An Amiable Semblance……….#205 (the 80’s)

The Anthony House

Gary found there was something veiled about the three tiered monolith in Anthony and for some reason it gave him cause to stop, look and listen when entering.  It was a feeling that one gets when viewing a historical location or structure when its past over shadows it presence and that it’s trying to communicate with a silent voice.  It may have been the placard stone dated 1904 that gave rise to a sense of clairvoyance, one would question why those constructing a private residence in a small rural town would reference the construction date unless there was a meaningful reason.  Gary surmising, that with its manor enduring months of both prevailing hot and frigid air finding abdication with the temporal tide.  An essentia of solace emerged within its walls, it’s stately character no longer of the bourgeois,  but an edifice  a victim of the couturier and with it’s recent purchase a new chapter was inaugurated in its log book of history. With the introduction of a new family, the monotheistic residence exhibited ubiquity,  no longer standing solitary or as an unfrequented monument, its warmth giving station renewed and once again became an enlivened benchmark in the plebeian community.  The living residence at 602 N. Springfield attaining its generational mission, the newly established family having immersed themselves in its heritage.

The Anthony swimming pool.

It was a city sponsored endeavor and Robert was animated about participated,  a swimming team activity composed of elementary age student,  divided by age groups to compete with similar competition from adjoining towns.  Robert and Sandi having discovered the Anthony Pool’s daily availability,  a journey of 5 blocks north on N. Springfield Ave,  a convivial summertime excursion.   Robert’s team association requiring the discipline of structural authority, taken very serious by some,  but resolved as dalliance by others.   The competitive events taking place on weekends,  a host of parents and grandparents attending the community occurrence,  Robert doing exceeding well in his scheduled performances.   Jan first noticed the aggravation in the young boys eyes,  a slight swelling and redness prevailing,  the over-the-counter eye treatment finding little relief.   A visit to Dr. Bonds town office providing an answer,  Robert having an aversion caused by the chlorine in the water,  its aggravation being enhanced by his competitiveness exertion.   After completing two competitions, Robert having to concede to his medical condition,  his racing desires squelched,  but  normal pool activity was permissible.

Anthony Elementary School

Off to a new school

A commencement of the school year was upon the two students, an enrollment in Anthony Elementary,  Robert enlisting the sixth grade and Sandra abetting the fifth,  the school within walking distance on S. Springfield,  two blocks across Main.   Gary finding the two tier schooling application in Anthony and Harper a compliment to the insight and integrity of the Harper County Board of Education.  It’s two elementary schools,  The City of Harper and Anthony each having a K thru 8 grade and mutually sharing the 1971 constructed Chaparral  High School,  grades 9 thru 12.  The modern structure stationed on the highway,  halfway between the two communities.   The first day of school, Robert and Sandi expressing a slight indication of apprehension,  but understandable considering the circumstances, an inaugural day addressing an unfamiliar building,  a host of new teachers plus assembling with numerous unknown classmates.  The premier accomplished, the two young enrollees  established,  the  Byzantine path of education with its continuance  awaiting.

In the past, Jan and Gary having shared duties on the Kiowa ambulance, they were never on call at the same time and the situation was similar at the Anthony Hospital, Jan  working nights and Gary maintaining an eight hour day scheduled.  Jan having already established herself not hesitating to accept responsible, demonstrating a new source of assertiveness in the performance of her duties.   Gary’s realm of responsibility at work was beginning to advance,  Roy beginning to share his diagnosis ability and mechanical know-how,  the knowledge of the buildings idiosyncrasies,  to Roy it was automatic, a subconscious reflection consummated from twenty plus years of experience in its environment.  Gary soon discovering there were some assigned task that Roy didn’t mind relinquishing, the weekly transporting of a mobile mammogram machine, the Anthony and Harper Hospitals sharing in its use.  First thing on Thursday mornings Gary would back the Hospitals Suburban, attach the specially designed trailer, pull up to the ER entrance and load the electric driven mammogram machine in the trailer for the 10 mile journey to Harper, the Harper Hospital reciprocating every Monday morning with its return.  It was Roy’s quiet almost methodical way of going about remedying the problems submitted by the  hospital staff expecting an immediate response, but to Roy it was all mundane, prioritizing the problem, having seen it all before, his composer  impressing his assistant.   Gary’s observation of 65 year old Roy’s adroitness coming to the conclusion that knowledge alone would never trump experience.   With a home established, their employment secured, the family settling in finding an amiable semblance in their new Anthony surroundings.

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