Evidence Of Character…….#221 (the 90’s)

Leander Douglas Adams III

An escalation of uncertainty commenced,  its inauguration surrogate in the confines of the Anthony Hospital.  Questions of the veracity of the recently hired Hospital Administrator’s resume,  ramifications of improprieties related to his previous employment were undulating.  The unsubstantiated suppositions subsequently attaining some public acknowledgement,  eventually achieving the attention of  Hospital District #6 Board of Directors.   Terry Musick,  Chairman of the Board and Larry Olds owner of Anthony’s Larry’s Home Town Market,  both prominent members of the board, both promptly proclaiming,  “the board having done due diligence on Lee Adams finding no inconsistencies in his resume’.”    The reassurance from the civic leaders seemed to quell the public outcry, but within the confines of the healthcare center a cauldron of dispel was brewing.

The fall months finding the crescendo of discernment continuing,  Gary at first wary of the allocations concerning the administrators past,  but realized an abrupt awakening as events unfolded.   The coerced resignation of  a long-established director of Lab and Radiology Departments,  followed by a termination of the Out Patient Services Supervisor,  a new aura prevailing in the work environment,  a scrutiny of all hospital employees,  a gleaning of standpoint,  the Administrator keeping score of those who question his veracity.   The evidence of character was placed on Gary’s desk,  concrete affirmation of all that was rumored,  pictures and articles from the Hazard Herald Newspaper of Lee Adams annihilation of the Nursing and Medical staff at ARH Regional Medical Center in Hazard Kentucky.   Gary bristled with the disclosure,  Gay Farney,  a Anthony Hospital Radiology and Lab Technician having placed a call to the medical facility in Kentucky,  her inquiry achieving a Kentucky hospital employee willing to provide and send the  concrete documentation of the detrimental actions of Lee Adams and his disservice to the healthcare facility and community.

Gay Farney

Gary discerning a polarization among the department managers,  visiting with Karen Porter,  the hospital purchasing director,  Dr. Bond, the medical chief of staff and other department managers,  disclosing the recently acquired information concerning Hospital Administrator Lee Adams past and the hospital board’s failure to undertake  responsibility for its negligence in thoroughly researching the empowered administrator’s record.   The hospital administration continued its vexation,  censoring  Gary’s wife Jan,  the Director of Nursing from effectually discharging her duties and  issuing new directives to the clinical medical staff,  Dr. Robert Ludwick protesting the changes in policy, the expostulations still ascending.   An impasse was acknowledge,  Jan according a possible ally in the hospitals plight,  divulging an adherent, a member of the hospital board,  Jerry Turner,  willing to address the hospital’s administrative quagmire with Terry Musick,  hospitals board chairman  and the other members of the commissioned group.   Jan relating the chronicled evidence of the Administrators abominable past,  Jan inquiring about a resolution after a visit discovering Turner having receded his concurrence,  standing fast with the boards adjudication,  an advocate of the Administrator,   Jan and Gary finding their posturing now openly imparted.

It was the talk of the town, the Anthony Republican newspaper account of the Halloween night escapade was brief,  the police responding to a reported vandal  destruction of property at Hospital Administrators Lee Adams residence.  Gary being inquisitive, visiting with Kenny Hodson,  the officer addressing the call,  discovering Halloween pranksters having inscribed the word “Liar“ on the Adam’s property.   Gary was somewhat taken aback at the open contempt displayed by the pranksters,  but even more dumbfounded that Adams would induce attention to the event by notifying the police considering his adverse publicity.   At home Jan’s revelation was disquieting,  a consternation, Gary total unaware that his daughter Sandra and Karen Porters Granddaughter September were involved,  an  incipient act very  unlike Sandra. The aftermath finding Karen Porter apologizing to Lee Adams,  disclosing her granddaughters actions and revealing the names of the other participant.   Gary conjecturing,  Sandra upon hearing of her parents open adverse criticism of Adams as the instigator and with Jan’s condoning of the prank,  all probable factors in the event.   Gary’s first reaction upon ascertaining September’s mother Karen divergence was to follow suit and engender an immediate apology for his daughter’s Sandra’s antics ,  but upon reflection finding a hesitancy, aware that the extent of his animosity of Adams would come to light and an apologetic endeavor might turn to one of retaliation.

Gary pondered the manner for approaching the Administrator and the likelihood of Adams accepting an apology without retribution, at first dismissing the idea, conjecturing an apology would spring a more realistic outcome,  one of vengeance.   Gary beginning to realize, the Adam’s incident only hastened the enviable,  a grasp of reality, the handwriting was on the wall,  suspecting any confrontation with the Administrator would be futile, the Halloween epilogue could possibly conclude any prospects of Gary retaining his employment.

The ringing of the doorbell to the Adams residence was acknowledged by Nina Adams,  Gary asking to speak with Lee.  Entering, the Administrator hovering in the darken shadows of the dining room, Nina announcing the visitor.    Lee Adams shouting  “I don’t have anything to say to him, I’ll deal with the SOB later, tell him to get the hell out of my house“.   Gary handing Nina an envelope,  turning, not saying another word,  retreating from the premise,  his endeavor a satisfying  resolution for both.

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