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Apportioned Cubical…………#13 (the 50’s)

June 8, 2017

Viewing Opportunity

He would always remember this exhilarating feeling, at last a domain,  a province, territory, estate, quarters, a sphere to rest, to formulate, and expand, mike was about to get a room of his own.   The youth watching as his Dad and Uncle Charlie stripped the old boards from the upper level floor joist,  removing the uneven flooring from the one time storage and pantry room adjoining the kitchen with its singular window .    The room from all appearances having been in disrepair long before Mike’s family had moved in and It wasn’t long before they discovered that they would have to replace more than anticipated.    This small room attached to the kitchen on the main floor in this hillside house would provide Mike with his first family ascendancy of recognition.     The immediate objective was to finished the upstairs portion of the room, leaving the ground level without flooring to be used as a storage area  for the time being.   After several weekends and the consumption of a quantity of beer, his Dad and Uncle Charlie completed the room.   His parents somewhat concerned about the rooms size,  the room less than 7 ft. X 10 ft., but not quite wide enough to accommodate a  twin bed but with a little ingenuity  his mother was able to shorten it and with an end table and a small dresser the room was an overwhelming first room accomplishment, the room size was of  no consequence to Mike having finally acquired his space, a room of his own.

A first…….

The double pane window faced southeast,  opening outward,  providing a protracted view of Mountain Blvd. below the cresting hills stretching towards Oak Knoll Naval Hospital and a majestic vista of the fenced in wheat field beginning a block and a half away at the end of Greenly Drive extending towards the horizon.   Lying in bed at night with the windows open,  the nocturnal air would deliver the damp fragrance of the new cut wheat into the room and its perception would bring thoughts of others times and other places.   In the silent tranquility of darkness, a full moon would bask the room with its effervescent glow, bestowing a feeling of  purpose and serenity.  It was during these moments of transcendent solitude that the young man’s mind would be filled with thoughts of those who journeyed before him, their exploits and adventure, sometimes fantasizing but more often conjuring his own tour de force.

Mike’s room off the kitchen provided a pleasurable aromatic experience,  most morning the youth waking to the pungent odor and sound of bacon frying, the radio news  broadcasting the morning public enlightenment welcoming the start of a new day,  his mother busy preparing Dads breakfast.  He and his sisters gathering in the living room to finish dressing, the living room floor furnace the only source of household heat besides the kitchen stove, the day begins, another epoch and a new chapter.