Sequestering Vindictive Tirades….#207 (the 90’s)

Anthony Hospital Administrator Jay Jolly

The families first Anthony winter was in recession, the only adversity caused by the  below freezing temperature exhibited in their new residence was in the downstairs bathroom, Gary awakening in the morning discovering the results of  the  overnight single digit, no running water.   The first floor bathroom was not intrinsic to the original structure,  a later appendage added to the 1904 three-storied goliath.   To acquaint the addition to the downstairs level,  the floor required additional ground level height of 24 inches, therefore  generating a crawl space beneath the room.    The waste water disposal addressed the main sewer line beneath the surface,  but the incoming hot and cold water was supplied by  copper lines,  entering thru the wall of the outside basement door entrance.   Upon his first crawl space journey beneath the bathroom,  Gary discovered remnants from past heating endeavors,  two small old electric heaters,  the remains of electrified insulating tape, and other insulating attempts.  Gary wrapping the copper lines with an up-to-date insulation  and with the a faucet left dripping at night seemed to remedied the pipe freezing aggravation most of the time,  the exception being in extreme conditions when the temperature hovered around zero.  Gary being the early morning riser was always first to discover the downstairs bathrooms lack water when address his shaving and thus began a search to find the exact icing  spot.   Trial and error found the spot of blockage and a few minutes with a hair dryer aimed at the strategic point of the pipe would restore the flow in a few minutes.   It was where the copper line exited the basement thru the outside wall, not an absolution, but a resolution.

Gary was en route to Jay Jolly’s office,  the hospital administrator having summoned him, the maintenance personage pondering a reason for the audience, a myriad of possible scenario giving question.   Arriving, he was asked to be seated,  Jay inaugurated the conversation with a notice that he was changing the organizational structure of the maintenance and housekeeping / linen control departments.  He was removing the current maintenance and housekeeping department heads and instituting a singular position of Plant Service Manager to oversee the physical and environmental elements of the hospital,  responsible for the three departments.  Gary nodded his understanding,  but was a gasped at what ensued,  the administrator continued,  promulgating his aspiration that Gary fulfill the newly commissioned position.  Gary was awe spoken,  Jays pronouncement was totally  unexpected, speechless when asked if he would accept the position,  his only reply was to accept.

Jay proceeded to assert a list of  expectations,  compliance with the new regulations requiring MSDS records,  written policies and procedures and documentation for both Housekeeping and  Maintenance departments to include detailed logs for equipment inspections,  safety and an annual budget agenda incorporating plant utilities,  housekeeping supplies,  linen expenditures,  equipment replacement and repairs.   Gary listened to the administrators contemplation’s with gathering certainty,  owing to a significant perception,  his respect for Jay Jolly and his demonstrative confidence that Gary could accomplish the assignment.   The meeting concluding,  a monetary question never entering into Gary’s thought process until the administrator initiated the wage compensation,  acknowledging he had reviewed the compensatory amount that similar facilities conferred for the position, and would commensurate accordingly.   Gary exiting the office, finding his maintenance assistant salary having just doubled.

Jan at the nurses station – Anthony Hospital

Arriving home,  the news of his appointment bursting to be released,  his incitation rising as he revealed to Jan his meeting with Jay and his ascendancy to a new position.  When acknowledging his new compensatory wage,  expecting an enthusiastic congratulatory presence,  instead acrimony,  she went into a vindictive tirade.   Gary was totally taken aback, never in the fifteen years had he ever experienced this aspect of her personality.   Her reasoning was without logic, erupting into a dissertation on the audacity that his new hourly wage now exceeded hers and that of  embarking nurses. Gary immediate inclination was to abstain from the confrontation until a more phlegmatic disposition prevailed,  Jan’s perplexing response was now indelibly inscribed and her hidden clandestine cultivation forever exposed.

Frank Hodson

Gary experiencing Jan’s tirade prepared him for the inevitable ones at work having to confront his supervisor Roy and the Director of Housekeeping Ed about the Jays decision.  The encounter with Ed was the most difficult,  harboring a vindictive resentment of Gary similar to what he had heard at home,  Ed’s concerned was wasn’t so much about compensation but the loss of his supervisory position,  Gary assuring him a continuance of employment.  Another encounter from an unsuspecting source,  Frank Hodson, the Ambulance Director,  voicing a negative opinion of the change,  especially about Ed.   Franks objection was that Ed provided another function  as EMT on the ambulance service,  allowing him to take call during his hospital hours without any reservations,  his position as a supervisor not interrupting the housekeeping departments dispensation.  This would change with Ed’s new position as a scheduled staff member,  no longer endowed to leave his assigned tasks uncompleted upon returning from an ambulance run.   Gary’s quandary with Ed coming to resolution,  after three days,  Ed resigned his hospital employment.  Roy Stein presented a totally different circumstance,  his years of experience and knowledge of every nook and cranny of the building was invaluable.  Roy was elusive, his quiescence demeanor and non communicative disposition making it difficult to extract an assessment of his supposition about the abrupt developments.   Gary finally asking him to sit down and listen to what he had to say,  clarifying the only changes would be in Gary administering the required documentation,  relieving Roy of departmental representation  and the embody accountability to the Hospital Administration.   Gary, strongly emphasizing,  Roy would remain in a perfunctory maintenance position,  his salary remaining the same,  but with a new job description and new title, that of Hospital Engineer.

The atmosphere in hospital seemed somewhat different, the change in plant and environmental management was meant with congratulatory acknowledgement by most of the  hospital staff,  Gary sensing his management skills and capability in the new position would be on trial,  recalling an axiom apropos to his new position,  rank does not confer privilege or power,  it imposes responsibility.

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