Like Minded Amway Family…#230 (the 90’s)

Jim and Marcia McAnarney – Amway Diamonds

The door bell sounded at 602 North Springfield Ave,  Gary answering the summons,  the person inquiring was Doctor Donald Ransom,  a familiar acquaintance from Jan and Gary’s servitude at the Anthony  and Kiowa  hospitals.   The doctor a surgeon providing his expertise at several medical facilities within a fortuitous radius of his Medicine Lodge Kansas home.   Gary’s curiosity for the visit answered, Don venturing an invitation for the Willson to join him and his wife Barbara in an impressive business opportunity called Amway.  Gary and Jan having been surreptitiously introduced to a Amway proposal earlier by  a nursing friend of Jan’s in Wakita Oklahoma, the couple accepting an invitation to journey to the  town south of Anthony.  The gatherings purpose not fabricated until the beginning of the presentation,  Gary finding little interest in the endeavor but the host and the others in attendance were very congenial as were the snacks provided.   Dr. Don’s marketing presentation was more meaningful, his professional integrity giving gravity to the Amway organization.  Gary very much impressed with the doctors enlightened  presentation, realization that as an Amway Distributor you didn’t sell merchandise but purchased the quality Amway products for your own use,  the financial benefit coming from a commensurate of establishing other to do likewise.  The corporation being structured as a motivational continuity,  each distributor encouraged to enroll others and for them to do likewise.   The organizational chart providing point values, with designated levels with names such as Diamond,  Emerald,  Ruby,  Platinum,  Gold,  Silver,  all dependent on the quantity of your group and the volume of merchandise that you and your sponsored representative distributed.

Dr. Don Ransom and wife Barbara

Dr. Don Ransom and wife Barbara

Gary and Jan acknowledged on Stage

The couple deciding to bond with Doctor Ransom and his wife as their up-line sponsor in the Amway enterprise,  discovering when attending their first meeting  at Century II in Wichita a host of professionals, doctors, attorneys, business owners, all well dressed,  with pad and pencil taking notes from a renown motivational speaker.  The Amway group being mastered by a Diamond family residing in Wichita,  Jim and Marcia McAnarney, Dr. Don’s immediate up-line being a respected plumbing supply distributor Earl Carra and his wife Rhonda.   Gary although agreeing with the premise of the  endeavor was not immediately  receptive,  somewhat reluctant for a total commitment,  but Jan’s vigor was respected,  a suspicion that her ambition as a nurse and being engaged in a business venture with a physician was a profession attribute.

A congratulations for attainment

Acceptance fulfilled

Gary began to acquire enthusiasm for  the indicative program, beginning  the undertaking of discerning and sponsoring acquaintances whom he thought would have an understanding and conception of the benefits and opportunities of the Amway program.   Dr. Don joining Gary in his solicitation of Amway down-line participants,  with tripod and diagrams and the Doctor’s presence,  his regal descriptive message acquiring prestige and plaudits to the program.   Gary discovering that once a new distributor applicant has attended a larger Amway function,   the cognizance of the inception would be recognized,  not as a convenience but one that could be fabricated as an income multiplying asset with unlimited potential and evident by the distinguished  presence of the Diamonds,  Emerald and Ruby level  members in attendance.

Dr. Ransom,  his wife Barbara,  their Chevrolet Suburban journeying south to Interstate 40,  Gary and Jan,  two of the six consigned to the conveyance, the group’s destination, Albuquerque New Mexico,  a baronial Amway weekend symposium at the Kiva Convention Center.   The convention center providing seating for 6000, more than adequate for the joint venture of Jim and Marcia’s McAnarney,  WIN (World Information Network) organization, a Wichita based group having diverged from The Flying Eagles,  a larger Amway group from Kansas,  Oklahoma and New Mexico, both groups in attendance.  The stellar groups almost filling the hall,  the Willson’s seated taking notice, but instead of the accustomed motivational speaker colloquy, the host introducing a different format,  a movie screen being lowered,  the full length Hollywood production of the 1993 film “Rudy” starring Sean Astin.   With the movies  conclusion, the lights coming up,  to awe of those in attendance,  the host announcing, “Ladies and gentlemen, Rudy Ruettiger” and from behind the curtain the real life person whom the film depicted appeared on stage.

Rudy Ruettiger and Sean Astin

Paul Revere and the Raiders

The afternoon convocation of Rudy Ruettiger energizing,  Rudy behind the podium exhibiting  motivational presentation to a stunned audience.  The afternoon program concluding, Gary inquisitive as to what the evening would instill that could crest the accolade of the afternoon’s  event.   The even hour motivational palaver beginning,  the unannounced entertainment to  follow,  the stage curtain remained closed.   The education portion fulfilled, the curtains drawn, a very recognizable renown band on stage,  Paul Revere and the Raiders,  a celebrated rock’n’roll group,  apropos to the age of much of the audience.    The experience of the Albuquerque,  the journey to and from Kansas a memorable perspicacity to those who indulge in the contentedness of Amway’s incentives and its projected motivation of achievement.  Gary discovering the Amway association having opened a new social perspective to community of people whose ideals, morality and principles were transcendent.

Gary on Sea Doo wave runner

Gary on Sea Doo wave runner

Dr. Don Ransom and Family

Jim McAnarney our host

Jim McAnarney our host

Jim and Marcia McAnarney having procured a 50 acre lake near the intersection of Interstate 235 and Highway 42,  within the city limits of Wichita for the expressed purpose as recreational reward to those who were adjutant in the Amway avocation.  Gary‘s certainty in building a distributor association having significantly increased,  an invitation extended to a small number of distributors in recognition of ongoing achievements, including the Willsons,  Ransoms and their young children. The lake and its accessories of motorized water accouterments, including boats,  Yamaha Wave Runners and Ski-Doo jet skis providing an afternoon of enlightenment.   The invited quests provided a late afternoon meal in the boat house lodge,  followed by a business program in the residency adjoining the lodge.

Hello Joyland

Hello Joyland

Jan and Robert - Wichita's Joyland

Jan and Robert – Wichita’s Joyland

The McAnarney providing many incentives to their down-line distributors,  with a continual recognition and acknowledgement of the family involved enterprise,  leasing Wichita’s Joyland Amusement Park for the expressed afternoon use by the family members of the WIN organization.  Gary,  Jan,  Robert and Sandra spending the day,  Robert preferring the 2600 ft. long,  80 ft. high roller coaster and enjoying many of the 24 complimentary rides.  The several hundred in attendance,  almost all familiar faces,  Gary finding an aura of harmony among the group,  a sense of a concordance,  a like-minded Amway family of marketeers.

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