Levity and Concern……………#187 (80’s)

Bev Miller

.  Mrs. Miller’s U.S. history class was an endeavor the students enjoyed,  a diversity of classroom activity,  not just an affirmation of a chronological comprehension from the printed bound compendium, but with a hands-on creative visible approach.  The study of the early American colonial villages found the students fashioning cardboard miniature housing, duplicating the facsimile of the 1700′s era,  coloring them and placing the creativity on a windowsill display.   Gary enjoying the creative expertise of the class, but desiring to bring more of  an admonition to their labor,  a unique idea prevailing.   With some thought, ‘the paper clips would suffice’,  after school Gary proceeding to shape them into an appearance of television antenna fastening the make shift aerial replica’s to each of the students colonial house‘s.   The following day curiosity prevailed questioning his history alteration,  finding an attentive reaction from the students and Mrs. Miller, the event taken by all as a humorous display of recognition.

.  The inventiveness of the history teacher was paramount, on another occasion,   the class cogitating the history of the American Indians, finding a replica of an Indian village being established in a 3 x 6 ft. mobile metal sandbox fixture. The students constructing numerous Indian tepees,  a presentation of a corn field and  corral with Indian ponies, the students endeavor again drawing contemplation to their historical assiduity.   Gary finding the presentation very animate,  but needing a promulgation,  once again deciding to offer his expertise,  an enhancement to their project.  Gary, completing his after school duties returning to the Bev Miller’s classroom for augmentation to the classes’ Indian village pronouncement.  Toothpicks in hand,  he imparted the wooden placards into two segments,  gluing the pieces to form miniature crosses.   Approaching the sandbox Indian village display,  placing rows of the crosses to resemble a cemetery,  cutting a small  piece of paper,  mounting it on a pole to represent a flag with a  7th Cavalry battle flag,  a humorous adumbration to Custer’s last stand.

.  Juanita Smith, the Principal and English adversary presented an appearance of austerity to the students,  very stern and disciplinary correct with her students,  but beneath her exterior portrait,  a very natured and caring instructor,  her many years of experience able to charge and access the optimum from  her students.   The fifth grade English class enabled an opportunity to display their artistic ability.  Mrs. Smith obtaining a flowering plant from home to exhibit,  instructing each class member to depict a replica on paper.   The fifth grade teacher posting their artistic results at the end of the day,  the display pinned above chalkboard’s  in the classroom.   At end of the school day  Gary apprising the students picturesque and the students assessment of the flowering exhibit.   Some were quite good demonstrating a talent, but others were done in haste without noticeable perspective,  Gary having acquired some poetic license on canvas working with oil paints from television artist Bob Ross,  perceiving some of the students presentations could be embroidered by a small emphases of shading or a small border line of articulation,  not enough enhancement to change their perception,  but just enough to engender the purpose.  Gary’s tweaking endeavor completely unknown to all,  Mrs. Smith complementing the class on their artistic conception.

.  Gary was comfortable in the educational community,  his relationship with most of  the teachers at the three schools was on a first name basis, finding himself  an anomaly, the only one in the district addressing the superintendent by his first name in the presence of others.   Gary suspecting Glen’s attitude somewhat chauvinistic towards the only female administrator,  many of Juanita request being put off as being frivolous  by the Superintendent.  Juanita’s request for a new  American Flag to adorn the School flagpole being denied, Gary initiating  a visit with Glen about the flag providing an explanation about the condition of the old one, soon finding Juanita’s  request filled.

.  Juanita was concerned about the effect of the recent Dutch Elm epidemic desiring an appropriate dissertation  having arranged for  state forestry person to survey, document and recommend replacements for the trees that were removed on Main Street.   The well-constructed  plan would also include provisions for populating the treeless south side of the school.  The principal having put an abundance of time and effort in organizing the objective and was ready to introduce the arboriculture proposal to the Superintendent.  Mrs. Smith returning from her meeting, Gary recognizing the look on her face, Glen Piper disapproving Juanita’s effort,  the custodian perceiving her despondency in the rejection, not wanting to compound the rejection with failed hope Gary deciding he would remain anonymous in trying to salvage the proposal.

.  Visiting with Glen, he surmised the superintendent’s cardinal reason for declination, besides having been kept in the dark about Juanita’s plan, was the cost.  Gary having surveyed Juanita’s cost estimate and documented placement of  eleven trees,  annotating to Glen there would be no need to employ a nursery, elucidating he would acquire the material , perform all the labor, make the necessary trips to Wichita for the trees and accomplish the project himself.   The six-foot four-inch superintendent looking down on this unpretentious school custodian,  shaking his head,  then reversed his decision,  the grade schools plan could come to fruition,  Gary’s vestigial part never disclosed, and Juanita  arboriculture effort fulfilled.


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