Acquiring Responsibility…..205 (the 80’s)


. As a new employee,  Gary soon discovering his supervisor, 64 year old Roy Stein was a very quiet person,  small in stature, soft-spoken, very direct,  never speaking more than a sentence.   A somewhat reclusive withdrawn person, having no interest in anybody’s business,  his twenty years of hospital service finding a methodical dedication to his work,  and to a small farm that his father bequeathed to him and to his rumored mail-order bride, Violet.   He accepted Gary’s presence,  not as a necessity or an expediency, but as a acumen of the Administrator, something Gary understood and accepted.

. The maintenance department having an on call responsibility after hours and on weekends.  Roy having singularly provided the service, compensated with a stipend,  $10 for weekday nights and $25 per Saturday and Sunday.  The weekend requiring a time clock documented morning and afternoon walk thru inspection.   Gary sensing some displeasure from Roy when the Administrator suggested,  Roy alternate his weekly on call duties with his newly acquired maintenance assistant,  Roy having an aversion to the idea, but accepted

.  Availability was an integral part of the maintenance department with a work-order request system.  The  departments and ancillary services  submitting a time dated work order request,  either in person, or utilizing the maintenance work order reception box. It was Roy’s quiet almost methodical way of going about remedying the problems submitted by the  hospital staff expecting an immediate response, but to Roy it was all mundane, prioritizing the problem, having seen it all before, his composer  impressing his assistant.   Gary’s observation of 64 year old Roy’s adroitness coming to the conclusion that knowledge alone would never trump experience.  

.  Gary’s realm of responsibility at work was beginning to advance,  Roy beginning to share his diagnosis ability and mechanical know-how,  the knowledge of the buildings idiosyncrasies,  to Roy it was automatic, a subconscious reflection consummated from twenty plus years of experience in its environment.  Gary soon discovering there were some assigned task that Roy didn’t mind relinquishing, the weekly transporting of a mobile mammogram machine, the Anthony and Harper Hospitals sharing in its use.  First thing on Thursday mornings Gary would back the Hospitals Suburban, attach the specially designed trailer, pull up to the ER entrance and load the electric driven mammogram machine in the trailer for the 10 mile journey to Harper, the Harper Hospital reciprocating every Monday morning with its return.  .  

. As an active member of the K H A, ( Kansas Hospital Association),  Jay Jolly regularly traveling to attend the organizations programs to keep abreast of  current industry innovations, and changes in state regulatory statutes affecting district hospitals.  Gary was surprised when Jay approached him with literature from the K H E A,  (Kansas Hospital Engineers Association),  an affiliate of the K H A,  questioning if he would be interested in becoming a member representing the hospital.  Gary surmising that his active participation as the newly appointed maintenance representative to the Safety Committee,  may have induced the attention of the administrator,  having written and submitted the maintenance department’s  policies and procedures for the recently enacted Disaster Plan.  Jay disclosing, although Roy was an excellent maintenance man, with his humble placid disposition, he  never contributed or initiated an opinion as a Department Head at any of the mandatory meetings, always in attendance,  but remaining quiet as an observer.  Gary was appreciative of his recognition, and welcomed an opportunity to expand his horizon and educational contingency and likewise didn’t hesitate in accepting Jays offer to participate in the Kansas Hospital

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