A Chronicled Exposure…………..#222 (the 90’s)

The Anthony Republican Newspaper

Gary the Anthony Hospitals Plant Service Managers  responsibilities having been abated, having handed his written resignation to the Hospital Administrator’s wife Nina, Lee Adams observing his action from the shadows of an adjoining room.    The realm of unemployment a new experience,  the silence of the vacuous N. Springfield residence,  Jan still fulfilling her hospital commitment ,  the children in school,  the lack of presence or purpose displaying a void within,  the stillness echoing the reality of circumstance, Gary questioning his judgment to resign his Anthony Hospital position.   A conscious reasoning abides for his adjudicating his employment,  to circumvent an adulteration of a presumptuous fact, he ascertained that any termination notice that might have been given by the administrator would be hinged on a false accusation.   A firm justification prevailing,  the resignation an acceptance of responsibility for the Halloween event and any disparage it may have  caused,  leaving the Administrator with no pretext for making public any deprecatory statements about the Willsons’.   Gary having made the decision to “take up the gauntlet”  a “Fifth Columnist” could now surface and publicize the evidence of Lee Adams transgressions without rapprochement.

With an abundant accumulation of evidence of Lee Adams past transgressions ,  Gary culminating an editorial for submission to the Anthony Republican Newspaper, the acquired chronicled affirmation readied for public disclosure, one which would reveal the despot lurking at the Anthony Hospital.   Accessing the Main Street local paper,  Gary being acquainted with Jim Dunn the owner-publisher and his wife Vera,  having worked with the couple in the past, illuminating  the Editor with articles about up-coming hospital activities and events.   Jim, in addition as editor,  was the Republicans  photographer,  never hesitating to oblige the Anthony Medical Facility,  his photos and publicity providing intonation for the hospital.  Gary brandishing his typed exposé of Lee Adams sequestered past, including  documentation of the numerical count of nurses,  doctors,  even catholic nuns whom were compelled to resign or were terminated by his actions during his tenure at the ARG (Appalachian Regional Healthcare) Hazard Kentucky Medical Center.   Jim’s first reaction was one of forbearance, not aspiring to evoke the newspaper in what appeared to be an evolving public dispute,  declining to publish the type written article.   Gary opening a folder,  spreading the abundant incriminating clipping from The Hazard Herald Newspaper on the counter,  Jim’s interest peaked.  Gary turning towards the door to leave, briefly stating to the Editor, that he could print it or file it away, it was his decision.

Gary’s article exploded on the front page of the Anthony Republican,  the only deprecatory,  Jim’s decision to withhold the name of the author,  explaining it was a discretionary measure reserved for publishers,  his concern,  Gary’s family and possible retribution.   The community became openly polarized with citizens submitting additional editorials for the removal and support of the administrator, the hospital board of directors submitting a letter of their continued  steadfast support of Lee Adams, the outpouring of concern over whelming.   Jim Dunn receiving veiled threats from members of the hospital board including Larry Olds, owner of Larry’s Home Town market  threatening the editor with pulling his advertisement if the editor continued to publish  articles detrimental to Adams and  the Hospital Board.    Jim a true journalist  calling his bluff continuing to publish the facts  even though Larry’s store was his largest advertising account. The conflict now a blatant affliction,  a discourse that Jan Willson would soon be discharged as Director of Nursing was rumored.   With growing apprehension Gary and Jan journeying to Wichita  seeking advice from a labor relations attorney,  exploring legal alternatives for possible upcoming developments.   The attorney suggesting that the couple and other concerning parties document Adam’s past by engaging a private investigator,  thus providing a future foundation for litigation.  The attorney supplying the name of an investigator who had  worked with him in the past.

The Anthony Municipal Hall

A group having assembled at the Willson’s residence at 602 N. Springfield,  all concerned Anthony citizens to discuss a means to convince the Hospital Board in a revocation of Adam’s contract.   Financial donations were acquired to compensate a Private Investigator and secure a leasing of the Municipal Hall for a publicized town meeting to address the impasse.   The evening of the community town hall meeting,  a show of solidarity present at the Municipal Hall ,  over 150 concerned people in attendance,  Gary and Jan both seated on the stage as current and past hospital representatives,  but neither addressing the congregation.   The oratory conducted by long-standing civic prominent citizens and as expected  not a single hospital board member was in attendance.   A straw poll being  conducted by a show of hands,  the tallied count overwhelming for a dismissal of the Hospital Administrator.

Wichita TV stations dispatching their mobile units to Anthony

The supposition was broadcast, Lee Adams was going to terminate Jan Willson as Director of Nurses,  but before he could issue the summons  a message from the hospital nursing staff was delivered to Terry Musick, hospital board chairman,  the bulletin,  the entire nursing staff would  “walk“   if Jan was removed as Director of Nursing.  Musick placing  an immediate call to the Administrator,  Lee Adam’s termination order was halted.   The news of the impending “walk out “ having reached the news desk of KWCH 12 and KSNW channel 3 television in Wichita,  the stations dispatching their mobile broadcasting trucks to Anthony,  the possible nursing walkout an item on the nightly news.   The stalemate continued,  the Hospital Board unwilling to admit an error in judgment,  then an announcement by Dr. Robert Ludwick  that he was vacating his Anthony practice and moving to Louisiana, publicly stating that “the agitation at the hospital,  was a contributing factor for his decision”.   The news of the respected physicians departure resonating throughout the community, Leander Adams remaining the topic of conversation at the donut shop.

A full-page announcement in the Anthony Republican,  the Anthony Hospital Board would accommodate an open public meeting the following week at the old vacated Lincoln Junior High School Gymnasium to address the communities concerns about the hospital.  The evening of the meeting,  the gym bleachers  filled to capacity,  the entire hospital board Board and Lee Adams, seated on stage.   Terry Musick,  speaking on the board’s behalf, once again endorsing their support for the Administrator.  One by one members of the audience came forward to be recognized,  microphone in hand, displaying their disagreement with the board,  their appeal  having little or no effect on those seated on stage.   Gary noticing a huddled crowd around a member sitting in the bleachers,  it was Dr. Jeffrey Bond, the hospital chief of staff,  the surrounding  group encouraging him to speak.   The influential doctor having maintained  an outward appearance of neutrality throughout the ongoing ordeal, having spoken with him Jan and Gary the couple knowing otherwise.  Standing and addressing the assemblage, the doctor hesitant to speak, a hushed silence radiating in the auditorium,  a pronouncement that his statement would be brief.  He began “It would be in the best interest of the Hospital and Community if the Board asked for Mr. Adams resignation.“    With the applause ringing, Terry Musick acknowledging the public’s concern,  thanking all for their attendance,  stating the Board would take what was conferred under advisement and render a decision in an executive session.  The public beginning a slow exit from the building when word filtered down from the stage, the Hospital Board informally having reached a decision,  they would request Leander D Adams to submit a letter of resignation.  Gary pondering how a simple Halloween prank could trigger a life changing event.

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