Memories of Christmas Laudation…#207 (80’S)

Hmmm…..who is he trying to impress.          (Gary’s Grandson Garrett Denton)

The Christmas season having arrived,  the religious holiday steeped in tradition  with  Jan’s Family, her mom and dad, sister Gayle Robb & Husband Steve from Iola, Kiowa residing Lynne and Shawn Johnson, her  Aunt Esther & Uncle Charles Terry and the collective children of the Johnson, Willson, and Robb all customarily in attendance.  The location for the Christmas Eve Gift Exchange each year alternating between the  four Kiowa households, the occasional exception,  the Christmas Day dinner for the most part, the Murrow household retaining a predominance.

Sarah Johnson, Sandi, Robert, Jamie Johnson and the cookie house

Upon entering the Murrow residence thru the kitchen back door which was customary,  situated magnanimously on the breakfast nook table was  a traditional representation of Jan’s Mother‘s artistry,  a carefully constructed editable cookie house,  it presentation a focal point an outstanding delight for her Grandchildren.  in addition to the cookie house found the house an ornament of Yuletide decorations with the Christmas Tree in the living room.  The Christmas Eve’s family assembly able to partake from a bountiful filled table of variety of homemade candies,  cookies,  bowls and plates of delicious snacking comestibles.  With the evening hour for the gift exchange about to commence, a sound of bells echoed from outside the front door  and a voice could be heard, a boisterous proclamation,   “Ho Ho Ho…Merry Christmas.   Entering thru the door,  a portly,  white bearded  bespectacled man dressed in a booted large buckled red suit and cap,  a large cloth sack positioned over his shoulder.   The youngest of the children,  enthusiastically exclaiming his name,  Santa Claus!!!,  as he reached into his mystical bag,  distributing gifts to the excited youths.   Bud Murrow,  once again successfully providing the essential quantum Christmas character, fulfilling the tradition for a Murrow Family Christmas.

A greeting from Santa

Gary’s benefaction was his Apostolic Christian Church Sunday School class’s participation in the Christmas Service’s.   In concert with the church’s traditional beliefs,  the sunday school classes  presentation before the congregation was not a costumed pageantry or surrogate performance,  but a class gathering,  each young disciple heralding their voices in song and reciting either from scripture or an appropriate written Christmas accolade or poem in celebration of  the birth of Jesus.   With the completion of the Christmas service, the three classes assembled for a gift exchange,  the names previously drawn,  the colloquium and their families remaining to fellowship with an abundant supply of suppliant treats enthralled in the dining room.

Robert and Sandi – A very merry Christmas


Christmas Day at the Murrow residence,  a welcoming of Uncle Raymond Roth and Aunt Laverne the patriarch of the Roth family, with visits from the Guthrie’s and other long-standing friends. A myriad of activity in the kitchen,  the women busy addressing Christmas Dinner,  the men, their appetites boosted by the ambrosia of the dietary rewards absconding from kitchen.   The three seated areas for meal consumption,  the bench laden kitchen breakfast nook for the youngest,  a small table adjoining the dining room for the older children and Lynne and Shawn.  The Johnson’s the youngest parental family,  voicing their annual question,   “when can we sit at the big table with the rest of adults?” and the expansive dining room table set  to accomplished the seasoned adults.   The dinner prepared,  the recipients entering the kitchen,  its stature,  a host for a buffet style serving achievement.   The banquet celebration fulfilled,  the women, again attaining the kitchen to resolve the afflicted extent of the meals preparation.   The children finding activity outside or in the basement play area.   The men seeking retirement and solace in front of the television,  a football game providing the means to acquire a dozing state of dormancy,  another family holiday accomplished.

Garrett Christopher Denton a late Christmas gift

Garrett Christopher Denton a late Christmas gift

The first Christmas in Anthony was accomplished,  but a late Christmas present was yet to arrive,  the well packaged gift expected at anytime,  its delivery post, Oklahoma City.   The gift, a celebrated conception presented to the world on January 6, 1989,  the endowments appellation,  Garrett Christopher Denton,  a premier son born to Marlo and Chris and the transcendent Grandson of Gary and Marlo’s mother Kermece.  The event giving focus to the realization of heritage, Garrett’s introduction to the ambiance of life,  insuring a future of endearment for the inaugurated couple to adjoin in the future joys of his nurture,  a presence providing a common fulfilling ambition to sojourn together on a gifted guided life.

Gary and Roberts First Kiowa Christmas – Great Grandmother Martha and Grandmother Helen

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