the piano, but to no avail.  

 . Then a bounty happened by, Roger Robinson, the fire chief  stopped  to inquire and was soon recruited to help.   The endeavor discovering the length of the piano prevented it from making the turn on the stairs.   Bill Duvall at the top end,  single-handily lifting the end of the piano over the railing while Mike and Roger maintained the bottom achieving the upstairs apartment goal.   Gary noting,  that Bill’s lifting exhibition was without a doubt the greatest demonstration of strength he had ever witnessed.  Thanking Bill and Roger for their assistance,  both remarking humorously when leaving,  that when it came time to carry the piano back down,  don’t call us.

.  A final trip to the house on Noble Street in Alva to see if Jan had left anything of value,  Gary discovering photo albums and several boxes encompassing an accumulation of  twenty years of family photographs still remaining,  missing were the albums of her college activities and surprisingly their Amway experiences.  Noticeably left behind was an envelope with some revealing photographs, possibly overlooked or purposely portraying an insight to activity during Jan’s Renaissance Festival visits with her sister Gayle in Overland Park.  Gary was taken aback with what he saw, but more adjoin on her lack of regard as a representative member and sister in faith of the Apostolic Christian Church.   The farewell to Alva was without overture,  somewhat of a welcome relief,  his Kiowa apartment a scant four blocks from his employment at the Hospital.   The move was an awakening,  a feeling of complacency evolved with the solace of returning as a resident to a welcoming community of acknowledged advocates.


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