Day Of Atonement……………………#188 (80’s)

King James Holy Bible

The years of attending both Sunday and Wednesday nights Services at the Apostolic Christian Church  began to assimilate with Gary,  the fellowship with the members not the only benefaction,  the ecclesiastical message from the pulpit instilling a consequential testament.  The congregation expressing unity with total humility and solace of purpose, the displacement of facades addressing worldly vanity, the shedding of self-adornment, fashionable attire to overly and enhance appearance, a reluctance to participate in self-proclaiming public endeavors including movies and so-called entertainment television amenities, not a prescribed perquisite but a self desire.  The elder ministering Brethren not schooled by man to proclaim The Word, but called upon by their convictions to stand before the crown of redemption and administer to the assembly.  A volunteer contribution when a financial need was discerned, the biblical tithing a provision, never a collection tray, the only employed person receiving gratuity, the person maintaining the cleanliness of the facility.  A new horizon emanated, there was a another subservient admission of life other than the worldly ways of society,  Gary imbibing the words of the bible, his meaning of thought having found a comforting solace.

Gary  having witnessed Jan’s acceptance of Jesus Christ and the acquiesce of becoming an Apostolic Christian Sister in faith,  first approached Jan’s Uncle,  Raymond Roth, a Church Minister but subsequently embracing a hierarchy, Ronnie Nelson the Church’s Elder to petition him to the prerequisite for acceptance in the apostolic brotherhood.   Ronnie patiently explaining that the church required no more than what was in the bible,  a term of repentance was first in order to demonstrate and  acknowledge the wrongdoing in one’s life and to make amends,  privately or personally and in some means approach those whom you have offended,  giving a penance for your censurable action and beseeching absolution.  Gary, meeting in prayer with Ron Nelson in his home in the evenings,  discussing the lamentable occurrences of the past, receiving guidance on a desirable approach to fulfill his commitment with the Lord’s direction.

Kiowa Apostolic Christian Church

Kiowa Apostolic Christian Church

Ninety days having passed, the traditional repentance temporal for those seeking affiliation with the Apostolic Christian Church  was thirty to sixty days, most prospective disciples having family members abiding in the congregation for generations.  Gary in abeyance, but never questioning his accession, his faith in the Lord firmly resolved, acknowledging the decision to proceed was at the discretion of  Ron Nelson.   A day of atonement  having arrived, the total apostolic congregational membership present for a closed session attendance, an open colloquy of the aspiring brethren.   Brother Bill Schrock  directing prospective brother to enter, Gary standing before the brothers and sister of the Apostolic Christian Church, a warm glow of solace empowering him, acknowledging his total acceptance and certitude, Jesus was Lord and Savior, answering inquiries of his affirmation and belief in his salvation thru Christ.

 The inherent faith protocol consummated the baptism being affirmed for the following week.   Gary having a decision to make, it was tradition that the baptismal recipient embrace a church member to accompany him as a  sponsor,  to attest to his communion and to assist in the baptismal ceremony. The person also to stand with him and the minister,  providing a towel to edulcorate the baptismal water upon his emergence.   Jan’s  family and most of the congregation expecting Gary to approach Jan’s Ministering Uncle,  Raymond Roth to conferred the carriage of sponsorship,  but to their surprise another finding prominence in Gary’s acuity.   A person of esteem religious conviction,  one whom Gary had many pontifical discussion with,  a man who lived with total divination to Lord in every aspect of his life, his statue presenting a prodigious ascendancy on the new disciple.   His choice a disappointment to his in-laws,  but an atonement of his commitment, Gary espousing Frank Kisling, a farmer,  friend and true believer from Burlington Oklahoma.

The Baptismal water vessel was filled, the last time availed was when  his wife Jan was emerged into it cleansing waters years earlier, the church endowment having had no additional proselytes.   The  Church,  their traditions of a by-gone era,  discomforting to some inaugural visitors,  but finding the kindred membership all in attendance for the ceremonial occasion.   The new disciple stepping into the sacrosanct of water, Ron Nelson proclaiming the baptismal sacraments,  the laying on of hands,  Gary to be  immersed,  the church elder placing his hand on the adherent,  submerging him in the cleansing waters,  a new personage in Christ arising.   With an accommodation of dry cloths,  the newly announced person in Christ standing before the pulpit,  the congregation,  each walking down the center aisle to greet their new brother in faith,  the traditional bumping of chins by the men to symbolize a greeting with the holy kiss,  a handshake from the women,  a adulation of blessing expressed by all, some with joyous tears,  for the first time in his life Gary experiencing a worldly emptiness but replaced by the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit.

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    Awesome Gary! 🙂 Sue

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