The Future Remains Hidden…#229A (the 90’s)

From the Alva Review Courier

.  A new beginning for the Willson’s,  the Anthony communities ongoing battle with Hospital Administrator Lee Adams having come  to a conclusion,  Adams terminated as administrator and exiled to a minority post in  Wichita  HC A’s   Westley hospital.   The  residue consequence,  a subsided term of employment for Jan Willson as Nursing Director,  the RN agreeing to terminate her Anthony Hospital position.   Jan having no difficulty finding temporary employment as a nurse in Wichita or Pratt.   A review of the Wichita Eagle,  discovering a notice,  the Share Medical Center in Alva Oklahoma was searching for a Director of Nursing.   Jan enthusiastically submitting her resume to  Share Medical Center,  a finding of emanation,  scheduling an interview with Mike McCoy,  the hospital Administrator.  Jan returning home in Anthony, deeming her interview with the administrator and Hospital Board of Directors as going well, and a subsequent notification from the hospital proclaiming success.   Gary as an eternal optimist,  having no doubts she would be selected for the position of D O N,  never doubting his wife’s tenacity.   Jan’s acquisition to the administrative position in the pristine 80 bed medical facility,  was in keeping  with  her resolve for her profession.

.  The compass of Jan’s new employment,  having to experience a 60 mile one way drive to Alva Oklahoma from Anthony,  her time at home presenting a deprivation from a preponderant family.   Gary continuing his culinary role as family cook,  providing the meals for Robert and Sandra and accepting the new family procurement.    Jan’s daily 120 mile trek to Alva in the 87 Buick a concern for Gary.  The Buick having provided  good service during the past years, but the added miles were beginning to accumulate, coming to a decision,  it was time to upgrade her transportation to one more in concert with her traveling status,  deciding on a journey to Wichita, to apprise the automotive specter.  Jan already having aspirations for a convertible, having taken notice of the recently displayed Dodge Shadow,  Chrysler having added a Shadow convertible for the 1993 model year.

.  The couple traveling the 52 miles to Wichita,  halting at a Dodge Dealership on South Broadway,   finding an array of new Dodge Shadows,  but no convertibles.  Continuing to the intercity on East Kellogg,  an area encompassing several mile of automotive dealerships, distinguished as automobile row.  Arriving at the pristine Davis  Moore Dodge Chrysler enterprise,  taking notice of the showroom display,  a Dodge Shadow Convertible,  an E S 6,  fuel injected model.  The salesperson introducing the showroom presentation,  Jan sitting in the displayed convertible,  her presence, a complementary grandeur,  an equated pair.  The couple not making a commitment, but the sales person insisting on taking the Willson’s financial status,  mentioning that the noon hour was approaching and that it would take some time for the dealership to acquisition a conclusion if they desired to proceed

.  The lunch hour finding the two proceeding east on Kellogg,  Gary noticing the expansive Rusty Eck Ford dealership, a decision being made to stop, finding a host of salesmen about to pounce upon their entrance..  As expected they were greeted with a Rusty Eck spokesperson,  Gary according the explanation,  they were interested in a mid sized convertible.   Immediately a red 1992,  5 oh  Mustang Convertible appeared before them,  the sales person insisting that the couple take it for a test drive,  Gary mentioning the lunch hour,  the salesmen insisting they take the car,  returning it after their lunch.  Gary driving the Mustang, the Fords odometer reading  a little over 20 thousand miles,  a four speed stick shift,  Gary very much impressed with the car’s performance,  but  finding it lacked two concepts  the new Dodge Shadow processed, the Shadow having an automatic transmission, and most of all,  that ever present aroma found only in a new car.

.  Returning the Mustang,  it was back to the  Davis – Moore dealership and the showcased E S Shadow,  Gary recognizing his wife’s avidity for the Shadow  Convertible.  Gary realizing from the sticker price, the monthly amortization exceeded their budgeted expectations,  but having experience the ardent radiance in Jan’s eyes,  he couldn’t refuse her predilection.   The long-established 1987 Buick, its presence providing years of recreational contingency for the family, would be instilled as a covenant of exchange,  Gary reluctant,  but realizing the necessity.   The financial acknowledgement of accreditation attained,  the recorded papers signed.

.  There was no discernment as to who would drive the new Shadow Convertible on the return to Anthony.  Jan behind the wheel leaving Davis  Moore in the late afternoon,  the twilight of evening hour starting to prevail.  The journey from Wichita, the convertible top down,  Jan’s hair blowing in the wind,  Gary observing the projection of her,  and the sovereignty of the attraction she beheld.

.  The requisitioned mileage to Anthony,  a pleasant journey, able to acquaint the atmosphere of the countryside,  the aura of life’s surrounding bouquets, the aroma of the fields, the dictates arising from the water filled creeks,  the essence of livestock in the field.   The day coming to a completion, Gary finding its aspects a taxing experience,  but it’s conclusion rewarded with a satisfaction,  Jan’s transportation was a compliment to perspicuity of her new position as Director of Nursing at Share Medical Center in Alva Oklahoma.


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