An Eclipsing Grief……. #229 (the 90’s)


. The overcast morning at the Riverside Cemetery, the sky’s solemn display representative of the eclipsing grief displayed by the Bud Murrow and Stevenson families.  Jeanette, the  eldest of the  Murrow’s Granddaughters involved in an automotive accident was reposed in her final earthly resting place.  The 27-year old divorced mother of two an unexpected precipitous tragedy, a gesture of life’s entwined path of uncertainty,  a question of reason enshrouded those in attendances  for the somber memorial.  The assemblage somewhat separated, a vestige of remembrance instilled in the gathered families , its members gathering in supportive unison, but inwardly searching their own intrinsic resolution awaiting a temporal reconciliation.   Gary was cognizant of the furtive petitioning displayed by of  paternal and maternal families after the commemoration. 

.  Gayle Robb, Jeanette’s mother, her daughter Shawna and Helen Murrow besieged with consolatory members of the Apostolic Christian  Church.    Lucille Stevenson, the paternal grandmother and Jeanette’s younger brother Todd, surrounded by sympathetic townspeople.  Gary taking notice of the two separate groups, also noticing a grievous Bud Murrow standing alone, disengaged from the array, a consideration to approach him. but hesitant, Gary knowing that his Father-in-law as the man he was, preferring to address his tribulations in solitude.

. Jeanette and Todd, the offspring of Gayle’s first marriage to Kiowa raised Jim Stevenson, the Stevenson’s  a prominent Kiowa and Barber County family.   Jim’s father, Andy Stevenson elected Barber County Sheriff, adhering the position for 24 years before retiring in 1974.   Gary recalling in years past the Robb family upon visiting Kiowa, Steve, Gayle and Shawna would accommodate the Murrow family home, Todd and Jeanette acquainting the Stevenson’s household with their overnight presence.   An undercurrent of inauspicious events in Jan’s sister Gayle and husband Steve’s onset giving precedence to their grieving lamentation and despair for the loss of Jeanette.  The augmented Robb family, Steve, Gayle, Todd, Jeanette and Shawna through the years embraced by Bud and Helen Murrow as exemplifying the canonical presence of a prominent heritage, the couple’s stature as a foundation of the ultimate attainment.  Gayle repenting and becoming a Sister in the Apostolic Christian Church,  Steve, an Officer and Gentlemen during the Vietnam conflict, an activist and pillar of his community.

  With the passing of time, an ominous cloud forming, a metamorphosis progressing, a subtle fissure was apparent in their propinquity.  The  Murrow family members beginning to have a growing concern, confiding surreptitiously of laden aspersions, arising and casting speculation.   Gary overhearing Ester Terry’s chronicle of Gayle’s articulated acquaintance with her photography store employer and their overnight business trips.  Gayle’s insatiable desire for extravagant furnishing to attain status,  Steve relating to Esther’s husband Charles, Gayle was about to bankrupt them with her excessive ambition.


. The Robb family and public suddenly made aware of  a new development, one of unbelievable consequence, a catastrophic disclosure, Steve having abruptly submitting his resignation as a prestigious bank loan officer.   The bank and newspaper publicly disclosing allegations of improprieties concerning the United Way Charity account, an implication adding to the distress of the Robb conjugation.  Gary discerning that during this time of turmoil there was an unattended situation that also addled Jeanette, a separation and divorce from her husband Robert Tice and loss of the custody of her two young boys Logan and Cody.  Jeanette having difficulties coping with the unrestrained turmoil turning to frequent latitudes of unseemly acquaintances, eventually culminating in the fatal automobile accident.   The whole specter of the unmitigated plight that addressing the Robb family, its once quintessential pedestal of endowed prestige having waned with it deliquesce.  The final outcome, disillusionment,  the conceptualized perfect family realizing imperfections.

Gary’s respect for Steve Robb remaining immeasurable,  Steve’s alleged improprieties were acquiesce, his motive honorable, his retribution was reputable, his creed remaining intact, but the addendum was never worthy of his sacrifice.   Gary reasoned, the road of life reveals itself as it is traveled.


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