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Acclivous Goal…………………#35 (the 50’s)

April 24, 2017

Scenic Redwood Regional Park in Oakland

The days of spur-of-the-moment activity were gone, no more rounding up the tag-along gang and heading for the hills.   Gary missed those days,  but he having developed a camaraderie with older friends and being the youngest was meaningful,  as he had to prove his capacity for adjudication.    Acquainting Hank and Don to his realm of Sulphur  Mines, the likes of  Devils Punchbowl and his hiking ventures was easy, finding their earnestness passing. The assumption being made, their preoccupation was curiosity, not a yearning for exploration, or fulfilling a beckoning imagination within that he retained.   Gary was ready, having proposed a new outing which entailed residing overnight on a camping expedition to Redwood Regional Park, a secluded park nestled atop the hills overlooking Oakland, the only drawback was that would require permission of their parents.  Having not doubt of his parents permission, he presented his intent to Don and Hank hoping that their power of parental persuasion was strong enough and to his astonishment their parents  concurred.   The preparation was deliberate,  a mental list was made,  sleeping bag,  water,  cooking utensils and substance provisions including toilet paper.  Gary was familiar with the camping needs from his prior trips with his cousin during his summers in Etna.   Hank and Don having never shared information about a camping experiences with Gary,  so he accorded his knowledge concerning what should be taken and all was made ready.   The time  was decided upon completion of their weekend newspaper routes,  they would backpack sleeping bags and provisions,  mount their bikes and depart for their uphill destination.

An entry portal into Redwood Regional Park

The Towering Redwoods reaching upwards to embrace the sky

The Towering Redwoods reaching upwards to embrace the sky

The three-mile northwest ride on Mountain Blvd was insipid to Gary,  having traveled this artery many times before to the Sulphur Mines.   He did wonder about Hank and Don as they were not known to venture in this foothill domain.   Reaching the junction of Redwood Road they proceeded up the two-miles of winding asphalt byway having to walk their bikes a good part of the time on this uphill journey.   Once reaching the summit, crossing Skyline Blvd, the group continued on the now descending Redwood Road soon discovering one of the portal entry’s.   The three youths entering the park seeking  a camping area to spend the night.   They continued on the marked pathways and trails searching for a remote area, wanting an isolated camp site but not one  on public display.    The boys finding a suitable secluded area that looked to have been used for a camping purpose in the past from the presence of a small rock pit.   Sleeping bags spread,  the flames from the small campfire casting shadows on the Redwoods reaching upwards to embrace the sky as darkness entered nature’s domain.   Gary aspired to view the lustrous stars of a clear night sky,  but their celestial radiance  hidden by the arborary towering  redwoods.   silence abounded,   broken only by the sounds of the night,  the  rustling of nature,   a refraining voice,   then solitude.

Breakfast by campfire

Breakfast by campfire was at hand,  Gary was alone in bringing camping cooking utensil, and realizing  he was the only one of the three that had any scouting experience.   He wasn’t surprised that he was the only coffee drinker,  because coffee was considered an adult beverage to some,  but allowable in his household.   Breaking camp,  the group held a discussion  before descending on their long steep downhill journey, having  heard stories of bicyclist losing their  brakes going down the two mile grade of Redwood Road and a disastrous ending.    A decision was made to stop halfway down the curving grade and check the brakes for overheating.   Redwood Road wasn’t as steep as the familiar 82nd or 73rd Ave. it  was just longer and Gary soon discovered you could control your speed without your brakes overheating.   The journey down Redwood Road fulfilled, the three acquainting the wayward Mountain Blvd, the overnight experience was impressionable to the young teenagers.  The boys realizing  it was the first time they were allowed to spend a night without accessible adult supervision.   Gary reasoned, Parental trust is an acclivous goal.