A Tempest In The Making………..#220 (the 90’s)

The storm clouds are gathering

Gary was somewhat disconsolate, when the Anthony Hospitals began seeking a new administrator, Jay Jolly bestowing a notice of departure, a quest to expand his career ambitions near the rural mountain reaches of Montana, accepting the Administrative position at St. Luke’s Community Hospital in Ronan Montana.   Jay a community applauded individual, personally and professionally and  well-respected by the Anthony public.  Gary’s admiration for Jay was prodigious, a congenial deference for the departing Administrator’s commitment to the hospital and the community.  Gary able to acquire an insight to his personality and political concepts that the hospital staff wasn’t aware of, ensuing harmonious social visits to Jays office after hospital business hour, Jay administering a 9-6 work day, the Business Office staff exiting at 5.00 p.m

Anthony Hospital Administrator Jay Jolly

Departing  Administrator Jay Jolly

Gary was introduced to Jay’s parents whom resided in Freeport, a once thriving community of 2000 from an earlier era,  its population now numbering 8,  documented as the smallest incorporated town in the nation.   The town’s remaining storefront now boarded up consisting of a single active building,  its primary cartel,  the US Post Office and the corner entrance Freeport State Bank,  The building located across from a grain elevators operated by the Danville CoOp..  Jay’s mother Joyce,  discharging the duties of mayor,  his father Russ,  ministering a far-reaching congregation of 60 at the Freeport Presbyterian Church.  A youthful Russ Jolly meeting his future wife Joyce,  a native of Harper County,  while fortuitously  visiting an aunt and uncle in Chicago.  Jay being raised in Chicago, his father Russ employed by NBC,  a University Professorship followed, then answering a call to the Presbyterian Clergy for  13 years before accepting the agrarian Freeport Church position in 1981.  The Presbyterian position enabling a move to Kansas, Jay  mother returning to her Harper County roots.

The remnants of Freeport’s main street.


A shuttered Freeport Methodist Church

Besides a Master’s Degree in Hospital Administration,  Gary very much aware that Jay was an accomplished musician,  his wife Carol vocally prodigious with a baccalaureate in classical musical.   The Hospital Administrator a polished baritone horn artist,  a performer in The Down Home Dixieland Band, a local Anthony  group composed of mostly senior citizen musicians who exhibited their musical talents in civic events promoting the community.   Jay previously inquiring if Gary would be interested in joining the company of Dixieland proponents,  when the current elderly keyboardist retired because of ill-health.  Gary giving the opportunity serious consideration,  but concluding otherwise,  his work related commitment an envelopment,  but still the thought produced a remembrance of a by-gone day,  giving a rise to a lingering sequestered aspiration.  Gary no longer a craftsman of music, enjoying Jay and the bands participation in the Anthony Veterans Day Parade,  their musical entourage trucking down Main St. aboard a trailer,  the swells of dixieland jazz cascading to the delight of the array lining the street.  The departure of Jay Jolly from Anthony would find a vacuousness not only at the hospital,  but in the Harper County community.

Leander Douglas Adams III and his wife Nina were present for the specially assembled Hospital Department Head meeting,  an Interim Administrator fulfilling Jay Jolly’s position once again introducing Adams,  but this time confirming him as the Hospital Board’s selection as the new  Hospital administrator.   This was Lee Adams second appearance before the department managers, the administration having previously introduced the final two aspiring candidates for the position,  Gary questioning the purpose of the concursion,  recognizing the Department Heads  input or opinion would never influence the Hospital Board’s decision.   Lee’s demeanor was distinctive,  a very erect gray-bearded person with a Bostonian accent,  seemingly very candid in conversation, mentioning he attended St. Lawrence School of Nursing in 1955, a nurse before discovering his administrative talent. When speaking of the hospital,  projecting it in allegory euphemisms,  referring to it  in nautical terms as,  ‘The Good Ship Anthony’.    Introducing Nina,  expressing his wife’s past propinquity with past hospital staff,  her volunteering to babysit for a nurse if unexpectedly called for duty.   Gary accepting his pronouncements at face value, that Lee would be someone able to coalesce with the staff,  a very community minded presence,  a person of character,  Gary conjecturing a good working relationship with this newly acquired administrator.

Like a bolt of lightning a momentous disclosure

Like a bolt of lightning a momentous disclosure

The storm clouds were gathering,  benefits of doubts were beginning to build,  the newly acquired Administrator interjecting  his in authority in the managerial responsibilities once stipulated to Department Managers.   Facile decisions allocated to department managers were being scrutinized and sometimes reversed,  the once cohesive group having found an inhibitor,  engendering a divided assessment of Lee Adams within the managerial council and even within the hospital medical staff.   Gary still adhering to a neutral position, but cognizant of the implications,  especially in the ancillary departments of Lab, X-ray and Outpatient Services,  Lee Adams discharging an animosity towards their representatives.   Apprehension was evolving during the sequential summer months,  like a bolt of lightning a momentous disclosures,  Leander D Adams resume’ documentation  was awry,  a failure to disclose his detrimental administrative capacity and removal from ARH Regional Medical Center in Hazard Kentucky.  First rumors, then facts evolved, Gary and the hospital staff becoming aware Lee Adams dubious past,  his apocryphal personality,  an autocrat of his environment and a domination of those who question him or his motives.   Gary concluding,  the peaceful exemplar work environment of a Jay Jolly era was no longer applicable,  the storm clouds were evident,  the tempest was about to be released.

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